Some University Staff Are Eligible for Supplemental Benefit Credit

Supplemental Benefit Credit

Open Enrollment for plan year 2022 is now closed. Please contact the HR Solution Center if you have questions about the Open Enrollment process.

Benefits deductions (i.e. UVA Health Plan, retirement) have a big impact on our take home pay. To offset some of these deductions, UVA provides a $550 annual supplemental benefit credit for eligible University staff. The Supplemental Benefit Credit applies throughout the year, not just during Open Enrollment.


There are no changes to the Supplemental Benefit Credit for plan year 2022.

There are no employee actions required to receive the Supplemental Benefit Credit.

  • The credit is immediately applied to your benefit deductions and appears on your payslip
  • The credit is applied toward the amount needed for benefit deductions in any given pay period
  • If benefit deductions do not exceed the supplemental benefit credit in any given pay period, the extra supplemental benefit credit funds cannot be received as income


  • University staff who are full- or part-time, benefits-eligible, with an annualized salary of $42,000 or less a year (eligibility liable to change if your salary and/or working hours change mid-year)
  • The number of months you work per year and the frequency of your pay affect how much money you receive in a specific paycheck
    • Ex. If you qualify and are part-time (less than 30 hours per week), you are eligible for 50% of the credit

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