VIRTUAL Benefits and Well-Being Expo October 5-16, 2020

Benefits and Well-Being Expo

UVA HR offers Faculty, University staff, and Medical Center team members a Total Rewards strategy to support you and your family during your career at UVA. Learn more about your benefits from the HR benefits team, Hoos Well, and local community partners at the Virtual Benefits and Well-Being Expo.

Virtual Expo Overview

In response to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in this year, the Benefits and Well-Being Expo will be formatted differently in order to keep you safe. As a benefits-eligible UVA employee, you will be able to leverage this new virtual platform to access information you need to make informed benefits election decisions from the location of your choice and on the day and time that is most convenient for you.

This year’s Virtual Benefits & Well-Being Expo will be open October 5 – 16.

Get Ready for the 2020 Benefits and Well-Being Virtual Expo

To keep you safe, the Benefits and Well-Being Expo is going virtual this year!


The Virtual Expo might look different this year, but inside, you will find a one-stop shop for the well-being needs and benefits options at UVA for you and your family, with the additional advantages of:

  • Maintaining safety for all
  • Providing convenient access to the Virtual Expo by phone, tablet, or computer
  • Offering broader access to the Virtual Expo throughout a 2-week span
  • Enabling easy access to information from benefits and well-being vendors
  • Offering the Virtual Expo experience and information to family members as well as to the UVA employee

Because we know many of you loved the giveaways from previous expos, this year you will have the opportunity to win prizes for visiting virtual booths in the Virtual Expo. Read how to increase your chances of winning them below!

Need a Flu Shot? Check the Flu Shot announcement webpage for information on how to obtain the flu vaccine. 

Action Items

  • Between October 5 - 16, visit the Virtual Expo here (link will be active October 5, 2020)
  • Learn how to navigate the Virtual Expo:
    • Access from your computer, tablet, or phone simply by clicking on the Virtual Expo link beginning October 5, 2020
    • Create an account in order to win prizes and save your progress if you leave the site and come back
      • To create an account, simply click the "Create Account" button in the upper, right-hand corner of your browser
      • If you haven't created an account, you will receive a pop-up window prompting you to create an account as you interact with booths. 
    • See all of the “booths” from UVA partners and vendors, which will appear as tiles on your screen
    • Each booth is categorized by retirement, financial, well-being, and benefits so you can follow a path as you proceed through each topic
    • Click on the image or the booth name to learn more; find details, informational videos, and contact information
    • When you’re inside a booth, you can click the left or right arrow on either side of the booth information to move to a different booth. Or, you can click your "back" browser button to go back to the overview of all booths.
    • For each booth you visit, you will receive points, which are tallied for you at the top of your browser 
    • Earning points increases your chances of winning a prize, courtesy of our generous sponsors and exhibitors. Fitbits, eco-friendly gift baskets, and free WW one-month memberships are just a few of the potential prizes!

Expo Vendors and Partners

At the Virtual Expo, you will be able to review material and presentations from many vendors who play a role in the Total Rewards array of benefits offered to UVA faculty, staff, and Medical Center team members, such as:

  • Aetna
  • Aetna Pharmacy
  • Alex
  • Bright Horizons
  • Chard-Snyder
  • TIAA
  • Davis Vision
  • Fidelity
  • Picwell 
  • Reed Group
  • The Standard Insurance Company
  • United Concordia
  • Unum
  • VRS

Vendors will also include those who offer services to employees through Hoos Well, the University’s award-winning comprehensive employee well-being program. You will be able to explore many options to improve your healthy lifestyle and thrive, and learn more about the resources and programming available to you from these vendors:

  • ACAC 
  • Contemplative Sciences
  • FEAP
  • IM-Rec
  • UVA Sustainability 
  • UVA Nutrition Counseling Center
  • Virgin Pulse and Wellbeats
  • WW - Weight Watchers Reimagined

Additional Community Resources and Partners who will be present at the Virtual Expo include:

  • Airrosti
  • Bill Burnett Success Studio
  • JABA
  • UVA Community Credit Union
  • Virginia529

In each virtual booth, you will find an easy link to get in touch with the vendor to ask questions or receive additional information or appointments.  

Presentations and Virtual Consultations

In addition to over 30 virtual booths hosted by vendors, you will be able to easily view live stream presentations and recorded presentations, and connect with UVA benefits counselors and vendors through question and answer sessions. These presentations will dive deeper into topics like the improved Aetna Service Model and the unified Medical and Pharmacy Benefit Managers, so you can learn more and receive answers to questions. Presentations will be live during the first week of Open Enrollment, but recordings will be available for the entire two weeks. 

We hope that the convenience and accessibility of information available at the Virtual Expo will enable you to take more time in making the best benefits election decisions for you and your family.

Virtual Expo User FAQs

  • How Do I Participate?

    The Virtual Benefit Fair software (powered by Airbo) is easy! You’ll simply need to read the information on each “Booth,” (called a Tile) and then answer an interaction related to that information. Think of the software like a live event, start at the first Booth and work your way through the full event.

  • How Can I Be Eligible For Prizes?

    The most important action item you can take to be eligible is to create a user account. You can either do this on the pop-up that appears after you answer your second Tile, or you can click the “Create Account” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Once you’ve created a User Account, the more Tiles you answer, the better your chances of winning a raffle.

  • What Types Of Devices Can I Participate On?

    The Virtual Benefit Fair software works on any desktop, smartphone or tablet.

    Compatible versions include:

    • Android Devices
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer 11 and Above, Microsoft EdgeSafari
    • iOS 6 and above

    You do not need to download a mobile application for the virtual event software.

  • How Do I Invite a Spouse To Participate?

    If you have a spouse that helps you make benefit decisions, you can invite them to the virtual event by sharing the unique URL to the virtual event with them, or by inviting them on the Spouse Invite Tile (if applicable). They’ll receive an invitation and can participate just like you do.

  • How Do I Watch a Video?

    If there is a video on a Tile, simply click the “Play” button to watch it. Want to make the screen larger? The video will most likely have an icon to make the screen larger that you can select.

  • How Do I Open an Attachment?

    If there are attachments on the Tiles, like vendor flyers or resources, simply click on the attachment and it will download on to your computer or smartphone. Click on the download to view the attachment.

  • Must I Complete The Full Event In One Sitting?

    Depending on how long your Virtual Benefit Fair runs, you can always save your progress and come back at a later time. To save your progress, make sure you create an account by entering your name, email address and password.

    When you come back to participate, click “sign-in” in the upper right hand corner and enter your credentials.

    Note: If your email address or phone number was added to Airbo by your employer, rather than you having to create an account, simply click on the email or text message you received to access the event again.

  • How Do I Ask a Vendor a Question?

    If you want to reach out to a vendor, look in the tile for the contact information given by the vendor. Otherwise, you can email and we will connect you with that vendor.

  • What If I have Technical Questions about the Virtual Expo Software?

    You can reach out to Airbo tech support at or by using the question mark (?) icon in the upper right hand corner of the virtual event.

If You Need Help or Have Questions

For Virtual Expo technical/software questions, you can reach out to Airbo tech support at or by using the question mark (?) icon in the upper right hand corner of the virtual event.

For benefits-related questions, email

If you have a question for a vendor, you can reach out to that vendor directly through the contact information inside the booth, or simply email your question to and your question will be routed to the vendor, who will then get back in touch with you.

As always, UVA is on the cutting edge of taking care of employees! Victoria Foster, UNUM

Enroll in Workday

  • To review and elect your benefits in Workday

    • Navigate to Workday
    • In your Workday Inbox, click on the message titled "Open Enrollment Change: [Your Name] on 01/01/2021"
    • Follow the instructions to navigate through each part of the Workday Open Enrollment screens:
      1. Modify medical, dental, vision benefits, if desired
      2. Add or drop dependents, if applicable (adding a spouse requires spousal affidavit to be completed before finalizing your benefits elections). Confirm social security numbers for dependents.
      3. Elect/waive Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account
      4. View insurances and long-term disability
      5. Confirm or change beneficiaries for life insurance
      6. If you are not ready to submit, back up one page using your "back" arrow in your browser, and select "Save for Later"
      7. When you are ready to submit, electronically sign at the bottom of the last page and press the SUBMIT button
      8. Workday does not currently offer the option to confirm your elections in writing, so after you submit your elections, it is a good idea to print a copy of your elections confirmation for your records. This will save a PDF of the document, which you can print or save.
      9. Watch for additional emails in your Workday Inbox related to post-Open Enrollment action items you made need to take
    • The following Workday Job Aids and training video offer additional detailed instructions:


  • If you Change Your Mind on an Open Enrollment Choice You Made and Open Enrollment Has Not Closed

    You can make changes to your elections as long as the Open Enrollment period is open, even after you have submitted your elections.

    1. From the Benefits app in Workday, click on "Change Open Enrollment"
    2. You will be making changes to what has been previously submitted. Any changes made will need to be resubmitted. If you do not resubmit, the changes will be deleted and the previous submission will remain in effect.
    3. Move through the same screens to elect or waive coverage
    4. Once changes are complete, electronically sign at the bottom of the last page and press the SUBMIT button
    5. Print the new confirmation of benefits elections
  • Open Enrollment Workday System Walk-Through

    Watch this short video that gives step-by-step instructions for navigating the Open Enrollment screens in Workday.

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