Hoos Building Bridges Nomination Form

Thank you for taking the time to submit a nomination! Nominations received by July 31 will be considered for this fall's group of recipients. Nominations received by August 1 will be considered for the spring 2020 group of recipients.

The University’s newest award, Hoos Building Bridges acknowledges the cross-disciplinary partnerships and projects of staff and team members. Recipients of the award demonstrate leadership, facilitating communications channels and workflows across schools, units, and/or departments. Their efforts increase efficiency and streamline critical processes on Grounds or at the Hospital. They also investigate and discover new solutions for long-established needs, as well as give voice to diverse perspectives and thoughts. Ultimately, awardees challenge their own familiarity by establishing valuable relationships. Learn More.

Hoos Building Bridges Award

This award is available to University staff and Medical Center team members who look beyond their job descriptions to create and foster collaborations across Grounds. Their efforts may include:
  • Streamlining processes;
  • Addressing longstanding needs;
  • Supporting diversity and inclusion; and/or
  • Partnering with colleagues across schools/units/departments.
Faculty, students, staff, and team members may nominate eligible candidates and/or an eligible team. Please note that if you wish to nominate an entire team, the monetary award will go towards a celebratory function for the group.

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If nominating an entire team, please ensure all parties are University staff and Medical Center team members. When filling out the Nominee's Information, identify the team manager or project lead so we are able to notify them appropriately. Please note that faculty and students are not eligible at this time.

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