Academic COVID Vaccine Guidelines

Academic COVID Vaccine Guidelines

All Academic Division employees who follow SEC-045 (faculty and staff, wage and temp workers, part-time and full-time), including those working remotely, are strongly encouraged to receive their primary series of COVID-19 vaccine and a booster dose when eligible per CDC recommendation.


Following UVA’s recent booster deadline, Governor Glenn Youngkin signed an Executive Directive prohibiting state agencies, including institutions of higher education, from requiring employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment. The small number of employees and faculty who did not comply with the University vaccination deadlines will not face sanctions. We will continue to strongly encourage anyone who has not done so already to get vaccinated or boosted as soon as possible. We will also continue to offer testing resources for all community members, particularly unvaccinated people who have a higher risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19 and spreading the disease to others.

Optional Documentation of Vaccination and Booster Information:

Update COVID-19 Vaccination Status

  • Enter Add My Vaccination in the Workday search bar. 
  • Use the prompt to choose a Vaccine Type, and Status.
  • If you selected ‘I prefer to not disclose,’ click the Submit button.
  • If you selected ‘I have NOT received my COVID-9 Vaccine,’ select the Confirm checkbox, and click the Submit button.
  • If you selected ‘I have received my COVID-19 vaccine’ continue to step 6.
  • Use the prompt in the fields Vaccine, Vaccination Event Type, and Vaccination Event date to enter your information.
  • For the Attestation, click the Confirm checkbox.
  • Upload your COVID-19 Vaccination card under Attachments.
  •  Enter a Description, and Category.
  • Click Submit.

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