Optimizing Diverse Talent - Talent Management Course Bundle

Most people have stereotypes—simplified and generalized views of people from a particular group. They can be based on a wide variety of elements including gender, race, religion, or age. Due to social norms and political correctness, these tend to lie under the surface and people may not even be aware of them. But they still influence behavior. The process is automatic and very fast. In neuroscientific terms, making the connection between a person and a stereotype occurs within 300 milliseconds (less than a typical blink of an eye) of encountering that person. Because the conscious control is not there, responses can be prejudiced and socially inappropriate. Learn to examine your biases and assumptions.

What will this program help me do?

  • Turn negative stereotypes into positive working relationships.
  • Analyze one’s own biases, stereotypes, and life experiences.
  • Critically examine your own attitudes about diverse and underrepresented groups.

Topics Covered:

  • Multicultural Fluency: Learn about your identity and about the identities and experiences of others. Create a Brave Space for honest dialogue.
  • Growing Deeper - The Power of Privilege: Discuss racial identity as a way to understand unearned privilege. Examine personal experience and develop a deeper understanding of diversity of inclusion.

How do I enroll?

NetLearning (for Health System team members)

  1. Enroll Now!
  2. Log into NetLearning
  3. Click on the Learning Opportunities tab (Enroll)
  4. Search for "Optimizing Diverse Talent - Talent Management Course Bundle"
  5. Click on the Enroll button under the course with the correct date, time, and location

Workday Learning (for Academic employees)

  1. Enroll Now!
  2. Log into Workday
  3. Click on the Enroll and Submit buttons


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