UVA RN Referral Program

UVA RN Referral Program for UVA Health Team Members

UVA Health Team Members - Receive up to $7500 for referring a Registered Nurse (RN) to work at the Medical Center. There is no limit on the number of nurses you can refer so there is no limit on the bonus amount.

The Medical Center is now hiring nurses to support our continued growth. In order to help this recruiting effort, we have implemented the UVA RN Referral Program for team members. Open to all staff members in UVA Health who meet the eligibility requirements below, the program provides the team members a bonus of up to $7500 for each referred nurse who is hired. In addition, the newly hired nurse will receive up to a $10,000 sign-on bonus.

The program may only last this summer, and applies to the first 50 nurses hired, so don't wait!

Please see below for requirements and directions. Thank you for your support!


  • Those who are eligible for the program are: 
    • UVA Staff level employees in UVA Health including MC, UPG, SOM, SON
  • Those who are not eligible are:
    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Individuals who are members of an interview panel/search committee who were involved in the selection process
    • Human Resources staff
    • Employees representing UVA at a hiring event or conference
    • Anyone not employed directly by or receiving a paycheck from UVA
    • Temporary employees and contract personnel

Referral and Sign-on Bonus Payout Details

Below is information about referral and sign-on bonus stipulations and the payout schedule.

  • Payout Schedule

    The amount of referral bonus is subject to RN experience level, and payout is dependent on length of RN employment. 

    Referral Bonus Details (Referring Employee)

    Experience level of New RN

    Total Referral Payout

    Initial Payout (After new hire successfully completes 90 days of employment)

    Final Payout (Team member and Referral must still be employed)

    3 or more years of experience *



    $3000 at 12 months

    1 to up to 3 years of experience*



    $1500 at 18 months

    Sign On Bonus Details (New Hire Nurse)

    Experience level of New RN

    Total Bonus Payout

    Initial Payout (Amount paid in first paycheck)

    Final Payout (at 12 months (Team member must still be employed); 2-year work commitment required)

    3 or more years of experience *




    1 to up to 3 years of experience *




    * Amounts listed assume full-time position. If this is a part-time position it pays out at half the amount listed. 

  • Referral Payout Stipulations

    • The referral bonuses will be paid to only one referral employee - there is no splitting a bonus. 
    • There is no provision to re-designate a bonus recipient/employee after the effective date of candidate offer.
    • Payments are included in the first paycheck following the end of the month during which eligibility is completed (see Payout Schedule above).
    • All bonus payments are taxable income per IRS guidelines. 
  • New RN Hire Sign-on Bonus Eligibility

    New RN hires who are not eligible for the referral program or sign-on bonus are:

    • Former UVA team members who terminated employment within the past 2 years.
    • Applicants who have responded to published advertisements, have been referred through a headhunter/ third party agency, or have submitted applications to UVA Human Resources within the past year.
    • Current team members of other UVA entities such as UPG, School of Medicine, or School of Nursing applying for internal transfer.
    • Anyone employed by UVA in a Contract/Traveler position.
    • New hires not meeting the experience requirements as evaluated by a Recruiter.
    • New hires who do not fall within the first group of 50 referred and hired (based upon the date of offer)
    • New hires who are not hired into the eligible positions or departments. 

MC Departments eligible for new RN referral

  • Medical Center Departments that are hiring

    The Medical Center Departments listed below are those that are currently hiring and part of the RN Referral Program. Please review and make sure your candidate is eligible to work in any of these areas. We have also included a document that describes the work of these departments. 

    View the Department Descriptions

    MC-2002000 - Labor and Delivery

    MC-2010000 - 5 West - Inpatient Surgical Subspecialties and Trauma

    MC-2012000 - 3 West - General Medicine

    MC-2013000 - 5 Central - Medical Surgical Subspecialties

    MC-2014000 - 6 East - Orthopedics

    MC-2016000 - 4 West - Thoracic Cardiovascular Intermediate Care

    MC-2018000 - 6 West - Neurosurgery

    MC-2022000 - Wound Ostomy Care

    MC-2024000 - Amherst Dialysis

    MC-2026000 - 6 Central - Neurology

    MC-2027000 - 4 East – Acute Cardiology

    MC-2028000 - Coronary Care Unit

    MC-2030000 - 4 Central – Vascular Surgery

    MC-2035000 - Surgery Admission Suite

    MC-2039000 - Operating Rooms

    MC-2048000 – PACU – Post – Anesthesia Care Unit

    MC-2049000 - Surgical Trauma ICU

    MC-2054000 - Nerancy Neuro ICU

    MC-2055000 - TCV ICU - Cardiovascular ICU

    MC-2060000 - 8 West – Inpatient Oncology

    MC-2062000 – MICU - Medical ICU

    MC-2063000 - 3 Central - Acute Care Medicine

    MC-2067000 - Orange Dialysis

    MC-2070000 - Newborn ICU

    MC-2071000 - Pediatric ICU

    MC-2072000 - 7 Acute - Pediatric Acute Care

    MC-2073000 - Farmville Dialysis

    MC-2074000 - NETS

    MC-2078000 - 5 East – Inpatient Psychiatry

    MC-2105000 - Cardiovascular Device Service

    MC-2118000 - 3 East – Acute Care Medicine

    MC-2135000 - Altavista Dialysis

    MC-2173000 - Abdominal Transplant

    MC-2221000 - Medical Emergency Team

    MC-2260000 - Cardiac Transition Unit

    MC-2266000 - Cardiac Catheterization Lab

    MC-2268000 - Electrophysiology

    MC-2280000 - Anesthesia CRNA's

    MC-2281000 - Interventional Radiology

    MC-2339000 – Transitional Care Hospital - (LTAC/Progressive Care)

    MC-2361000 - Renal Unit

    MC-2362000 - Medical Transport Network

    MC-2372000 - Case Management

    MC-2375000 - Heart Center

    MC-2380000 - Nuclear Cardiology

    MC-2381000 - Radiation Oncology-Moser

    MC-2382000 - Neuroradiology

    MC-2431000 - Advanced Practice

    MC-2511000 - Lynchburg Dialysis

    MC-2520000 - Stem Cell Inpatient

    MC-2573000 - 4 Central Solid Organ Transplant  (Intermediate/Progressive Care)

    MC-2575000 - Radiology Nursing

    MC-2645000 - Emergency Department

    MC-2648000 - Transplant Clinic-Davis

    MC-2660000 - Outpatient Surgery Center OR

    MC-2822000 - Augusta Dialysis

    MC-2829000 - 5 North - Surgical Intermediate Care

    MC-2846000 - 6 North - Neuro Intermediate Care

    MC-2863000 - Mother/Baby

    MC-2899000 - UVA Continuum Home Health

    MC-2943000 - Staffing Resource Office

  • Other Important Info

    • All bonus and referral dollars come from the appropriate hiring department budget. 
    • Standard hiring practices apply.  The best candidate(s) will be hired, regardless of referral source. 
    • Referring team member should not participate in the interview and selection process for position. 
    • Referral information that is obtained outside of the referral guidelines will not qualify for a referral bonus payment.
    • The referring team member must be a current UVA employee at the time of the applicant is naming them as the referral source. 
    • Eligibility must be maintained, and both the new hire and referring UVA team member must be active team members and actively working in an eligible position/status at the time of bonus processing/pay-out.  If a team member transfers to a position (or status) that disqualifies them, eligibility cannot be subsequently reinstated.
    • All rules and conditions are subject to change and this referral program may end at any time without notice.

How to Submit a Candidate Referral

  1. Step 1

    Review the eligibility requirements above to ensure your RN candidate meets the referral criteria. Also, see the list of Medical Center departments that are hiring and are in the referral program. 

  2. Step 2

    Have the candidate apply to the job by searching on this Job Openings Webpage. When applying make sure they list your name as the referral source on the application.


  1. Step 3

    You then complete and submit this Employee Referral Form which contains your, and the candidate's, information. 


  2. Step 4

    Your referral bonus will arrive in the paycheck following the end of the month during which the candidate's eligibility is completed (see Payout Schedule above). 

Benefits of working at UVA Heath

When speaking with potential candidates, you may want to share the benefits of working at UVA and the Medical Center, as well the many reasons to work and live in the Charlottesville area. See the links below that provide this information. 

Why Work at UVA

Why Live in Charlottesville

Moving & Relocation Info and Support

  • Overview of Benefits - Talking Points

    View the UVA Benefits Overview for New Medical Center Team Members

    • UVA Medical Center is Virginia’s #1 ranked hospital due to advanced treatment options, quality of care, and leading research.
    • Work in a supportive and caring team environment for an institution with the highest values, and one that is expanding and progressing in order to best treat patient needs now and in the future.
    • Receive an exceptional Total Rewards Benefits Package offering comprehensive healthcare coverage, generous retirement plan and matching, excellent rewards and recognition program, diverse wellness programs, holiday time off, and more.
    • Take advantage of ample continued education assistance opportunities at no cost to grow work related skills and professional interests.
    • Live in ease in a jewel of a small city with the verve and amenities of a larger city, offering a wealth of outdoor activities near mountains and rivers.
    • There are many more benefits, so please see info in the links provided above.

    Good luck with your RN referrals!