UVA HR Has Moved!

We're Moving in November!

UVA Human Resources is moving to 2420 Old Ivy Road, effective November 11, 2019. The move will include all HR staff except HR Business Partners and Employee Relations Consultants who support the Medical Center. They will continue to be located in or near those departments.

We look forward to assisting you in our new location!

HR will be joining University Communications, Safety and Security, and Advancement at 2420 Old Ivy.


The move will allow UVA HR members to work in one location to better collaborate and be more efficient, enabling HR to better serve you.

What Will Change

HR in-person appointments will take place at our new location of 2420 Old Ivy Road after November 11. Please schedule your appointment by emailing AskHR@virginia.edu.

HR Recruiters are available to come to departments. Hiring officials should arrange this with their HR Business Partners and their Recruiters.

What Will Stay the Same

All HR Business Partner(s), and Employee Relations Consultants who support the Medical Center, will remain in or near the departments they serve and are available to personally assist you with your HR needs.

Continue to submit forms or documents that include sensitive information such as SSNs and other personally identifying information via mail or fax:

  • Mail: 2420 Old Ivy Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903
  • Fax:
    • 434.924.4486 (Benefits)
    • 434.924.3194 (General Inquiry and employment verifications)
    • 434.924.4042 (Leave)
    • 434.924.4125 (Talent Support, Academic)

How to See Us

Our new location is conveniently located close to Route 250 and Route 29. Guest parking is located next to the front entrance on the upper level of the parking lot. Walk-ins are welcome, though we encourage appointments.  

While University Transit Service (UTS) buses cannot access the location due to a low bridge crossing at Old Ivy Road, HR and UTS are in discussions about transportation options. We'll keep you updated!

UVA HR staff will work with you using Zoom, Skype, and conference calls, and by scheduling  face-to-face meetings in your departments.

new HR building

We Hear You. How Can We Help?


Additional move-related updates will be posted at : hr.virginia.edu/uva-human-resources-moving.

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