UVA J1 Visa Health Plan

UVA J1 Visa Health Plan

The UVA J1 Visa Health Plan is a fully insured plan designed just for J1 visa holders that meets the minimum requirements set by the U.S. Department of State, including medical evacuation and repatriation. These requirements can change with minimal notice, and offering a plan specifically for J1 visa holders allows UVA to alter the plan benefits quickly, if necessary.


For the 2021 plan year, there are no changes to premiums or deductibles for the UVA J1 Visa Health Plan for UVA employees on J1 visas. However, there are action items for you to take.

Action Items

J1 Visa holders are still eligible for UVA's standard dental and vision coverage. Review your dental and vision options and determine if they are still appropriate for you and/or your family.

If your visa status changes to J1 Visa during the plan year, you will need to change your health coverage accordingly. 


Only those on J1 visas are eligible for enrollment in the UVA J1 Visa Health Plan.


($ is per calendar year) Inside U.S., In-Network Inside U.S., Out-of-Network Outside U.S.
Individual Deductible $500 $1,500 $500
Family Deductible $1,000 $3,000 $1,000
Individual Out-of-Pocket Max $5,500 $11,000 $2,500
Family Out-of-Pocket Max $11,000 $22,000 $5,000
  • For specific information about coverage and costs for each tier, please view the UVA J1 Visa Health Schedule of Benefits
  • Note that specialty drugs must be filled at the UVA Specialty Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy benefits are administered through Aetna; present the Aetna medical/Rx ID card to your pharmacy when you order your first prescription
  • View the Pharmacy Coverage document for additional details


Your premiums are the amount you spend on the UVA J1 Visa Health Plan each paycheck. Premiums are not included as contributions toward your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum. They are money you spend on health coverage, regardless of whether you use it or not.

2021 Monthly Employee Premiums

  Employee Premium Employer Contribution Total
Employee only $87.50 $257.16 $344.66
Employee + Spouse $176.25 $794.85 $971.10
Employee + Child(ren) $140.25 $621.29 $761.54
Employee + Family $282.25 $902.62 $1,184.87

2021 Monthly Housestaff Premiums

  Employee Premium Employer Contribution Total
Employee only $78.00 $266.66 $344.66
Employee + Spouse $91.50 $879.60 $971.10
Employee + Child(ren) $89.25 $672.29 $761.54
Employee + Family $101.50 $1,083.37 $1,184.87

Enroll in Workday

  • To review and elect your benefits in Workday

    Please see the video below on the new Benefits Tiles system in Workday, which will apply both for Open Enrollment and for all benefits changes throughout the year. 

    A summary of how to review and elect your benefits in Workday is below:

    • Navigate to Workday.
    • In your Workday Inbox, click on the message titled "Open Enrollment Change: [Your Name] on 01/01/2022"; click on "Let's Get Started."
    • Open Enrollment in Workday this year is organized into "tiles" for each benefit; you will see two sections, one for Health Care and Accounts, and one for Insurance. Each section has multiple tiles. You will start with Health Care and Accounts.
    • You will have three edit options at the bottom of every tile:
      • Manage to make changes to a benefit you already have
      • Enroll to add a new benefit
      • View to see a benefit that is not editable in Workday (more on this further down)
    • Select a tile and choose the edit option for that tile.
    • Once you've selected or waived a benefit in the Health Care and Accounts section, click on Confirm and Continue -- this will take you to a separate window to select or waive eligible dependents for that benefit. Dependents previously enrolled who are eligible will show up automatically, you just need to select or waive each one of them.
    • Click Save to update the benefit tile. This does NOT submit your elections, it just saves the individual benefit tile details you've selected. 
    • Repeat the above process for all six Health Care and Accounts tiles.
    • One thing Workday doesn’t do in the new tile platform is give you a status update on which benefits you’ve touched. So, it would be a good idea to make a note as you complete them so you can track your progress.
    • Once you've completed the Health Care and Accounts section, move on to the Insurance section. You will see multiple tiles under Insurance.
    • Select a tile and choose the edit option for that tile.
    • Please note that some life insurance benefits are VIEWABLE in Workday but not changeable. Each of these tiles will direct you to where you need to go to make changes. Some of these changes may be outside of Workday.​
    • Once all your benefits have been reviewed and edited as needed, click on Review and Sign -- read the summary of what's you elected on that page, and attach any required documents such as birth certificate for new dependents.
    • Click on the I Accept box, then click on Submit to complete your Open Enrollment process.
    • Print this page or save it as a PDF.
    • Look for additional tasks in Workday for things such as spousal affidavits or HSA affidavits.​
  • If you Change Your Mind on an Open Enrollment Choice You Made and Open Enrollment Has Not Closed

    You can make changes to your elections as long as the Open Enrollment period is open, even after you have submitted your elections.

    1. From the Benefits app in Workday, click on Change Open Enrollment
    2. You will be making changes to what has been previously submitted. Any changes made will need to be resubmitted. If you do not resubmit, the changes will be deleted and the previous submission will remain in effect.
    3. Move through the same tiles to elect or waive coverage.
    4. Once changes are complete, electronically sign at the bottom of the last page and press the Submit button.
    5. Print the new confirmation of benefits elections.
I thought the process was seamless and easy to follow. Thank you for all the reminders and making sure that it didn't get overlooked. I actually made a change this year, based on the information provided. That's the first significant change I have made in 10 years. Leann Burns, Project Manager, University Staff M&P, Organizational Excellence

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