Academic Division Appraisal Timeline


  1. January 17

    CY19 Self-Evaluation due to Manager (Primary Reviewer). Requires a minimum of three goals, each must be weighted and rated to submit. 

  2. Add minimum of three SMART goals in Workday by:

    1. Entering goals directly into the Goal Setting Template and submit for leader approval OR
    2. Selecting and importing goals (if you’ve already entered them via the performance application) into the Template 
  1. January 20

    CY20 Goal setting template launches. Task available in your Workday inbox. Add a minimum of 3, maximum of 5 SMART goals. For new employees off probation after this date, goals are due within 30 days of their probation end date. 


  1. February 21    

    CY19 Manager evaluation due to manager’s manager (Secondary Reviewer). Requires a minimum of three goals, each must be weighted and rated to submit

  1. February 28

    Review Online Goal Setting Resources. Draft 3 – 5 CY20 SMART goals, discuss with manager


  1. March 06

    CY19 Manager’s Manager approval due. Approval triggers Review Meeting acknowledgement task (Provide Manager Review Comments) in manager’s Workday Inbox. Manager can share a copy of approved appraisal with employee.

  1. March 27

    CY19 Appraisal Review Meetings due. All meetings should have been conducted. Managers acknowledge meeting occurred then add final comments, if desired. Manager Acknowledgement triggers employee acknowledgement task and completes the evaluation.


  1. April 15 

    CY19 Appraisals due. Complete and acknowledged by employee.

  1. April 30

    CY20 Goal setting task due. Complete and manager-approved. Please note that manual entry of goals is required after this date. 


  1. May 04

    2019 Academic Merit Process Underway. All academic school/department managers begin merit process for employees based upon 2019 (FY19/CY19) Overall Appraisal Ratings.


  1. June 12

    Request feedback from 1-3 colleagues. Use Get Feedback on Self, adding no more than 3 questions to which you'd like a response. 

  1. June 26

    Update progress on CY20 Goals. Add progress notes to each of your goal descriptions using Edit found under your Workday profile. Navigate to "individual goals" under "performance."



  1. December 02

    CY 19 Self-Evaluations Arrive. Eligible employees receive a Workday Inbox task. Requires a minimum of 3 goals, each must be weighted and rated to submit.