Manager HR Information Related to COVID-19

Manager HR Information Related to COVID-19

This page contains HR related information and resources to assist Managers in the Academic Division and UVA Health during UVA's response to the coronavirus. If you have questions that are not answered here, please reach out to your HR Business Partner or the HR Solution Center.


This section contains new news for managers. Please check back frequently. 

  • Manager Toolkits MC/UPG and SOM - for employee discussions

    UVA HR has developed several resources for managers to speak with their employees about furlough and salary reductions. We have three separate toolkits, one for Medical Center & UPG Managers, one for School of Medicine Managers, and one for ACD Managers regarding pay continuity / emergency administrative leave. 

    Click this link to the MC & UPG Manager Toolkit webpage.

    Click this link to the SOM Manager Toolkit webpage

    Click this link to the ACD Pay Continuity / EAL Manager Toolkit webpage. 

    These pages are behind Netbadge for security and privacy purposes. All team members across the University, including UVA Health, has Netbadge. If you have not downloaded Netbadge please speak with your IT Department. 

  • Covid-19 Related Financial Mitigation Steps - UVA Health

    UVA has initiated a variety of steps to help mitigate the negative financial impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on the University. Within UVA Health, some of these steps are salary reductions, suspending retirement contributions, and employee furloughs.

    Click here to visit the COVID-19 Financial Mitigation Steps webpage.

  • Updated Hiring Pause Guidance - Academic Division and UVA Health

    Hiring for faculty, staff, and team member positions has been paused, with only critical searches moving forward subject to the approval of the relevant Executive Vice President.

    We have updated guidance around Hiring Freeze process, specifically as it relates to current requisitions, the extension of offers, and the process for future requisition approval for active Recruitment for the Academic Division and UVA Health.

    This webpage provides previously released information for Academic Division only.

  • Performance Appraisal Deadline Extended - Academic Division

    Regarding Performance Management, UVA HR is extending the CY19 Academic Division (including the Darden School) Year-End Appraisal deadline to April 30, 2020.

    Very soon we will have resources to assist in holding your appraisal review meetings with your direct reports remotely via phone and/or Zoom. Those resources will be located here so please check back.  

    If you have questions about the Performance Management process, please reach out to the HR Solution Center at

  • How Managers should handle non-exempt employees with not enough work to meet their F.T.E.

    This applies to non-exempt employees even if they can work remotely. First, Managers should make every effort to identify work for these employees to meet their FTE. If that is not possible, then the employee should enter time, as normal, for the hours they worked and then enter “Emergency Admin Time Off” for the remainder of their hours, not to exceed their assigned FTE. 

    Redeployment may be an option. More information about this will be provided when it is available.

  • How to determine employee High Risk Category - UVA Health

    Team members in the following categories are considered high risk:

    1. Pregnant women
    2. Immunocompromised employees:
      • HIV/AIDS,
      • Prednisone >=20 mg/d (or equivalent)
      • Organ/bone marrow transplant recipients
      • Receipt of cytotoxic chemotherapy
      • Biologics for collagen vascular disease
    3. Employees Age 65 years and older

    Team members in these categories may be given an exemption from direct patient care to COVID-19 patients. They need to provide medical documentation via email to from their primary care physician or specialist provider verifying they meet any of these criteria. To assist team members, Employee Health has created a new request form that can be accessed by clicking here.  Employees age 65 and older must also complete and submit a request form to  

    Please note approved exemptions are only for direct patient care responsibilities for suspected and known positive COVID-19 patients.  Employees are still expected to perform patient care responsibilities for other patients and/or alternate duties assigned by you their manager. 

  • How to determine employee High Risk Category - Academic Division

    The Academic Division is following these CDC guidelines for high-risk individuals. If you have a designated employee who currently needs to work on-Grounds, and you or your employee feels they meet this criteria, they should ask their healthcare provider to certify this in writing and present the documentation to you. If you decide that they should not report to work, they should be temporarily redeployed to other remote work if possible. If that is not possible, they may be placed on Public Health Emergency Leave (PHEL). See the HR Pay Continuity & Leave page for details about PHEL usage.

Important Info

  • Guidance on determining designated/ non-designated status for employees

    This is additional guidance on assigning the “designated/non-designated” status of employees in Workday. Updating this information will enable the University to identify those employees who will be allowed on Grounds as this public health emergency progresses. Our prior employee designations were based on short term events, such as snow, and not the longer term emergency we are now experiencing. As you make these determinations, please consider the following definitions:

    Designated Employees are those who are permitted to come on-site to access their personal workspaces, classrooms, and other necessary spaces as part of their assigned work.  They may or may not be required to be on-site full-time. 

    Non-Designated Employees may only work remotely and may not come on-site for any reason.  This category includes employees who are working remotely and are essential to the continued operation of the University. 

    As you work to update these categories in Workday, please keep in mind:

    • Only designated employees will be permitted to be on-site in the workplace.
    • Designated employees do not have to be on-site at all times. That is, some designated employees may access the workplace only sporadically, such as UVA faculty members who are authorized to come on Grounds in order to access the equipment/technology needed to teach their course.
    • All employees, including those who hold “designated” status, are encouraged to work remotely to the extent that they can.

    If you would like to run a report in Workday to see the current designation of employees in your area, the name of the report is “My Team’s Emergency Event Status.”  If you search on “event status” on the Workday toolbar, it will pull up the link to the report. 


  • Managing Leave During the Coronavirus

    Detailed information about managing leave during the coronavirus, for Academic Division and UVA Health, can be found on the Managing Leave During the Coronavirus webpage.

  • Do UVA Health team members need to be screened before returning to work?

    Yes. Team members who are asked not to come to work due to COVID-19 exposure will have to be cleared by Employee Health before returning to work. To be cleared to return to work, call Employee Health Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. at 924-2013; Saturday or Sunday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. at 924-8005.

  • Candidate Virtual Interview Guidance

    Human Resources is strongly encouraging hiring officials conduct candidate interviews through our existing video conferencing technology. Currently, the Academic Division utilizes Zoom while the Medical Center utilizes Modern Hire for the purpose of conducting virtual interviews. For more information on these technologies, updated guidelines for interview steps, and a list of FAQs, please see the Virtual Interview Guideline webpage

  • Resources for managing virtual teams

    • "Helping Remote Leaders Succeed" - several useful videos on from the Remote Leadership Institute. 
    • Helping Remote Leaders Succeed In a Virtual Workplace - a collection of YouTube videos for leaders by the Virtual Leadership Institute
    • Telework resources on the VA DHRM Coronavirus Information Webpage
    • Connect and Recognize Your Team - a pdf graphic showing fun and innovative ways to connect and show appreciation to your team
    • LinkedIn Learning has new courses to help us work in the remote environment. Access these sessions via your UVA email address and NetBadge (instructions below):
      • Click the link above. At the top of the LinkedIn browser window that appears, you will see a “Sign in” button to the right of the search box. Click that and sign in using your UVA email address. Click the "Single Sign In" button on the next screen, which will take you to NetBadge. Sign in through NetBadge and proceed.
      • These courses will help you optimize working remotely, whether you’re new to remote work or not, and whether you’re leading a team or part of a team involving distributed team members:
        • Learn how to effectively work remotely.
        • Gain tips for adjusting to changes in your work environment.
        • Explore virtual communication tools for staying connected. This includes a session on learning Zoom (how to schedule, moderate, and participate in meetings).
  • Remotely Onboarding New Hires

    Click here for a list of pdf guides to assist with remotely onboarding new hires.

General Employee ACD and Health Information

UVA HR is providing employees and team members with specific information for them regarding COVID-19 during the University's modified status including important announcements, and a range of resources to help deal with the current situation. Managers, please see their respective webpages below to stay updated, and to share information with your team as appropriate. 

Academic Division Employee Webpage

UVA Health Team Member Webpage