Inclement Weather Procedures 2020

Winter is coming with the potential for ice and snow to impact the University’s operating schedule. Although many of our services are currently delivered remotely and many employees work off-site, the University will monitor winter weather as usual to determine if changes to operations on Grounds are necessary. Even when classes are canceled, the University does not “close.” Many core University services such as patient care operations, University Police, Facilities Management, IT operations, food services, and access to library services continue. UVA Health and academic employees provide these essential services. Here is what you need to know about your reporting designation, how UVA makes weather-related decisions, and how to know if the University has altered its schedule. 

How do employees know their emergency reporting status? 

There is a presumption this winter that employees who have been working from home will continue to work from home regardless of the possible impact of inclement weather on operations on Grounds. If employees are not able to work from home for some reason during a weather event, they should consult with their manager. Although all employees have been assigned an emergency reporting status, the traditional categories of “designated” and “non-designated” may or may not be relevant for this winter. All employees need to understand whether they need to report in person if the University modifies on-Grounds operations because of inclement weather. Some Academic Division staff may need to consult directly with their managers to understand their role.

  • Academic Division: For information on how to find emergency event designation, agency closing timekeeping instructions, etc., see
  • UVA Health Team members should refer to refer to HR Policy 510 – Modified Medical Center Operations and discuss questions with their supervisor. UVA Health Team members should maintain communication with their Manager/Supervisor regarding modified operations. Team Members are expected to follow standard reporting/operating schedules, unless otherwise noted.  

How does UVA decide?  

A team of University officials closely monitors developing weather and anticipates impact on the University’s facilities and the accessibility of Grounds, focusing on parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. Life safety is our top priority.

How can the UVA community learn about schedule changes? 

When the Academic Division modifies academic operations, the decision is communicated through multiple channels as early as possible to give members of our community time to plan.

  • An email to everyone with an active address
  • Recorded message on phone “hotlines” (434-243-7669 and 434-924-7669)
  • Emergency Homepage
  • Academic Division Status Board
  • @UVA_EM on Twitter

When UVA Medical Center modifies its patient care and business operations, it utilizes any or all of the following channels to communicate changes in operations during inclement weather:

  • Recorded message on phone “hotlines” (434-243-7669 and 434-924-7669)
  • UVA Health Status Board (UVA Health login credential required)
  • Direct communication from your Supervisor 
  • Mass E-mail
  • Local news outlets (Daily Progress/CBS 19/NBC 29) 

Weather is unpredictable. Although we base our schedule decisions on the best available information, our employees live in a wide geographic area where road and weather conditions can vary greatly. Employees should always consider their personal safety first. Academic Division staff should contact their manager or supervisor if they are expected to report but cannot. Supervisors and faculty in the Academic Division are asked to be flexible in granting leave to employees who feel that it is not safe to travel or who have other responsibilities at home – such as childcare or eldercare – that might restrict their availability. UVA Health team member should refer to HR Policy 510 – Modified Medical Center Operations.
Please direct any questions regarding inclement weather planning and emergency operations to:

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we navigate through winter weather.   

Very truly yours,

Jennifer (J.J.) Wagner Davis
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer