Meet the Workday Team - Marcia Frampton

Meet Marcia Frampton, who has been working at the University for over 20 years and is a valued Workday team member supporting the system. The Workday team puts in hard work behind the scenes to support all of UVA's employees. Learn more about the outstanding effort and accomplishments that members like her have contributed to the community.

How long have you been at UVA? 

It’ll be 25 years on July 7th.

Have you had other roles at UVA prior to the Workday Team?

I started Financial Analysis in 1997. I was there just about a year and then spent a short time in Payroll. I then went to the University of Virginia Investment Management Company where I was recruited to be on the Oracle Phase I implementation team. That experience was great for me because I was able to apply both my accounting and my computer background. I asked if I could stay on for Phase 2 of the Oracle Project and was approved. Although I did not have HR experience, I did have the implementation experience and learned the HR business requirements along the way. I also spent about 2 years supporting the Student Information System.

What is your current role on the Workday Team?

I’m the lead configurator for the Workday Time and Absence modules. I also support Payroll since they’re very integrated. We’re a very close group though, so we all help each other out whenever somebody needs it.

What is a project you’ve worked on that you’re proud of?

I’d have to say supporting the Workday Absence module during the COVID-19 pandemic. There was a lot of need to quickly create new time-off plans to allow exceptions for the year-end carryover. UVA didn’t want people losing time off, which required configuring the system. I’m pretty proud that I was able to manage that successfully.

Have you ever worked virtually before? How was that transitioning process?

I had started to work virtually about one week a month prior to the pandemic because I have aging parents and was helping them out. And actually, during the Workday implementation project, we were already working a lot of hours and a lot of time from home anyway. So the pandemic wasn’t too big of a transition for me because I was comfortable working from home already.

Do you have any tips for Workday users?

It’s pretty user friendly! If you use the search bar, you’re bound to run into what you’re looking for. I’d say Workday’s search bar is a very powerful search engine.

Do you have a favorite function in Workday?

There’s this function that was released within the last year or so where if you go to a certain page very often, it’ll come up—it’s like a little list of personal quick links at the top left. I support Time and Absence, so whenever I look somebody up, it knows that these are the forms I’m frequently in. Otherwise, you’d have to scroll further down and look.