Let's Get Checked Kit - Instructions

Let's Get Checked - Self-administered nasal COVID-19 test

These nasal kits are for Academic Division employees who wish to test themselves, they are NOT for employees who are required to participate in the weekly saliva prevalence testing at a UVA testing location.

Academic Division employees may also elect to test through the BeSafe Saliva Testing program by scheduling a testing appointment through Time2Test.

Asymptomatic, benefits-eligible Academic Division faculty and staff (includes School of Medicine staff and faculty without clinical privileges, School of Nursing, and Post-Doctoral Fellows) may order a LetsGetChecked (LGC) kit on the UVA portal. You may only order for yourself, and only through this portal. LGC kits are non-transferrable to others.

Test Type: The LGC kit is a self-administered nasal PCR COVID-19 test. Read more on the Let'sGetChecked's website.

Timeline: You must allow time for shipping both ways - sending to you and return. The pre-paid return label is next day air service. Do not collect your sample on a Saturday or Sunday as shipping services do not operate on the weekends. LGC does not process samples on Sundays. 

Your diligence in returning your test has an impact on when your results are posted. You need to return your test on the same business day you take it to ensure sample viability.

Home Test Kit Timeline chart

Detailed Instructions for Kit Use

Please see this LGC webpage and read all instructions completely before using the nasal swab. Note the following important highlights within the accordions below:

  • Ordering your kit

    Order a kit on the UVA portal. Your computing ID is the alphanumeric code that appears before your virginia.edu email address, .e.g., ab1p@virginia.edu

    NOTE: These nasal kits are for Academic Division employees who wish to test themselves, they are NOT for employees who are required to participate in the weekly saliva prevalence testing at a UVA testing location. 

    The test is free and for the employee’s use only. Do not give your kit to anyone else, including family members or friends. Giving your kit to someone else or ordering on their behalf violates LetsGetChecked’s Term of Use, and may result in you losing access to their testing service and in you being charged for the kit. It may also create challenges for the health department including delays in contact tracing. Additionally, unauthorized sharing or gifting of your kit constitutes fraud and may subject you to University disciplinary action, civil suit, and/or criminal prosecution.

  • Creating or signing in to your account

    Sign in to the LGC account associated with your virginia.edu email address that you created for any previous orders. Employees requesting a kit for the first time should create an account using their virginia.edu email address. Once ordered, your new test will show up in your account and link to your account information. 

  • Updating your shipping address

    Enter the shipping address where you wish to receive your kit. This address may be different from the address you used for previous kits associated with your existing LGC account. Please make sure you enter your current address.

  • Activating Kit and Collecting your sample

    Use Activation Code: It is imperative that employees activate each kit before use. Kits are activated on the LGC website by entering the unique codes located in each kit. Failure to activate the kit will mean the sample cannot be processed. There is a card included in each kit with the activation codes. Please keep this card for your reference or take a picture of the codes.

    Collecting your sample: Please see this LGC webpage. Collect and return your sample on the same business day. Please follow the instructions inside your kit carefully. It is critical that you return your kit the same day of your sample collection to ensure the sample is viable when it is received at the LGC lab. Aged samples cannot be processed. 

  • Return your kit immediately

    After sample collection, return your kit to LGC immediately (same business day) by dropping your kit off at a UPS store (not a drop box) or by scheduling a UPS pickup (instructions included in kit).Schedule your UPS pickup in advance when possible. This will ensure you reserve a timeslot before they fill up for the day. There should not be a charge for UPS shipping. 

  • Test Results

    Results are posted to UVA customer accounts (contingent upon the sample collection process is followed successfully) within 72 hours of sample receipt at the LGC lab. Most results are posted within 48 hours. 

    Positive results are reported daily to Employee Health and will follow existing policies for reporting positive result to the employee and supervisor.

    Positive cases are contacted by the LGC nurse team by phone within 24 hours of the result posting to the customer’s account (M-F). The nurse team will leave a message if contact is unsuccessful. Positive cases are reported to the state health department (corresponding to the LGC account address) by LGC within 72 hours of result becoming available. 

  • Kit Expiration + Storage and Disposal

    Each kit has an expiration date. Expired kits will not be processed. 

    Storage and Disposal: Kits can be stored in a safe, dry space until you are ready to test and/or the expiration date is reached. The kits do not need to be refrigerated. Any unused, expired kits should be recycled and are not considered biohazard waste. If you come into contact with the solution contained in the test tube, you should wash your hands as noted in each kit’s basic use instructions. 


Questions on kit use, order status, delivery/pickup issues, and/or problems with your kit’s contents, please contact Let’s Get Checked at university-support@letsgetchecked.com or 888.397.5754.

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