Rapid Hire RN Travelers

Welcome to Charlottesville and UVA Health! Please see below for tasks that are required as part of your onboarding process as a rapid hire RN traveling nurse.

Please note that non-Rapid Hire Travelers should refer to the New Hire Portal for onboarding procedures.

Week One Schedule:

Please see below for a timeline of what to expect for you first week at UVA Health. Please follow the instructions carefully for each step in the process. You should have already activated your UVA Account prior to your first day. If you have not, refer to the first dropdown menu below for instructions.

ON-CYCYLE DATES: 10/18, 11/1, 11/15, 11/29, 12/13, 12/27, 1/10, 1/24/2022

OFF-CYCLE DATES: 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/22, 12/6, 12/20, 1/3, 1/17, 1/31/2022

Rapid Hire Nurse schedules

New Hire Top Priority Items

Kindly note that you must wear scrubs, though they can be any color, regardless of department.

  • UVA Account

    Activating Your Account:

    1. Read the account activation email you will receive from your assigned manager.
    2. Follow the Account Activation Guide to create a UVA password and set up a device for 2-Step Login (Duo). You will use these login credentials to log in to Workday and other UVA systems in the future.

    TIP: If you haven't already, add a secondary device to 2-Step Login Duo as a backup authentication method.

    Do you have a prior affiliation with UVA? As a former or current employee, student, applicant, contractor/vendor, etc., you have already activated your account and will not receive an email.

    If you are unable to get your UVA password, computing ID, or set up a device for Duo, contact the UVA Help Desk at 434.924.4357 for assistance.

    The step below will only apply to employees in departments who use UVA Health accounts.

    If your department uses Academic accounts, use your computing ID and password to login to your computer.

    For School of Medicine employees in departments who use UVA Health computers, your account may need to be requested before logging in. Check in with your manager, department administrator, or manager designee.

    Create your permanent UVA Health password (this is a different password than the one that you set in the step above).

    Where to log in:

    1. You will need the following information to create your permanent password.
    • Computing ID: a random set of letters and numbers that will be your log-in username and your email prefix; it will look something like this: abc1xy. You received this ID when you completed the step above. This ID is exclusively yours and will never change any time you are affiliated with UVA.
    • University (Employee) ID: a nine-digit number that is unique to you as a member of the UVA community and will never change. This can be found on your Workday Profile page after your start date.
    • Temporary password: your temporary password will consist of your computing ID + the last four digits of your University ID (i.e., abc1xy1234)
    1. Log in to the UVA Health network.
      1. Use your temporary password to log on the first time only.
      2. You will be prompted to change your temporary password to your permanent password.  See UVA Health password requirements, including minimum number of characters, capital letters, numbers, etc.

    Use your new UVA Health password to log in to the UVA Health network and email. If you are unable to log into the UVA Health network using your Computing ID and any password, please call the Health IT Help Desk at 434.924.5334. 

    Changing Your Preferred Name:

    UVA Health team members can set up a preferred name to display in many UVA systems. Your legal name is separate from your preferred name. Your preferred name is one that you can update directly in the Identity & Access Management Portal and displays in most UVA systems and on your badge.

  • UVA Health Orientation

    You should have already received an email from Talent Support with Remote Onboarding & Orientation instructions.

    It is very important that you attend the virtual orientation session held by UVA HR listed below.

    Many important topics are covered during these sessions and you will need to attend. If you cannot activate your UVA Outlook account, please contact your manager.

    UVA HR Orientation Session:

    • 8:15 am: First time sign-in for your UVA Health account (Zoom session)
    • 9:00 - 10:00 am: Welcome to UVA (Zoom session)

    If you do not have the email for the session(s) above, please contact AskHR@virginia.edu.

    Orientation to Patient Care:

    You will complete the “Orientation to Patient Care” digital module that will be assigned to you Workday Learning. Links to appropriate information based on your job description are included in the module.

    • Instructions for how to login to Workday Learning and access your UVA employee email account can be found in the section titled 'Computer-Based Learning (CBL) & Workday Onboarding' listed below.
    • If you do not have access to the needed technology for digital module completion either in your department or in an alternate location, contact Nursing Professional Development Services at 434.924.8290.

    NPDS Introduction to Clinical Care (ICC):

    • This day will cover hands-on skills that you will attend in person. Sessions will be conducted in small groups.
    • You are scheduled in Workday Learning to attend some live content. Time and location are provided in your email.  
      • If you are also scheduled to attend the NPDS ICC POCT Glucometer and/or the NPDS ICC ABG, these are included as part of the ICC class.   
    • Attire: Business casual or scrubs and please wear a mask
    • We suggest that you bring your lunch in order to minimize movement into and out of the hospital or other public places, (there is a microwave and refrigerator at Grove St.)

    Charlottesville Area

    You will need to go to the ID Badge Office to get your photo taken for your badge. Before going to the badge office, you will need your 9-digit employee number (displayed to the right of your name on the Workday home page) and a photo ID (i.e., driver's license). You may return to the badge office within the first three days after your start date (bring photo ID) to pick up your badge. Please note that this should not be done during live class sessions.

    The UVA Health ID Badge Office is on the 1st floor, Room M1205 of the West Complex.

  • Parking & Transportation

    As a new team member, we want to ensure you have the information you need about the parking options available at UVA Health. 

    In order to complete the parking application, you will need your: 

    • 9-digit UVA ID 
    • UVA computing ID 
    • UVA email (computingID@virginia.edu) 
    • Work phone number 
    • Vehicle license plate information 

    Parking Location:

    The location for parking for your first week will be on the temporary permit based on arrival time with the address. Once you elect to purchase a permanent permit, you will receive an email with details about your permanent parking location. 

    Parking Permit Application 

    If you plan to drive to work and work at one of the buildings below, you will need a permanent parking permit:   

    • Medical Center complex, which includes University Hospital and the surrounding buildings  
    • Northridge Medical Park 
    • Fontaine Research Park 

      In order to complete the parking application you will need your: 

    • UVA email 
    • 9-digit UVA ID (noted on back of ID badge) 
    • Work phone number 
    • Vehicle license plate information 

    Do not delay completing the parking permit application.  

    You risk receiving a parking citation if you do not have a permit after your temporary permit expires. 

     Once you complete the application, you will receive a confirmation email within two business days. The permit will be mailed to your home address.  

    Temporary Permit (Multi-Day, Weekly, or Annual) must be paid in advance. Please select the temporary permit option on the form and indicate the duration of the permit in weeks. Fees vary based on the permit duration.  

    After-Hours Permit: 

    If you will be working an evening (after 5:00 pm), night or weekend shift, even occasionally, you should elect an after-hours gate card to park in the Medical Center garages. There is no ongoing permit fee for this option, but you will pay a one-time $10 deposit for the gate card. 

    Decline Parking:

    If you do not need parking, please email healthsystemparking@virginia.edu. Note: If you work in one of the above locations above a permit is required or you risk receiving a parking citation up to $250.  

    Questions? Please contact the UVA Health Parking office at 434.924.5147 or healthsystemparking@virginia.edu. For more information, visit Parking & Transportation webpage.


    COVID-19 Vaccinations

    All newly hired UVA Health faculty and team members receiving an offer as of June 25, 2021 or later with a start date of July 11, 2021 or later are required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. New team members can either provide proof of vaccination or receive their first dose at their Employee Health visit or any independent or UVA Health vaccination clinic. Those previously infected with COVID-19 are not exempt from this vaccination requirement. New team members may schedule a vaccination appointment in VaxTrax once their UVA Health user ID is received.

    This requirement is for all team members within the Medical Center, School of Medicine, School of Nursing, UVA Physicians Group and Claude Moore Health Sciences Library.

    Details and FAQ's: COVID Prevalence Testing 

    Respirator Fit Testing (RFT)

    All Clinical Team members need to be respiratory fit tested at UVA; this will be done in Employee Health and scheduled by your manager from 1:00 - 3:00 pm on the Monday of your first week.

    IMPORTANT: If you have extenuating circumstances and are unable to attend the Monday afternoon session for RFT, please coordinate with your manager at your earliest convenience to schedule a time to complete RFT at Employee Health. You must indicate that you are a Rapid Hire Traveler nurse.

    Employee Health Address: 1222 Jefferson Park Ave 1st Floor, Charlottesville, VA 22903

  • Computer-Based Learning (CBL) & Workday Onboarding

    Please play close attention to messaging from UVA HR regarding required CBL's. This is an essential part of the rapid hire timeline; access to Epic and Pyxis access are dependent upon completion of these high-priority CBL's. Any time you are not in class, you need to be completing required CBL's.

    Mandatory Completion Timeline: UVA Health Orientation module and other CBLs

    • Day # 1: Those required prior to EPIC Class and for access to Pyxis Medication System.
    • Within 2 weeks: All additional CBL's must be completed.

    As a new UVA Health team member Traveler, you will see the UVA Health Orientation Online module plus six (6) mandatory computer-based learning (CBL) modules in the Required for You section of Workday Learning. Others are: ASPIRE, Patient Experience, and Preventing and Addressing Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (PADHR) modules. You must complete these CBL modules within two weeks.

    Depending on your role, you may have additional modules. First, complete the Health System Orientation Online module.

    Next, begin work on the other six (6) mandatory new team member CBLs. Remember that these CBLS must be completed within two weeks. If you do not complete within two weeks, you may be asked to leave work until you have completed them.

    You will also have Unit Based Modules assigned as well and must be completed within two weeks.

    Workday Onboarding:

    UVA uses Workday® as its Human Resources technology system to manage most HR activities. As part of the onboarding process, you are required to log into Workday to complete certain tasks and review important information.

    • Access Workday from any web browser.
    • You will need your NetBadge login to continue.
    • From the Workday homepage, under Applications, click on the Learning icon.
    • Your computer-based learning (CBL) modules have been assigned to you; they are in the Required for You section at the top of the page.

    What to Expect

    In response to COVID-19, and to assure the safety and well-being of both our learners and our instructors, your Epic training will be delivered virtually using a combination of Webex and Workday Learning. Our team of trainers have designed specialized material to help support your rapid hire and to help ease navigation of training materials.

    Prior to your instructor-led virtual training session, you will receive an introductory email, sent directly to your UVA Health email account, from your Epic Trainer. This email is important as it will explain, in detail, the following items:

    • Course information such as date, time, and the Webex link needed to join your class.
    • Instructions on completing your required prerequisite CBLs prior to your virtual training session.
    • How to set up your computing environment if training will be attended off-site and using a personal computing device.
    • Where to access required training resources that will assist you during your class, such as assigned training environment and login information, the course workbook and information sheets.

    Setting up prerequisite items, such as computer based learning (CBL) modules located in Workday and Webex Learning, on a personal device will require additional setup time and can take up to 20 minutes to complete. Please complete the recommended steps below BEFORE your instructor-led training.

    Setting Up Your Personal Computing Environment

    Classes will start on time and the expectation is that your personal device will be set up and ready for training prior to class.

    • Reference the PowerPoint Presentation: Virtual Classroom Setup Guide, or the Video: Virtual Classroom Setup Guide Video, to help you set up your personal device. If you are trying to configure an older device, call the IT Help Desk by calling 434.924.5334, and choose option 3 for assistance.
    • Watch the Patient Assignment video for assistance in accessing your classroom information sheets with provided login information, as well as assigning your patients to the brain activity.

    Upon video completion, you may attempt to locate the Epic Log-In screen in ACE 3. Please do not log in to ACE 3 until in-class instructions are given by your trainer.

    • If your device is not compatible, training rooms with computing labs have been reserved at Stacey Hall for your convenience. The introduction email from your trainer will have additional information about the availability of on-site resources.
    • You will need at least 45 minutes for parking and walking to Stacey Hall. 

    Additional Recommendations

    We recommend using a computer with two monitors. If two monitors are not available, printing your workbook and Classroom Information Sheet prior to class may be helpful, but is not required. 

    Tablets, Chromebooks and iPads are NOT Compatible with UVA’s virtual classroom environments, but CAN be used as a second screen to view the WebEx presentation and/or workbook. Cell Phones are also not compatible with the virtual classroom, and thus not recommended for training.


    If throughout your training, you have a particular need or request, or help troubleshooting:

    1. Email: EpicClinicalAccess@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu .
    2. Submit an online ticket: IT Helpdesk
    3. Call the IT Helpdesk: 434.924.5334 and select option 2

Managers of Rapid Hire RN Traveler Nurses


    Prior to Arrival

    • You will be sending out an Activation Email to RN Traveler via their personal email prior to their first day
      • You are welcome to connect with the RN Traveler prior to start
    • Set-up a Monday start time with directions and where to park and where to arrive
    • Request Access (AMP) prior to arrival for Pyxis, EPIC, Vocera if applicable 

    First Day for New Hire

    • Meet and greet and tour unit
    • Introduce new hire to unit staff and to their Preceptor
    • Walk to ID badge office with new hire
    • Meet with Administrative Assistant to review schedule, hours, and policies
    • Make sure new hire can log into their UVA Email Account, troubleshoot as needed
    • Pyxis – verify login for new hire, must complete CBL prior to activation
    • Respirator Fit Testing (RFT) scheduled at Employee Health, provide directions if needed
    • Provide unit-specific handouts, policies, and processes
    • Set-up lockers
    • Review and fill out OCA forms
    • Retrieve certifications such as CPR, ACLS, etc., for their employee file
    • Review parking and transportation details
    • Review Hoos Health Check process and vaccination requirements

    Fast Track Information

    • Preceptor work: Complete OCA forms
    • Complete CAUTI/CLABSI check-off