Performance Management FAQ

Participation & Timeline FAQ


    Calendar Year (CY) covers January 01 – December 31

    Academic:  All Classified Staff, University Staff employees, and A&P faculty not included in UVA Health (identified below), Advancement, or Athletics.

    Fiscal Year (FY) covers July 01 – June 30

    Advancement:  Eligible Classified Staff, University Staff employees, and A&P faculty.

    Athletics:  Eligible Classified Staff, University Staff employees, and A&P faculty.

    UVA Health:  Eligible School of Medicine, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, University Physicians Group (UPG) and Medical Center employees

  • Who completes an appraisal in Workday?

    Academic:  All Classified Staff, University Staff employees, and A&P faculty hired on or before December 31 are eligible.  Supervisors, 1-Year Probationary Reviews can be used in place of Year-End Appraisals.

    University Physicians Group (UPG):  All UPG employees are eligible with the exception of Physicians and some Advanced Practice Providers.  If you are unsure if you are utilizing Workday for an appraisal, contact your HRBP.

    Medical Center (MC):  All regular and wage employees are eligible with the exception of those who would still be on probation at the time merit would be effective.  In years past, the new hire cutoff date was April 01.

    HR policy 209
  • Who is not required to complete an appraisal in Workday?


    Housestaff (Resident Doctors)

    Professional Research Staff

    Temps and Contingent Workers

    Faculty (except A&P Faculty)

    Medical Center and UPG employee hired on or after April 01

    Any employee on new-hire probation on or after April 01

  • Do I have to complete an appraisal if I’m on leave or disciplinary warning?

    In general, you will complete your appraisal when you return from leave, or come off disciplinary probation. Medical Center employees complete their appraisals within 30 days from returning from leave, or coming off a disciplinary warning period. As each case can be unique, contact your HRBP or email to verify.

  • What is the Timeline for Performance Management / completing appraisals?

    UVA Health (Includes School of Medicine, UPG, Claude Moore Health Sciences Libraries, and Medical Center)

    Advancement Employees

    Academic Employees (includes Classified Staff)

Goals FAQ

  • Who is required to set goals?

    Everyone utilizing Workday to complete an appraisal is require to set goals.  University-wide, a minimum of three (3) SMART goals are required.  Additional requirements have been set in some schools, departments, and/or organizations.  See FAQ “How many goals must be set?” and ask your supervisor for additional requirements that impact your role.

  • How do I set goals in Workday?

    Goals can be set at any time in Workday. There are two ways to set goals: by completing the Goal Setting action item task in your inbox when it is available, or individually. The Goal Setting action item in your inbox is mandatory and will allow you to create multiple goals and send them to your manager for review as one. 

    Performance Management Goal Setting
  • Are Status and Category required for each goal?

    No. They are for informational and reporting purposes and are optional if you or your manager wishes to use them.

  • How do I delete goals?

    If you submitted the goal to your manager then it cannot be deleted but it can be archived. Any goal you archive can be made active again later if needed. Any time you archive a goal it routes to your manager for approval. And archived goals can be reinstated at any time.

    How to Archive Goals:

    1. In Workday, click on your profile picture in top right corner.
    2. Click View Profile
    3. Navigate to the blue menu bar on the left and click on Performance
    4. Click the Archive Goals tab at the top
    5. Choose the goals to archive accordingly. *Note: it only shows goal title, but if you hover your mouse cursor at the end of the title, a little action bar should appear. Click it to see a summary description.

    University-wide, a minimum of three (3) SMART goals are required.  Ask your supervisor for any additional goal requirements specific to your role or area of work.

    For FY20, Medical Center regular and wage employees are required to have five (5) performance goals:

    • 2 cascaded by their manager
    • 2 related to their functional competencies (execution of job duties)
    • 1 focused on professional development   
  • My goals are missing after I submitted them to my manager:

    When goals are submitted to your manager when using the Goal Setting action item task in your inbox, you will not see them until they are approved. If you submit individually, you’ll see a Pending Approval note at the top if it is with your manager. Once your manager approves the goal, you will be able to view and make any edits. 

  • Can I comment on my goals throughout the year, or make notes to use later in my performance evaluation?

    Yes. It is recommended that you use the comment feature for each goal to keep notes to be later used in your self-evaluation. 

  • I have goals I didn’t create, where did they come from?

    Your manager and upper leadership can cascade goals down to their direct reports and subordinates. Managers can also view, edit, and create goals for their direct reports. 

  • Who can see my goals?

    Only you, your manager and upper leadership, and a limited number of HR team members can view your goals. 

  • How do I import my goals into my appraisal?

    As long as your goals are approved before your appraisal arrives in your Workday Inbox, they will automatically import into your appraisal.  You will be able to add, edit, and/or remove goals in the appraisal itself. 

    To manually import a goal that was manager approved after your appraisal arrived:

    1. Click ‘Add’
    2. Click ‘Use Existing Goal’
    3. Click the white search box and select the first category
    4. Select the goal
    5. Save by clicking the ‘gray check mark’ icon.
  • How do I edit goals?

    You can edit any goals that have been approved and appear in your Workday profile. Steps to view and edit your Goals:

    1. Click on your profile picture in top right corner
    2. Click View Profile
    3. Click the Performance link in the left hand menu bar
    4. Under the Individual Goals tab click the Edit button at the bottom of the page.

    Anytime you edit a goal it routes to your manager for approval when you click submit. You are also able to edit your goals in your self-evaluation of the appraisal.

Feedback FAQ

Performance Appraisal FAQ

  • How do I access and complete my appraisal?

    Look for the Self Evaluation action item in your Workday inbox labeled. Guided Editor takes you through the appraisal step-by-step, and Summary Editor lets you see and everything all at once. Summary Editor is recommended.

  • How are ratings calculated?

    Health System: Both regular and clinical ladder appraisals have multiple sections with each weighted or valued in the overall rating calculation as follows:

    Appraisals for Staff and Wage employees not on Clinical Ladder:

    1. Professional Goals – 50%
    2. ASPIRE Values – 50%

    Nursing Clinical Ladder appraisals:

    1. Professional Goals – 50%
    2. ASPIRE Values – 25%
    3. Clinical Ladder Behaviors – 25% 

    Advancement: 100% of the score is the average rating of Professional Goals.

    Academic: 100% of the score is the average rating of Professional Goals.

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  • What is the rating scale?

  • How do I add/edit or remove goals?

    Using the Summary Editor option to complete the performance appraisal, you can simply edit or delete any goals the prepopulated (look for the grey icons to the right of the goal). You can add goals by using the Add button at the bottom of the goals section. When adding goals, you can create new or use an existing by using the drop down. 

  • Can I save my evaluation and finish it later?

    Yes. Click Save for Later at the bottom of the appraisal and return at any time to finish. When you are ready to submit to your manager, click the Submit button.

  • What are the steps in the appraisal process?

    There are five steps in the appraisal process:

    1. Self-evaluation completed by the employee. 
    2. Manager evaluation
    3. Secondary Reviewer (manager’s, manager) approval. Note: The secondary reviewer cannot make edits to the appraisal) 
    4. Manager acknowledgement
    5. Employee acknowledgment

    The appraisal is considered “complete” when the employee acknowledges the final review. In each step, an action item appears in a person’s inbox when they are required to complete the task.

  • How to I make changes to a review once it is already submitted?

    You can ask you manager to send it back to you (there is a Send Back option in the appraisal). If the manager is unable to send it back for technical reasons, an HR team member may have to manually have it sent back. Just inform your HRBP or email for assistance.

  • I have not had a 1:1 with my manager, but I got my review with his/her ratings and comments and it is asking me to “acknowledge” it.

    Managers may choose to have a 1:1 with the employee before acknowledging the review and sending the final version to them, or they may acknowledge before the 1:1 so the employee can view ahead of time and prepare questions. Just communicate with your manager if you aren’t sure. If you have any concerns with the 1:1 session, please contact your HRBP.

  • I changed jobs during the performance cycle, which managers should complete my appraisal?

    Workday allows managers to Get Additional Manager Evaluation as a first step after an employee submits their appraisal. They can use these feature to get feedback from a previous supervisor, or even a manager you worked on a project for. If you had a different manager during the entire performance period, then your current manager or your HRBP can request to have the appraisal reassigned completely by emailing

  • I can’t see my appraisal after I submitted it.

    Like goals, your appraisal disappears from your Workday profile until it is completed by your manager through each of these steps. All completed appraisals are available to you by navigating to your Performance page: Click the your badge picture in the top right corner, then click view profile, then click the Performance link in the left hand blue menu bar.

  • I am a nurse on the CCL, how do I review my seven responsibilities?

    On June 3, 2019, year-end appraisal templates for nurses on the Clinical Career Ladder (CCL) launched to Workday, and for some, the seven CCL responsibilities did not populate accordingly. 

    Please choose from one of the two following options to populate this data:

    1. You can manually add the seven responsibilities to your appraisal template in Workday. You can follow the step-by-step process detailed below; or
    2. You can request to delete your current appraisal, including all work contained within the template, and replace it with a corrected version. Send requests to with the subject "Delete Nurse Appraisal." 

    Manually add the seven responsibilities:

    1. Open the appraisal in your Workday Inbox using the "Summary Editor" option.
    2. Scroll down to the Clinical Career Ladder section beneath the ASPIRE values section.
    3. Use the "Add" button, and copy + paste the seven CCL responsibilities listed below. Please note you must add each responsibility individually in order to provide a separate rating for each.
      • Relationship Based Care - Patients and families: reflects the influence of the nurse's relationship with self, colleagues and patient/family on the patient experience.
      • Relationship Based Care - Self and colleagues: reflects the influence of the nurse's relationship with self, colleagues and patient/family on the patient experience.
      • Expert Caring: encompasses clinical assessment, planning, prioritizing, coordinating and implementation of care.
      • Empowered Leaders: demonstrates knowledge of and actively participates in shared governance.
      • Quality Achievement: includes adherence to clinical documentation guidelines, comprehension of outcomes data, engagement in performance improvement activities and commitment to standard work.
      • Lifelong Learning: encompasses professional development through formal education, professional certification, internal and external learning opportunities and recognizes the value of external professional organizations. Supports onboarding of new team members and precepts as applicable.
      • Innovation: is demonstrated by application of technologies that support patient care, actively seeking to implement evidence based practice and new knowledge generated by nursing research.
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