Academic Division Merit Process 2023

Academic Merit Process 2023 for Managers & Delegates

The University of Virginia encourages the recognition of strong performance and achievement through the use of merit pay increases. Across Grounds, the University utilizes various merit programs tailored to the individual business needs of our schools, units, or departments.

The University has approved merit increases for Academic Division University Staff, PRS, and A&P Faculty. This webpage provides important information for Academic Managers, Delegates and Leaders who are involved in the merit process on how to implement merit this year. Please review the sections below for guidelines, key dates, training resources, and necessary action steps.

We will keep this page updated with need-to-know information. If you have questions, please reach out to the HR Solution Center by email at or by phone at 434.243.3344.

Merit Process

The 2023 program will use the following methods for processing merit:

  • University Staff, PRS, and A&P Faculty will be completed in Workday.
  • Classified Staff will be completed by UVA HR in Workday. 
  • T&R Faculty will be processed using an Excel Workbook via Sharepoint.
  • T&R Faculty (SOM) will be completed in Anaplan.
Merit Guidelines - University Staff, Classified Staff, A&P Faculty, and PRS Merit Guide & Instructions - T&R Faculty

Manager/Merit Delegate Action Items

  1. Review this webpage thoroughly, which provides everything you need to know about the merit process.  
  2. Watch the Merit 2023 Training Course for Managers and Delegates.
  3. Review the Merit 2023 Job Aid
  4. Details and local process for merit pools will be managed and communicated by your school/unit leadership. Consult with your HR Business Partner and/or Dean/senior leader about merit increase planning. 
  5. See the Workday Inbox action item for merit planning; “favorite” these items so you can find them easily again.
  6. Begin the merit increase process in Workday for University Staff, PRS, and A&P Faculty direct reports on May 22 or later. 
  7. Finalize all University Staff, PRS, and A&P Faculty merit plans for your direct reports by June 16. Note that schools and units may have earlier internal processing deadlines. See your HRBP or leader for guidance.
  8. Share salary increases with your direct reports after the effective date. Salary increases are effective: 
    1. July 3 for University Staff 
    2. July 25 for A&P Faculty, 12-Month T&R Faculty, and PRS 
    3. August 25 for Non-12-Month T&R Faculty 

What To Expect This Year

For 2023, there are no modifications to the functionality in Workday this year. The program is similar to the 2022 program.

  • Functionality in Workday

    • The merit plans are combined for exempt and non-exempt staff.
    • Hourly or salaried equivalents for staff are outlined in the merit grids.
    • Reporting allows leaders to report on multiple merit processes in the same report (report name:  Merit Process - Employee Details - Shared Participation - UVA - Combined Plans).
    • Pay increases not related to merit may be entered at the time of merit via Additional Adjustment functionality.
    • Professional Research Staff is included in the Workday merit process.
    • A&P Faculty and PRS are in a combined merit plan to account for a different merit increase timeline.
    • There is no defaulting of merit percentages / amounts based on ratings. Managers can use the Autofill button to populate the merit increases, if needed.
    • There is a Total % Increase indicator on the side panel to show the combined percentage for merit, additional adjustment, and bonus.
  • Program Launch

    • When the merit program is launched by HR, you will receive a task in your Workday inbox.
    • Some managers may receive more than one task due to there being multiple merit plans in Workday (see next item below).
    • "Favorite" this inbox task so you can find it easily later.
  • Multiple Merit Plans

    Due to different configuration needs, there are unique merit plans in Workday. For this reason, some managers will receive more than one merit plan notification. Separate plans have been created for the following groups:

    • University Staff
    • Professional Research Staff and A&P Faculty


Read through the following key dates.

  • Important Merit Effective Dates

    Employee Type

    Effective Date

    Check Date

    University Staff

    July 3

    July 21

    Classified Staff

    June 10

    June 23

    A&P Faculty, 12-Month T&R Faculty & PRS

    July 25

    September 1

    Non-12 Month T&R Faculty & Non-12-Month PRS

    August 25

    September 29

    Medical Center & UVA Physicians Group Staff**

    September 17

    October 6

    **Included in timeline as some divisions may have a combination of employees from Academic Division, Medical Center, or UPG.

  • Program Timeline

    UStaff/Classified/A&P Faculty/PRS/T&R Faculty


    University Staff/Classified/A&P Faculty/PRS/T&R Faculty

    May 22

    Merit Process opens in Workday Manager Self-Service for University Staff, PRS and A&P Faculty.

    May 23 – July 2

    Soft freeze on non-competitive salary increases – work with your HRBP/Compensation on non-competitive increases to ensure the merit grids update.

    By May 29

    UVA HR distributes Faculty merit workbooks.

    June 10

    Classified Staff pay increases effective date.

    By June 16

    Workday Merit Plans for University Staff, PRS, and A&P Faculty must be finalized. Note that schools and units may have earlier internal processing deadlines. See your HRBP or leader for guidance.

    June 23

    Classified Staff merit increases will be visible to employees in Workday. 

    July 3

    University Staff pay increases effective date, and managers may share with affected employees.

    By July 14

    Submit finalized Faculty merit workbooks to Provost's Office for review.

    July 14

    University Staff merit increases will be visible to employees in Workday. 

    By July 21

    Provost's Office reviews and approves salary recommendations.

    After July 21

    Salary adjustments for PRS and A&P Faculty may be shared with affected employees.

    July 25

    A&P Faculty, 12-Month T&R Faculty, and PRS increases effective date.

    After July 25

    Salary adjustments may be shared with Faculty.

    August 25

    Non-12-Month T&R Faculty & Non-12-Month PRS pay increases effective date.

    September 1 Updated salary visible in Workday for A&P Faculty, T&R Faculty, and PRS.
    September 17 Medical Center & UVA Physicians Group Staff increases effective date.**

    **Included in timeline as some divisions may have a combination of employees from Academic Division, Medical Center, or UPG.

Workday Merit Training

Take the Digital Self-Guided Course in Workday Learning for Managers and Delegates, and review the Merit 2023 Job Aid:


Read through the Merit Guidelines, which provide an overview of the University of Virginia Merit Program. The first set of guidelines applies to University Staff, Classified Staff and A&P Faculty.

Specific emphasis is given to the new Workday Merit Program functionality.

Merit Guidelines - University Staff, Classified Staff, A&P Faculty, and PRS Merit Guide & Instructions - T&R Faculty

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the frequently asked questions below, grouped by topic. These FAQs are not meant to be an exhaustive list of answers for the Academic Merit process. Managers and leaders are encouraged to review the detailed merit guidelines posted in the "Guidelines" section of this webpage.

FAQs - Merit Allocation

  • How should we approach making a determination?

    For University Staff, A&P Faculty and Professional Research Staff, the merit plan is designed to enhance strategic decision-making. Details and local process for merit pools will be managed by your school/unit leadership. Your HR Business Partner is a great resource for these discussions. 

    This year’s merit process allows each school and unit flexibility and local discretion in crafting allocation approaches for how merit increases are awarded. Schools and units may elect to use a portion of the salary increase pool for special adjustments, including retention, equity, compression, bonuses, and other critical personnel actions.  

    Schools and units may recommend a different pool percentage based on budget. Should school leadership have budgetary limitations requiring a merit pool different from what is reflected above, any changes must be made in consultation with the Office of the Provost or respective Executive Vice President.

FAQs - Eligibility

FAQs - Exceptions

FAQs - Funding

FAQs - Merit Delegates

  • How does one initiate a Merit Delegate request?

    If a manager is not able to complete their merit grid, they have the ability to delegate this work to a Workday Merit Delegate. 

    Workday Merit Delegates may be selected and assigned this capability in Workday – this may be an employee in the organization who currently holds the security role of Delegate, or a new Workday Merit Delegate may be added via the normal Workday business process. Please see the Merit 2023 Job Aid for details.  

    Note that if a Merit Delegate is needed at a certain level of the organization to complete merit grids down the organization, they must be set up as the Merit Delegate for leaders at that level in the organization or higher. Contact your HRBP with questions.  

    For Workday Merit Delegates added specifically during the merit process, access will be removed after the merit process is complete. 

  • Please describe the responsibilities in the system for the Merit Delegate.

    The Workday Merit Delegate is an employee designated to complete the merit process on a leader’s behalf. This role is not intended to be performed by Human Resources employees for departments other than UVA HR. Merit delegation will only be active during the merit processing period and will be disabled upon completion.  

    Workday Merit Delegates will have the ability to initiate merit changes on behalf of a leader.  Assigning a Workday Merit Delegate at the highest level will allow that individual the ability to complete the process on behalf of that leader, including a Dean delegate who may enter for everyone in the school. 

FAQs - Classified Staff

FAQs - Retiring or Resigning Employees

FAQs - Communications

FAQs - For Employees