Building Collaborative Relationships - Talent Management Course Bundle

Not clear on where others are coming from? Work to make connections. Collaboration is not just creating dialogue. It is about making connections with others. Research suggests that the best collaborators are connectors. They connect ideas outside of the organization with internal challenges. They help build bridges throughout the organization. Ultimately, they link people, ideas, and resources that would not normally connect with one another. The key is to connect. Build trust. Build relationships. Connect your priorities to those of others. In each situation where you are working with other people, it is important to think about their perspective.

What will this program help me do?

  • Proactively handle workplace conflict through the creation of conflict norms.
  • Increase the knowledge of your team. When teams are actively collaborating, they are constantly learning new things from each other.
  • Feel more confident, less pressured, and more productive as you begin to remove obstacles and see results.
  • Discover ways to change the culture of meetings and produce positive results.

Topics Covered

  • Time Management: Discover ways to maximize your efficiency, such as organizing your workspace and aligning your priorities. Become a productive, energetic person as you manage your activities more effectively.
  • Managing Conflict: Develop strategies to foster a conflict management culture. Take a proactive approach to dealing with workplace conflict.
  • Collaboration: Examine opportunities to leverage collaboration, the biggest barriers to effective collaboration, and the key behaviors of successful collaborators.
  • Leading Effective Meetings: Identify the skills necessary to lead an effective meeting as a participant as well as a leader. Practice constructing an agenda and planning your next team meeting.

How do I enroll?

NetLearning (for Health System team members)

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  4. Search for "Building Collaborative Relationships - Talent Management Course Bundle"
  5. Click on the Enroll button under the course with the correct date, time, and location

Workday Learning (for Academic employees)

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  • Lisa Harris
  • Rose Markey