Plan For Your Vision Needs

UVA Vision Plan 2021

To meet your vision coverage needs, UVA offers two ways to save on eyecare, enabling you to choose coverage that aligns with your preferred balance of coverage and premium cost. The first plan is coverage through Davis Vision, offering many benefits and provider options. You may also take advantage of the Aetna Vision Discount Program, which is automatically included for participants in the UVA Health Plan.


There are no changes to the vision plan costs for the 2021 plan year.

Check out Davis Vision's Virtual Open Enrollment Booth.  Watch a short video, play games and enter a sweepstakes to win $20.20. 

Action Items

Just like getting an annual physical, it is a good idea to also check your benefits annually. You can do this by navigating to Workday and checking to make sure the benefits you previously selected continue to meet the needs of you and/or your family.

If you would like to change your benefits, review the sections below or navigate to the Open Enrollment pages on the right sidebar for additional details. When you're ready, make your changes in Workday October 5 - 16 (see instructions below). Here are things to review and/or change during Open Enrollment:

  • Modify medical, dental, vision benefits, if desired
  • Add or drop dependents, if applicable
    • Adding a spouse or dependent requires documentation confirming their relationship to you, to be submitted in order for your change request to be approved
    • Adding a spouse also requires spousal affidavit to be completed before finalizing your benefits elections
  • Confirm social security numbers for dependents
  • Elect/waive Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account - 2020 elections for FSAs and HSAs will NOT carryover to 2021. You must re-enroll in the FSA and HSA programs for 2021 during Open Enrollment. 
  • Confirm or change beneficiaries for life insurance

Vision Options and Comparison

Learn more about the benefits of Davis Vision and Aetna Discount Vision Program. 

  • Vision Options

    UVA offers two options to save on eyecare: 

    1. Davis Vision offers additional benefits and provider options. These vision plan options cannot be combined, so compare benefits below to help you choose.
    2. Aetna Vision Discount Program - You are automatically enrolled as a UVA Health Plan participant in the Aetna Vision Discount Program, with no premium beyond the Health Plan.
  • Davis Vision Benefits

    Frequency: every January 1

    • Exam
    • Lenses & Lense upgrades
    • Frame
    • Contacts, evaluation & fitting

    Eye Exam copay: $0

    Contacts evaluation, fitting & follow-up for conventional lens and specialty lens: Covered in Full when ordering contacts on the same date of service from the same provider. 

    Contacts in lieu of glasses: 

    • Allowances: $130 (+additional 15% off any overage) or
    • The Exclusive Collection of Contact Lenses: covered in full

    Lens copay: $0

    Frame Allowance

    • Visionworks: $180 (+ additional 20% off any overage)
    • Other locations: $130 (+ additional 20% off any overage) or
    • The Exclusive Collection:
      • Fashion and Designer lines: covered in full
      • Premier line: $25

    Free breakage warranty: your glasses are covered with the Davis Vision free one-year breakage warranty. Some limitations apply. 

    The Exclusive Collection: This collection provides you with entirely free frames within the Fashion and Designer line, and only $25 for the Premier line. The collection is available at nearly 9,000 locations across the US. 

    See specifics for copays on options and upgrades

  • Aetna Vision Discount Program

    Aetna Vision Discount Program include:

    Prescription and nonprescription savings: You get discounts on:

    • Eye exams
    • Prescription eyewear
    • LASIK laser eye surgery
    • Non-disposable contact lenses
    • Designer frame options

    You can even save on things that don’t need a prescription, like sunglasses, eyeglass chains, lens cases and cleaners.

    Plenty of locations: You can visit many doctors in private practice, plus national chains like JCPenney Optical, LensCrafters, Target Optical, Sears Optical and Pearle Vision. To find a location, go to Aetna Vision Provider Directory 

    Great rates on eye exams: You’ll get discounts on routine eye exams. And they aren’t just for clear vision. 

    Contact lenses — delivered to your door. If your prescription is up to date, you can get them mailed right to your home.

    LASIK for less: You get one low package price for laser eye surgery screening, surgery and follow-up care. And the first consultation is free — even if you decide not to have the surgery.

Davis Vision Eligibility

Click below for eligibility requirements for employees, spouses, children, and adult children with disabilities. 

  • Employees

    To be eligible for Davis Vision, you must be a full- or part-time UVA employee, regularly scheduled to work at least 20 hour/week. You must be one of the following employee types:

    • Faculty
    • Classified Staff
    • Housestaff
    • Medical Center Team Member
    • Postdoctoral Research Associate
    • Senior Professional Research Staff
    • University Staff
  • Spouses

    To be added to your Davis Vision, your spouse must be legally recognized as a spouse in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Children

    To be added to your Davis Vision, children must be your biological, step, adopted, or foster child, or any child declared a dependent on your federal tax return for whom you are the legal guardian with permanent custody. Children are eligible to the end of the birth month in which they turn 26.

  • Adult Children with Disabilities

    If children are incapable of self-support (due to mental or physical disability), they can remain on your Davis Vision beyond age 26 as long as the following requirements are met:

    • Required documentation is approved in advance by the benefits claims administrator before the dependent's 26th birthday.
    • They are unmarried.
    • They live with you 100% of the time.
    • They are declared a dependent on your federal tax return.

Davis Vision Premiums

Cost is one factor to consider when choosing vision coverage. Davis Vision allows you to use in-network and out-of-network providers. You receive the greatest value and maximize your benefit dollars if you select in-network providers.

Review the information below to determine the best option for you.

  • Premiums

    Your premiums are the amount you spend on Davis Vision each paycheck. You pay the premiums, regardless of whether you use the benefits. For the 2021 plan year, there are no changes to the Davis Vision premiums.

    Davis Vision premiums (listed below) are monthly and are the same for eligible full-time and part-time UVA employees. Family coverage includes the employee, spouse, and children. 

    Coverage Level Monthly Rate
    Employee $8.32
    Employee and Child(ren) $14.56
    Employee and Spouse $14.98
    Family $23.30

    Housestaff receive Davis Vision at no cost. 

    Dependent enrollment is not automatic, and must be done through Workday upon hire, with a qualified life event, or during the Open Enrollment period.

    The table below shows that Housestaff get Davis Vision coverage at no cost per month.

    Coverage Level Monthly Rate
    Employee $0
    Employee and Child(ren) $0
    Employee and Spouse $0
    Family $0

    Davis Vision is available for purchase by active, benefits-eligible employees whose status is listed above. If Davis Vision is not an option for you, visit UVA Health Plan 2020 for details about vision discount benefits.

    COBRA premiums for Davis Vision are listed below (rate includes 2%). The 2021 monthly rates below remain unchanged from 2020.

    Coverage Level Monthly Rate
    Employee $8.49
    Employee and Child(ren) $14.85
    Employee and Spouse $15.28
    Family $23.77
  • How do I prepare for out-of-pocket expenses?

    To help you get the most out of your money for vision, medical, pharmacy, dental, and dependent-care expenses, the University offers benefits-related savings and spending accounts. These accounts allow you to put aside money for eligible expenses, by payroll deduction, before taxes.

Enroll in Workday

  • To review and elect your benefits in Workday

    • Navigate to Workday
    • In your Workday Inbox, click on the message titled "Open Enrollment Change: [Your Name] on 01/01/2021"
    • Follow the instructions to navigate through each part of the Workday Open Enrollment screens:
      1. Modify medical, dental, vision benefits, if desired
      2. Add or drop dependents, if applicable (adding a spouse requires spousal affidavit to be completed before finalizing your benefits elections). Confirm social security numbers for dependents.
      3. Elect/waive Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account
      4. View insurances and long-term disability
      5. Confirm or change beneficiaries for life insurance
      6. If you are not ready to submit, back up one page using your "back" arrow in your browser, and select "Save for Later"
      7. When you are ready to submit, electronically sign at the bottom of the last page and press the SUBMIT button
      8. Workday does not currently offer the option to confirm your elections in writing, so after you submit your elections, it is a good idea to print a copy of your elections confirmation for your records. This will save a PDF of the document, which you can print or save.
      9. Watch for additional emails in your Workday Inbox related to post-Open Enrollment action items you made need to take
    • The following Workday Job Aids and training video offer additional detailed instructions:


  • If you Change Your Mind on an Open Enrollment Choice You Made and Open Enrollment Has Not Closed

    You can make changes to your elections as long as the Open Enrollment period is open, even after you have submitted your elections.

    1. From the Benefits app in Workday, click on "Change Open Enrollment"
    2. You will be making changes to what has been previously submitted. Any changes made will need to be resubmitted. If you do not resubmit, the changes will be deleted and the previous submission will remain in effect.
    3. Move through the same screens to elect or waive coverage
    4. Once changes are complete, electronically sign at the bottom of the last page and press the SUBMIT button
    5. Print the new confirmation of benefits elections
  • Open Enrollment Workday System Walk-Through

    Watch this short video that gives step-by-step instructions for navigating the Open Enrollment screens in Workday.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible for UVA Health, Dental, and Vision options?

    Detailed information about eligibility for the UVA Health, Dental, and Vision options an be found on the Eligibility 2021 webpage. In a nutshell, the Plans are open to:

    • UVA Academic and Health System salaried employees, full-time or part-time working at least 20 hours/week, except J1 visa holders, who are eligible for the UVA J1 Visa Health Plan
    • Spouses of eligible UVA employees (some exception noted on the Eligibility 2021 webpage)
    • Children of eligible UVA employees - children (as defined on the Eligibility 2021 webpage) are eligible through their birthday at age 26, or longer if documented to have mental or physical disabilities (see the Eligibility 2021 webpage for more details)

    The Basic Health option has some additional requirements; please visit the Eligibility 2021 webpage for those details.

I greatly appreciate all of the information provided and the customer service that I received when I called to ask questions. Thank you!! Christy Nichols, CMF, Postive Image Boutique Coordinator, UVA Cancer Center

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