University Medical Center: Fall Paid Time Off Cash Out Is Available

University Medical Center team members with over 40 hours of PTO may request a PTO cash out Nov. 2-12. The Nov. 17 paycheck will include the cash-out payments.

  • Please note: You must select Nov. 11 as the date of your request.
  • Your cash-out request cannot exceed the allowed maximum hours as defined in the Paid Time Off policy.
  • You must have a minimum remaining balance of 40 hours.
  • You cannot enter more than one cash-out request. If you would like to adjust your request, you must delete the initial request and resubmit.
  • This process in Workday is only for requesting PTO cash out. Please continue to submit other time off requests in Kronos.
  • Section 5 of the Paid Time Off policy contains additional information on PTO cash out.

Follow these steps to submit your cash-out request in Workday:

  • Log in to Workday any time between Nov. 2-12. (You can access Workday online anywhere with an internet connection.)
  • Initiate the 'Request Absence' process in Workday. 
    • Using the link above will take you directly into Workday and open the Request Absence process; alternatively, you can also access the process via the Workday search bar by typing 'Request Absence' and then selecting the 'Request Absence' report option that appears below (or within the 'Tasks and Reports' section of the search results page). 
  • If needed, refer to the Balances table to the left of the calendar to determine applicable balances (including cash out maximum allowed). 
    • Note: by default, the balances table depicts balances as of the current day and does not account for future requests. People with a Catastrophic balance will see an extra line within the items below. 
      • Line 1: Cash Out Max Allowed
      • Line 2: Cash Out Requested on November 11
        • Cash Out Requested...will depict 0 even if you have approved cash out requested; will only depict the total cash out requested if you adjust the 'Balances as of' date to the applicable cash out entry date (e.g., 11/11/2023). 
  • Using the calendar feature, select the applicable Cash Out date (see the UVA Payroll Medical Center Cash Out' webpage above). 
  • Click the 'Request Absence' button. 
    • In the 'Type' field, use the prompt to select "MC Cash Out".
    • Click Next. 
    • Click the Edit Quantity per Day button and specify the number of hours you intend to cash out. Do Not enter hours in the Update All Quantities field.
  • Click "Done", then click "Submit". 

The next PTO cash-out period is Spring 2024.

For additional information, please visit the HR PTO Cash Out and Carryover webpage.

Questions? Contact the HR Solution Center at