Academic Calendar Year Appraisals

Academic Calendar Year Appraisals

This page covers the goal setting and appraisal process for Academic employees who are eligible for an appraisal in Workday on the Calendar-Year cycle (January 1 – December 31). See the 'Eligibility' section below for more details.

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Latest Updates

Appraisal Due Date Extended:

  • CY19 appraisal suggested completion due date extended to June 30, 2020.

Goals Setting:

  • CY20 initial goal setting suggested due date extended to June 30, 2020.
  • Goals can now be set in Workday on the 'Individual Goals' page of your Workday profile, and include a goal weight field. See the 'CY20 Goal Setting' section below for more information and resources.


  • Included

    Employees eligible to complete CY Academic goal setting and year-end appraisals:

    • Classified Staff
    • University Staff employees
    • A&P Faculty
  • Excluded

    Employees excluded from completing CY Academic goal setting and year-end appraisals:

CY19 Appraisal

  • Timeline

    Suggested Timeline for completing each step in the appraisal process:

    • JAN 06, 2020: CY19 Year-end appraisals arrive in Workday Inbox
    • JAN 31, 2020: Self-evaluations due to manager (primary reviewer)
    • FEB 28, 2020: Appraisals due to manager's manager (secondary reviewer)
    • MAR 20, 2020: Secondary reviewer approval due 
    • JUN 30, 2020: All appraisal review meetings held; manager & employee acknowledgements completed

    Note: Schools/units may set earlier due dates for appraisals – confirm with your leader if your area is following a different timeline.

  • Process/Steps

    • STEP 1: Employee completes self-evaluation and submits to manager
    • STEP 2: Manager completes employee's appraisal and submits to secondary reviewer
    • STEP 3: Secondary reviewer (manager's manager) reviews/approves appraisal
    • STEP 4: Manager holds 1:1 meeting with employee and acknowledges appraisal in Workday
    • STEP 5: Employee acknowledges appraisal in Workday
  • Rating Scale

    The overall rating is calculated based on each goal's rating and weighting:

    4.61 - 5.00: Exceptional:

    Significantly and consistently exceeds expected performance level.

    3.71 - 4.60: Highly Effective:

    Consistently achieves and often exceeds expected performance level.

    2.61 - 3.70: Effective:

    Consistently achieves expected performance level.

    1.71 - 2.60: Inconsistent:

    Inconsistently achieves expected performance level; needs improvement.

    1.00 - 1.70: Unsatisfactory:

    Rarely achieves expected performance level; requires significant and immediate corrective action.

    Conversation to DHRM rating scale for Classified Staff: When submitting rating information to DHRM for merit processing, the university converts the overall ratings for Classified Staff to the DHRM rating scale as follows:

    • (UVA Rating) 1-Unsatisfactory = (DHRM Rating) 1-Below Contributor
    • 2-Inconsistent = 2-Meets
    • 3-Effective = 2-Meets
    • 4-Highly Effective = 2-Meets
    • 5-Exceptional = 3-Extraordinary
  • Managers of Classified Staff

    Per DHRM Policy Number: 1.40 - Performance Planning and Evaluation:

    • In order for an employee to receive an overall rating of '5-Exceptional' on the annual performance evaluation, the employee must receive at least one Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution form(s) and perform consistently well above the core responsibilities and measures throughout the performance cycle. Completed forms should be attached in the appraisal in Workday under the 'Supporting Documents' section.
    • If an employee receives an overall rating of '1-Unsatisfactory,' a Notice of Improvement Needed/Substandard Performance form  must be completed and issued to the employee - please work directly with your HR Business Partner when completing the form. Completed forms should be attached in the appraisal in Workday under the 'Supporting Documents' section.
    DHRM Policy Number: 1.40 - Performance Planning and Evaluation
  • Feedback

    Click the link below for information and guidance on giving and receiving feedback:

    Feedback Resources
  • Appraisal Resources

CY20 Goal Setting

All goals are managed on your 'Individual Goals' page of your Workday profile where you can add and edit goals throughout the year. The 'Goal Setting Resources' section below has job-aids and information on navigating to your goal setting page, adding and editing goals, and archiving old goals.