Feedback is the core of performance management. UVA employees and managers can utilize Workday's "Get Feedback" feature to solicit feedback at anytime. Below are resources and information on giving and receiving feedback, and using the "Get Feedback" feature in Workday.

Feedback (Peer Review) In Workday

Individuals have the ability to request feedback from peers or leaders. In Workday, type “Get Feedback" in the search bar to initiate a request. Managers can use "Get Feedback on Worker" to initiate a feedback request on their employees. These job aids provide step-by-step instructions:

Employee: Feedback (Peer Review) in Workday Manager: Feedback (Peer Review) in Workday

Tips For Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Elements For More Effective Feedback

    In order to receive more effective feedback, keep these elements in mind:

    • Brevity – Ask no more than three open-ended questions
    • Periodically – Request feedback throughout the year. This helps you see progress/improvement over time, promotes agility, and spreads the “ask” at times other than the end of year push
    • Timely - Request feedback as close as possible to the event
    • Diversity – Get feedback from a peer, leader, support team member, mentor, mentee, etc.
    • Specificity – Reference a specific meeting, event, presentation, project, etc.
    • Thankfully – Feedback is a gift and takes time, remember to say Thank You!
  • Get Feedback on Self: Example Questions

    1. Based upon your observations during (insert specific meeting/in-service/ demonstration/project/presentation/etc.), what should I:
      • Start doing?
      • Stop doing?
      • Continue doing?
    2. Improving (insert competency/skill/ value/etc.) is a focus for me this year. What one or two things can I do to improve in this area based upon your observations?
    3. What can I do differently that would help you do your job better?
    4. What could I have done differently to improve the (insert project’s/customer’s/ initiative’s/etc.) outcome?
    5. Based upon your observations during (insert specific meeting/in-service/ project/presentation/etc.), please share an example you consider a strength of mine and an area for me to grow.
    6. Thank you for your time and valuable insights! Feel free to add any additional feedback not covered above.
    Access Talent Management > Performance Management Job Aids

Tips For Constructive Touch Points

Nurse Peer Review Requirements

Nurses: All nurses in all settings* are required to have at least one face-to-face peer feedback events per performance cycle that are then documented using the PNSO template in Workday.

Nurse Leaders: All nurse leaders in all settings* are required to have at least one face-to-face peer feedback event documented using the PNSO template in Workday; two or more are preferred as a professional practice standard.

2020 Nurse feedback due dates:

  • FEB 01, 2020: Manager-selected feedback sent and completed
  • MAR 01, 2020: Self-selected feedback requests sent
  • MAY 01, 2020: Self-selected feedback completed

*If you're unsure if this applies to you, please discuss with your manager.