Workday Payslip Information for Academic Division

Your online payslip is available to view in Workday for your pay deposited on Friday, January 11th.  To access:

  • Visit Workday
  • Choose the "Pay" app
  • Locate the "View" column
  • Click "Payslips"

Your payslip may look different. In addition to this being the first paycheck in Workday, it is also the first paycheck of the new year. With each new year, changes to benefit plans, benefit elections and tax withholding result in a change to your paycheck amount.

An explanation of the various components of your pay statement and how they may look different than before is available on the University Payroll website. You can also see the answers to a few common payslip questions below this message.  Historical payslips will continue to be available in Oracle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Payslip

I am a non-exempt salaried employee; why does my salary show up as an hourly rate? 
There has been no change to your status or pay.  Because of the way Workday displays salary data, non-exempt employees will see their pay listed as an hourly rate (to see this, click "View Profile," then choose "Compensation").  You can calculate your base annual salary by multiplying your hourly rate by 2080 (52 weeks per year, 40 hours worked weekly).

What is "OASDI" that I see in Employee Taxes?
OASDI is the official name for Social Security taxes (it stands for "Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance" program).

Where can I find my Flexible Spending deduction?  
The Flexible Spending deduction is viewable on the Benefits App, in the Compensation area, and on your payslip.  Users may see a difference in these amounts; this is a known issue. The amount listed on your payslip is correct. 

Where do I see my Leave Balance?
You can see Leave Balances in Workday by choosing the Absence App and then, in the View column, selecting Absence Balance. Workday displays leave as you accrue time. To see your Leave Balances for the entire year, change the "as of" date to the last day of the final pay period in 2019 (12/22/19). For more information on Leave Balances, view the Leave job aid in the Workday Job Aids/Time & Absence folder.

How do I print my payslip on one page?
In the Pay App, you have the choice to view or print your payslip. If you choose the print button, a one-page printable copy of your payslip will be sent to your Workday inbox. If you click the view button, you will see an option to print, but the version printed from this screen will be multi-page.