Open Enrollment for plan year 2022 is now closed. Please contact the HR Solution Center if you have questions about the Open Enrollment process.

Chard Snyder manages the open enrollment process for all COBRA participants. The open enrollment process for all other employee categories are managed through UVA.

Action Items

If you are a COBRA participant, you can get started by:

  • Visiting the UVA Open Enrollment Resources 2022 webpage, where you’ll find tools to help you choose your 2021 benefits. Complete benefit summaries, plan comparisons, required annual notices, and rates are available on the Chard Snyder website. COBRA premiums are also listed on the Open Enrollment Health Plan webpage.
  • Following the directions in the “To Enroll Online” section in the letter mailed to your home from Chard Snyder to make a new election or review benefits information.
  • Visiting the Chard Snyder web portal to:
    • Review comprehensive plan information to help you make informed decisions
    • Access plan comparison charts and premium rates for each plan and coverage level
    • Modify dependent information to ensure accuracy for your coverage needs this coming year
    • Finalize your enrollment
  • Contacting Chard Snyder at or 888.878.6175 with questions

No internet access? If you cannot access the Internet, please contact Chard Snyder’s Customer Service department at 888.878.6175 to request an enrollment packet by mail.

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For non-website questions or concerns about benefits and Open Enrollment, please contact the HR Solution Center by phone at 434.243.3344, or by email at

For previous Open Enrollment email communications, see the right sidebar box on this page labeled "Open Enrollment Emails."

I'm grateful for the work that goes into Open Enrollment and ensuring we have access to the information we need to make informed decisions. KRISTIE SMELTZER, COMMUNICATIONS GENERALIST, FINANCE STRATEGIC TRANSFORMATION PROJECT