COVID-19: Recruitment Updates

Virtual Interview Guidance

The University has cancelled on-Grounds events, implemented widespread telecommuting and asked departments to consider alternative arrangements for meetings. Human Resources is strongly encouraging hiring officials to conduct candidate interviews through our existing video conferencing technology.

Currently, the Academic Division utilizes Zoom for the purpose of conducting virtual interviews, while the Medical Center utilizes Modern Hire.

  • Find more information on Zoom video conferencing and creating an account.
  • Learn more about Modern Hire. click here.

Steps to Conduct a Video Conferencing Interview

  • Setting up a Virtual Interview

    Academic Division

    • Interviews are scheduled by stakeholders and Search Committees, typically by an identified administrator from the area in question.
    • Clarify with the candidate that an official from UVA will initiate the call. 

    Medical Center

    • Interviews within Modern Hires are scheduled by a member of the recruitment team. Working in advance with all parties on availability/schedule for interview slots. A link for the video interview platform is sent via email to each participant. 
  • Test Technology

    Prior to the interview day, contact the candidate to identify if any reasonable accommodations will be necessary to participate in an online format.

    • Test the technology to ensure webcam, voice quality, room acoustics/ambient noise, and any other issues can be addressed.
    • Provide for contingency plan, having candidate's phone number to reach them should the technology fail. 
  • Interview Logistics

    Treat the interview as it were an on-site interview. Best practice would follow these recommendations:    

    • Create environment with minimal distractions
    • Avoid utilizing personal devices during interview.
    • Follow the same on-Grounds guidance of asking the same set of questions to each candidate. 
    • For group/committee interviews, where there are multiple people participating:
      • Decide who will be the moderator for the interview.  You might consider having a “script” to follow, so that each member of the group understands their role.
      • Decide whether or not all candidates will have their video on for the entire interview, or have their video on only when speaking with the candidate.
      • All participants should keep their mics on “mute” unless they are speaking.
      • Please greet each candidate and introduce yourself, turning on your camera and mic to speak.  Leave your camera on until the candidate’s response to your question is complete.  Thank the candidate before turning off your camera.
      • All committee members should have cameras & mics off until it is their turn to ask a question.
      • Use the “raise your hand” function to respond to candidate questions; turn on your video and mic when speaking. 
      • Try – as much as possible – to project interest, engagement, etc. when you are on camera. Do your best to build rapport and connection, despite the remote setting.  Keep in mind that you are in “evaluation and recruitment” mode.
      • If using Zoom, please do not “chat” during the session, as these messages have the potential to go away if sent to the wrong people.  If you need to jump in, use the “raise your hand” function, so that the moderator can recognize you.

    If there is a presentation required, make sure that “screen share” is enabled for the candidate, and/or a copy of the presentation is provided to each member of the Committee.  If there is a need to record the interview, please make sure to get the candidate’s written permission.

  • Consistency and Equity in Online Interviews

    Try to ensure as similar an online experience as possible for all candidates, in particular when an ongoing selection process already was partially conducted in-person but now the remainder of the process has to be conducted online. The Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights provides specific guidance.

  • Questions

    For questions regarding virtual interviews, please contact your recruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Our unit is in the middle of a search. What is the University guidance?

    While we are experiencing an unprecedented situation, successful faculty hiring remains critical to the success of the University. It also is critical that we protect the safety of all involved in searches and that we conduct them fairly.  At this point, the University is recommending that schools do not conduct in-person interviews with faculty candidates. Deans and department chairs must use their best judgment in light of competing concerns.  When possible, it is best to use the same process for all candidates under consideration.  Differing processes can affect the fairness, both perceived and real, of a search. If it is not possible to use the same process, such as in cases where some applicants have already interviewed in person, steps should be taken to ensure that the online interviews for the remaining candidates mirror the in-person experience as much as feasible. See additional guidance by the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights.

  • We are conducting a faculty/staff search. Since it is inadvisable to visit the area, how can we help candidates learn about Charlottesville?

    The UVA Dual Career Program is hosting weekly webinars to introduce prospective UVA employees and their families to Charlottesville and the local community.  The webinars provide an overview of housing options, schools, community services, employment and networking information for spouses/partners, and more. Information and registration details can be found on their Considering UVA & Charlottesville webpage.