Spring 2023 PTO Cash Out is Approaching for Medical Center Team Members

As Spring 2023 PTO Cash Out approaches, it's a good time to log in to Workday and review your “use or lose” paid time off (PTO) hours. While you review your PTO, keep in mind:

  • You'll be able to request PTO cash out May 18-28, 2023. Cash out process instructions will be sent via email May 18 at 7 a.m., when cash out officially opens.
  • Team members can get help completing the PTO cash out process by reviewing the Medical Center PTO cash out job aid.
  • Eligible hours for PTO cash out are based on the amount of PTO a team member has accrued as of the pay period ending May 13, 2023. If the employee does not have over 40 hours as of the cut-off, May 13, they cannot participate.
  • Medical Center Human Resources Policy No. 315 provides detailed information on the Medical Center PTO leave benefit.

Please contact the HR Solution Center at AskHR@virginia.edu with questions.