Academic Division Appraisal Timeline


  1. January 21

    Goal setting template launches. Complete the required 2018 Self Evaluation as soon as possible.

  1. Add minimum of three SMART goals in Workday by:

    1. Entering goals directly into the Goal Setting Template and submit for leader approval OR
    2. Selecting and importing goals (if you’ve already entered them via the performance application) into the Template 


  1. April 15 

    Evaluations for 2018 are due. 

    For new employees hired after January 21, 2019, approved goals are due within 30 days of hire.Take this opportunity to identify areas of opportunity for 2019 Goal Setting.

  1. April 30

    All goals must be submitted and manager-approved. Please note that manual entry is required after this date. Only manager-approved goals and feedback/peer review marked ‘Share with others’ will auto-import.




  1. December 2

    Appraisals complete and "acknowledged" in Workday. 


  1. Both manager and team member must ‘acknowledge’ the Appraisal Review Meeting occurred. Any final comments may be included.