Hoos Well Research and Continuous Improvement Activities

Hoos Well seeks to improve our programs and strategies through ongoing research and continuous improvement activities that help us ensure the effectiveness, quality, and relevance of our programs to your needs.

Research projects underway

Comparative effectiveness of Hoos Well programs for mental and emotional well-being

The purpose of this research project (UVA IRB-SBS Protocol #4384) is to compare the effectiveness of two virtual psychological skills training programs (Healthy Minds @Work and the eM Life mindfulness resource) in:

  • Reducing perceived stress, depression, anxiety, and burnout
  • Increasing well-being, quality of life, coping skills, resilience, and life satisfaction
  • Enhancing social support, sense of community at work, engagement, and psychological safety.

This research may also help to determine which elements and format of virtual psychological skills training programs are most likely to support individual and organizational well-being.

Contact Matt Fritts (PI) to learn more about this research study

Opportunities to provide feedback on Hoos Well programs

Help plan our 2022 emotional well-being webinars!

Please take 5 minutes to provide your anonymous feedback on the monthly series of emotional well-being seminars offered by Hoos Well and UVA's Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP). Your feedback is important to us, and it will directly shape future mental and emotional well-being events that Hoos Well and FEAP plan.

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