Protecting Health and Safety - COVID Testing Procedures

COVID Prevalence Testing - UVA Health & Academic Division

UVA Health team members, and Academic Division employees, who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, or who did not provide proof of vaccination status, are subject to mandatory saliva PCR testing at least once each week beginning August 2. Mandatory prevalence testing is being instituted as part of UVA’s commitment to help protect the health and safety of our UVA community members and patients. Below is information about how and where testing is being conducted. 

UVA Health - Testing Details and FAQs

Mandatory prevalence testing is being instituted as part of UVA Health’s commitment to protect the health and safety of our patients, team members and community. Also, UVA Health is requiring that all team members be vaccinated for COVID-19 by November 1, 2021.

  • Who is required to complete weekly prevalence testing?

    All team members who meet these two criteria must complete weekly prevalence testing:

    • Work requires them to come into any UVA Health facility at any time during the year; and,
    • They do not have documentation of a COVID-19 vaccination on file with Employee Health.

    As defined in Policy OCH-002, team members include everyone who provides clinical, educational, research, administrative, maintenance or other services within or for the benefit of UVA Health.

  • How do I get tested, and how should I prepare?

    • Proctored saliva testing is required for all unvaccinated team members unless they have been notified that they will be issued mail-in kits. Saliva testing is available by appointment at numerous locations around the region. Team members must schedule prevalence tests online using the Time2Test application. This site is being regularly updated to reflect changes in testing locations and appointment times. 
    • NOTE: many people are lining up on Monday morning to be tested and waiting a long time - there are many days and times available during the week, and you won't have to wait. 
    • IMPORTANT - Before Getting Tested

      You should refrain from eating, drinking (including water), brushing your teeth, using mouth wash, chewing gum, or using tobacco for at least 30 minutes before submitting your saliva sample at the test location.  You need your ID card and your computing ID.

      Please note: If you are well hydrated, giving a saliva sample is much easier. Just refrain from drinking anything 30 minutes before doing the screening.

  • How are testing results reported?

    You will receive an email from Be SAFE with a link for negative and inconclusive results. An inconclusive result requires you to be retested. Team members with positive results will be contacted by phone by Employee Health. You will receive a second email from MyChart when your medical record has been updated. If you need to print your outcome, please access MyChart. If you have any issues with MyChart, please call 434.243.2500. 

  • Can saliva testing be scheduled during working hours?

    Yes. Time used to complete required testing is paid time. Before scheduling testing appointments, team members are required to talk with their manager first to identify testing times that will not conflict with the needs of patients, with workflow and deadlines or with the availability of back up support.

  • Can team members get vaccinated and avoid the need for prevalence testing?

    Team members who have not yet received a COVID-19 vaccine can make arrangements to be fully vaccinated, but must undergo weekly prevalence testing until 14 days after receiving the J&J vaccine or their second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines.

  • Where can team members get vaccinated?

    Team members can get vaccinated at any COVID-19 vaccination site that is most convenient. Anyone who was previously infected with COVID-19 is encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as they are  recovered from clinical illness. Team members can schedule appointments at a UVA Health vaccination site through VaxTrax. Note: Proof of vaccinations administered at UVA Health sites will automatically be available to Employee Health; team members who get vaccinated at other sites must follow the steps for submitting proof of vaccination described below.

  • What happens if a team member does not complete required weekly testing?

    Team members who do not complete required saliva prevalence testing at least weekly will be subject to sanctions up to and including termination of employment. Non-compliance notifications will be sent to managers, who will initiate the sanction process. Click below for details. 

    Prevalence Testing Enforcement Measures

  • How can team members submit proof of their COVID-19 vaccination?

    Team members who did not schedule vaccinations through VaxTrax should send a scanned image or photo of immunization records, such as a CDC card or official medical record, along with their UVA computing ID to Employee Health will use this information to validate and update team members’ records (VaxTrax data will be available to managers). Any other forms of documentation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

  • How long does it take to be removed from the mandatory testing roster after submitting proof of vaccination?

    Roster information will be updated every 24-48 hours.

  • Are any unvaccinated team members exempt from weekly prevalence testing?

    Exceptions for the weekly prevalence testing will be granted for unvaccinated team members who:

      *   Have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 150 days

      *   Have been identified in VaxTrax by their managers as a 100% remote worker

  • Where can team members get more information or submit questions?

    • BeSafe Prevalence Screening Website - Team members can find information about prevalence testing preparations, the testing process and other important program details.
    • UVA Health Employee Health - [] - Contact this team when you have questions about prevalence testing, providing proof of vaccination, scheduling a vaccination appointment or the vaccines themselves.
  • Do I need to be tested the same day each week, and at the same location?

    You do not need to be tested the same day each week, but you must be tested once each week anytime between Monday – Sunday. It is best to be tested the same day, or close to the same day, each week for the most accurate readings (i.e. don't test on Friday and then again on Monday).

    If you miss the Monday - Sunday timeframe, you will be considered non-compliant. You do not have to be tested at the same location each week, but it must be a saliva test at a UVA location.

    NOTE: many people are lining up on Monday morning to be tested and waiting a long time - there are many days and times available during the week, and you won't have to wait.  

  • What if I work on and off-Grounds various weeks, do I still need to get tested? each week?

    Per Policy OCH-002, all team members whose work requires them to come into any UVA Health facility at any time during the year must complete the weekly prevalence testing if they are not vaccinated.

  • If I am on PTO, do I still need to get tested that week/s?

    If you are on PTO for a full week (Monday-Sunday) then you are not required to prevalence test that week. Be sure that your PTO is up to date in your time-tracking system.

  • What if I am on leave - continuous or intermittent?

    If you are on continuous leave with an “on leave” status in Workday and therefore not working on Grounds at any time, you do not need to prevalence test until you return.

    If you are on intermittent leave you must test during any week (Monday-Sunday) that you will be on Grounds.

  • What if I missed my appointment?

    Schedule another one during the same 7 day week (Monday-Sunday). You do not need to test at the same location.

  • I am working remotely but have to come to Grounds occasionally, do I have to test?

    Per Policy OCH-002, all team members whose work requires them to come into any UVA Health facility at any time during the year must complete the weekly prevalence testing if they are not vaccinated.

  • For people who are not vaccinated and working on Grounds, what mandates must they follow besides testing?

    Anyone who is unvaccinated, while they are on Grounds, and also while they are in-line for prevalence testing, must follow UVA requirements including staying masked and following social distancing guidelines. Current UVA face mask policy

  • Can any other covid test replace a UVA BeSafe saliva test for compliance purposes?

    No. The requirement for prevalence testing is to complete a weekly saliva test at a UVA BeSafe location. Other tests cannot be substituted.

Academic Division - Testing Details and FAQs

Vaccination of our University community members is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and the return to regular, in-person experiences. All Academic Division employees (including faculty and staff, wage and temp workers, part-time and full-time) who are not part of UVA Health were required to update their vaccination status in Workday by close of business July 23. Employees who did not update their status, or who are not vaccinated, are subject to at least once weekly prevalence testing, in addition to following masking requirements, beginning August 2.