Performance Management Resources

UVA Performance Management Resources

This page provides general performance management resources. Contact your manager or review your entity-specific performance management page for any additional requirements related to the performance cycle you participate in:

UVA Health Employees Academic Employees - Calendar-Year Cycle Advancement & Athletics Employees - Fiscal-Year Cycle New Hires

Goal Setting

Click the link below for information and resources on writing and setting goals in Workday:

Goal Setting Resources

Feedback (Peer Review)

Click the link below for information and guidance on giving and receiving feedback in Workday:

Feedback Resources

Career Development

Managers should have career development conversations with employees, at a minimum once a year. You can provide the 'Career Planning Discussion' form to your employees to complete before holding your meeting to help drive the conversation:

Career Planning Discussion Form

Rating Scales

  • UVA Health

    UVA Health employees have two sections in their appraisal:

    • Goals (50% weighted)
    • ASPIRE Values (50% weighted)

    Medical Center Clinical Career Ladder (CCL) nurses have three sections in their appraisal:

    • Goals (50% weighted)
    • ASPIRE Values (25% weighted)
    • Clinical Ladder Behaviors (25% weighted)

    The overall rating is calculated based on the weighting and rating of each section in the appraisal:

    2.61 - 3.00: Consistently exceeds expectations:

    Goals exceeded frequently; Top performer who proactively seeks additional responsibility; Serves as role model to others.

    1.71 - 2.60: Fully meets expectations:

    Dependable results and/or behaviors; Produces outcomes that meet all qualitative and quantitative measures; Occasionally exceeds expectations.

    1.00 - 1.70: Does not fully meet expectations:

    Inconsistent results and/or behaviors; Minimum expectations not met; Needs immediate and sustained improvement.

  • Academic

    The overall rating is calculated based on each goal's rating and weighting:

    4.61 - 5.00: Exceptional:

    Significantly and consistently exceeds expected performance level.

    3.71 - 4.60: Highly Effective:

    Consistently achieves and often exceeds expected performance level.

    2.61 - 3.70: Effective:

    Consistently achieves expected performance level.

    1.71 - 2.60: Inconsistent:

    Inconsistently achieves expected performance level; needs improvement.

    1.00 - 1.70: Unsatisfactory:

    Rarely achieves expected performance level; requires significant and immediate corrective action.

    Conversation to DHRM rating scale for Classified Staff: When submitting rating information to DHRM for merit processing, the university converts the overall ratings for Classified Staff to the DHRM rating scale as follows:

    • (UVA Rating) 1-Unsatisfactory = (DHRM Rating) 1-Below Contributor
    • 2-Inconsistent = 2-Meets
    • 3-Effective = 2-Meets
    • 4-Highly Effective = 2-Meets
    • 5-Exceptional = 3-Extraordinary

Managers of Classified Staff

Forms required per Per DHRM Policy Number: 1.40 - Performance Planning and Evaluation when rating a Classified Staff employee a '5-Exceptional,' or '1-Unsatisfactory.' Please work with your HR Business Partner when completing the 'Notice of Improvement' form for unsatisfactory performance:

Extrodinary Contributor Form Notice of Improvement Form


Click the link below to view frequently asked questions and answers:

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers