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Faculty Job Postings

UVA Human Resources is transitioning to a new recruiting technology called Workday. During this transition, all new faculty job postings as of January 2019 will be found in Workday, while previously posted faculty positions will remain in our legacy system until these positions are filled.

Find Faculty Jobs Posted as of January 2019 Find Faculty Jobs posted prior to January 2019

University Staff, UVA Medical Center, & University Physicians Group Job Postings

All job postings for these areas are located in Workday.

UVA Careers

Note - If you applied for a non-Faculty position via one of our legacy systems, Jobs@ or Taleo, and have questions about the position or your application status, you should contact your recruiter directly. If you are unsure of who your recruiter is, please contact the HR Solution Center at 434-243-3344 or

Internal UVA Job Candidates

All current UVA faculty, staff and team members applying for UVA positions will apply by logging into Workday and entering “Find Jobs” in the Search field. 

Note - this process does NOT apply to faculty positions posted before January 2019 that are located in the legacy system (see “Faculty Jobs Postings.")

Learn more about completing an Internal Job application using this job aid