Bridging the Generation Gap

Build a better understanding of the multiple generations in the workplace. Understand the generational characteristics to strengthen and improve communication, reduce/eliminate stereotypes, and formulate working knowledge to create teams that leverage each other as assets to achieve organizational goals. Discover new ways to construct partnerships, orient new team members and improve service delivery to all partners, clients and patients.

What will my team learn?

How to:
  • Identify all generations with a primary focus on those in the current workforce
  • Discuss characteristics and stereotypes of generations
  • Learn the A-A-A steps for bridging the generation gap on your team to improve communication and teamwork

What will this course help my team do?

  • Anticipate common generational clash points and develop strategies to navigate them.
  • Increase awareness for different generational needs and motivations.
  • Build relationships and cohorts across generational divides.
  • Turn negative stereotypes into positive working relationships.
  • Identify how generational differences may affect communication and teamwork.

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