Flu Shot Update for UVA Employees

Due to necessary COVID mitigation efforts of physical distancing, and with many of our colleagues working in remote locations, UVA will not be holding flu clinics on Grounds this fall.

However, UVA employees and team members have increased access to flu shots at CVS pharmacy locations through our partnership with CVS and Aetna, just show your UVA Health Plan Aetna ID card. And even if you have a health plan that is not UVA’s, most health plans in the U.S. are required to cover the cost of the basic flu shot at 100%. In addition:

  • Faculty, staff and team members covered by the UVA Health Plan may obtain a flu shot through their Primary Care Physician, or at a CVS or any pharmacy in Aetna’s National Pharmacy Network, if you present your Aetna card at the pharmacy. Those include pharmacies at Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Kmart, Kroger, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Wegmans. For employees living or working near a city/town, there is usually a CVS located within 3 miles. For those who live in a more rural area, there is usually a CVS within 10 miles. The vaccination is covered by our health plan so you need only show your UVA Health Plan Aetna ID card.
  • UVA Health Team members will have other options. Details can be found on the UVA Health intranet.
  • UVA Wise Faculty and Staff, UVA will sponsor a flu shot clinic on Wise’s grounds due to the more limited access to other clinic locations in southwest Virginia.

Helpful Tips
1. This is what your Aetna ID Card looks like:

ID card











2. Here is a list of vaccine providers in the Aetna network.

3. If you went to a participating pharmacy and were charged for your flu vaccine, you can submit a reimbursement to Aetna. Complete steps 1-25 in the reimbursement form, and attach your receipt and other supporting documentation.

We hope everyone understands the need for the different flu shot procedure in this extraordinary year. Hopefully next year we’ll be back to our convenient on-Grounds clinics. In the meantime, we encourage all employees and team members to get vaccinated to help you stay healthy this flu season.

Flu shot information will be updated on this site regularly, so please check back.