Advancement Appraisal Process and Timeline

This page covers the goal setting and appraisal process for Academic employees who are eligible for an appraisal in Workday on the Fiscal-Year cycle (July 01 – June 30).

Includes: All Classified Staff, University Staff employees, and A&P Faculty in the following schools/units:

  • Advancement
  • Athletics

Excludes: School of Medicine and Claude Moore Health Sciences Library Staff and A&P faculty members on the UVA Health appraisal process. Employees in all other Academic schools/units on the Calendar-Year appraisal process. Employees on Academic New Hire Probation.

Policy HRM-018: Performance Management for University Staff Employees

Latest Updates

New for this year:

Goal Weighting has will be included in the year-end appraisals; employees and managers will be required to assign a weight to each goal, and the total of all weights must equal 100%.

What To Do Now

Initial goal setting should be complete, and managers should be conducting ongoing feedback throughout the year until appraisals launch in June 2020.

Additional goals can be added in Workday throughout the year, and initial goals can also be edited; see the resources section below for help with adding or editing goals in Workday, and running completion reports.

FY20 Appraisal Timeline

Below is the anticipated suggested timeline for the upcoming FY20 appraisal process:

  • JUN 01, 2020: Year-end appraisals arrive in Workday Inbox
  • JUN 30, 2020: Self-evaluations due to manager (primary reviewer)
  • JUL 24, 2020: Appraisals due to manager's manager (secondary reviewer)
  • AUG 14, 2020: Secondary reviewer approval due
  • AUG 31, 2020: All appraisal review meetings held; manager acknowledgements due
  • SEP 04, 2020: All employee acknowledgements due

Note: Schools/Units may set earlier due dates for appraisals – confirm with your leader if your area follows a different timeline.

FY20 Appraisal Process

  • STEP 1: Employee completes self-evaluation and submits to manager
  • STEP 2: Manager completes employee's appraisal and submits to secondary reviewer
  • STEP 3: Secondary reviewer (manager's manager) reviews/approves appraisal
  • STEP 4: Manager holds 1:1 meeting with employee and acknowledges appraisal in Workday
  • STEP 5: Employee acknowledges appraisal in Workday

Academic Division Overall Rating Scale

The overall rating is calculated based on each goal's rating and weighting:

4.61 - 5.00: Exceptional:

Significantly and consistently exceeds expected performance level.

3.71 - 4.60: Highly Effective:

Consistently achieves and often exceeds expected performance level.

2.61 - 3.70: Effective:

Consistently achieves expected performance level.

1.71 - 2.60: Inconsistent:

Inconsistently achieves expected performance level; needs improvement.

1.00 - 1.70: Unsatisfactory:

Rarely achieves expected performance level; requires significant and immediate corrective action.

FY20 Goal Setting

Job Aids & Other Resources:

FY21 Goal Setting

We are currently developing the resources for the FY21 goal setting process, and will send out a communication when these resources are available.