Boost Your Healthy Eating Habits Through Hoos Well

Through Hoos Well, you have access to a number of resources to support healthy eating habits. With virtual nutrition coaching sessions, access to hundreds of delicious recipes, and pre-packaged healthy meals, Hoos Well provides opportunities to meet or maintain your goals. Our nutrition programming, both on and off Grounds, can be tailored to fit you as a unique individual. If you are trying to lose, gain, or maintain your weight, resources are available to help you! Whether you want to take steps to establish a healthy relationship with food or simply want to stay energized throughout your day, Hoos Well is here to help.

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WW (formally Weight Watchers)

WW provides discounted rates to the UVA community for access to their digital platform or workshops+digital. Digital subscriptions offer personalized plans, easy to use tracking, access to recipes, and 24/7 Coach Chat. Need more support? Try workshops+digital. All the benefits of the digital subscription plus unlimited access to virtual workshops (or in-person where available). UVA Health Plan subscribers and enrolled spouses may qualify for a 50% reimbursement after three months of enrollment.

UVA participants in WW lost a total of 1,084 lbs in 2021.

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Hoos Well One-time Nutrition Consultation*

Each year, you can take advantage of a virtual 60-minute individualized nutrition consult with a Registered Dietitian at UVA’s Nutrition Counseling Center (NCC). Discuss simple nutrition related goals, meal planning, or receive healthy eating tips.

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Hoos Well Virtual Nutrition Coaching Package*

In addition to the 60-minute individualized nutrition consult, UVA’s Nutrition Counseling Center provides four 30-minute follow up visits. These four 30-minute virtual visits and are a great resource if you are looking for more accountability in creating lifestyle changes.

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Hoos Well Prenatal Nutrition Counseling*

Pregnancy is a very nutritionally demanding period, and many women are not made aware of which specific nutrients or foods to incorporate during this unique time. If you are considering pregnancy, pregnant, or recently gave birth, you can meet with a Registered Dietitian two times for individualized guidance on how to nourish yourself before, during, and after pregnancy.

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Hoos Choice™

Hoos Choice™ takes the guess work out of healthy eating. This program is the product of a collaboration between Hoos Well and Morrison foods and addresses the main barriers to healthy eating at work – cost, convenience, time constraints and limited availability of affordable, healthy food. Freshly packaged food containers with the Hoos Choice™ logo are available for purchase in Medical Center cafes.

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Virgin Pulse Nutrition Guide in the Hoos Well portal**

Enjoy access to hundreds of healthy recipes, quick tips, and meal planning resources. Log into your Hoos Well portal to visit the Nutrition Guide located under the Health tab.

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