Education Resources

Education Resources

Below you will find local resources available to assist with education needs. 

Adult Education

  • Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville


    Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle (LVCA) provides one-on-one, confidential tutoring in basic literacy and English as a second language to adults living or working in Charlottesville and Albemarle County. Tutors work closely with students to help them succeed.

    If you need help reading, writing, or speaking English, Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville offers: 

    • Free reading and writing lessons 
    • Free English tutoring (ESOL) 
    • One-to-one tutoring 
    • Conversation groups 
    • Self-paced computer learning 
    • Citizenship classes 


    • Be age 18 or older 
    • Commit to 12 months of studying 
    • Complete at least 6 weeks of computer learning before being matched with a tutor 
    • Meet with a tutor for 8 hours per month 
    • Must meet with a tutor in a public space - tutors will not go to your home  


    Phone: 434.977.3838

    Jefferson School City Center, 233 4th Street NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903, Suite 220


  • Head Start


    Head Start provides a comprehensive early childhood development program for three- and four- year-old children from families in greatest need. Head Start children participate in a wide range of educational activities designed to enhance school readiness. Family Advocates provide case management support, assist parents in addressing social service needs, and help parents attain family management and parenting skills. 

    Head Start classes are currently located at Agnor-Hurt Elementary, Crozet Elementary, Greer Elementary, and Hollymead Elementary. The program also has classes at the Park Street MACAA location.   


    Find a list of local HeadStart programs and how to contact them.

    Head Start Website
  • Charlottesville City Schools Preschool Program


    Charlottesville City Schools offers a free preschool program for qualifying three- and four-year olds.  Applications are due by March 1 for the upcoming year. 

    Classes for Four-Year-Olds 

    Charlottesville City Schools offers a preschool program for four-year-old children in ten classes located in our six neighborhood elementary schools. Classes are in session Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 2:30 (regular elementary school hours). School buses transport the preschool children to and from school. 

    Classes for Three-Year-Olds 

    In four of our elementary schools, Charlottesville City Schools offers classes for children who turn three by September 30th of the school year of entry. Two classes are located in Clark Elementary School, and there is one class at Greenbrier, Johnson, and Jackson-Via Elementary Schools. The classes are in session five days a week from 9:00 to 1:45. The children are transported to school by school bus. Requirements for this program are the same as those for the preschool program for four-year-old children. 


    Coordinator of Preschool and Family Support, Sheila Sparks: 434.245.2797
    Preschool Family Worker, Eursaline Inge: 434.245.2813
    Johnson Preschool Family Support Worker, Eleanor Barrese: 434.245.2865

    Charlottesville City Schools Preschool Website
  • Bright Stars - Preschool for underserved 4 year olds


    Bright Stars is a high-quality preschool program for four year-olds that aims to provide early learning experiences and comprehensive social supports for students and families, focusing on risk factors that can prevent academic and social success throughout the school years.

    Bright Stars Teachers emphasize active learning in the classroom - recognizing that children learn best by doing, touching, feeling, and acting. In addition, each classroom has a Bright Stars Family Coordinator who works closely with classroom teachers and other community resources to provide the support families need to succeed. Family Coordinators encourage parents' active involvement and engagement in their child's school experience and ongoing developmental progress. 

    Bright Stars prioritizes children and families who have risk factors widely acknowledged to impact school performance, including: developmental delays, low income, unemployment, illiteracy or limited education of the parents, and family stressors such as mental or physical health problems, relationship issues, or substance abuse. 


    Bright Stars Program Coordinator

    434-972-4010 ext. 3332

    Bright Stars Website
  • Early Childhood Special Education


    The Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) program serves children ages 2-5 years old (as of 9/30) who have been found eligible for special education with an identified disability. Classroom programs are located in several elementary schools, where up to 8 children with special needs are taught by a certified ECSE and preschool staff, in the context of a center-based or inclusive preschool classroom. Students who are eligible for ECSE receive special education services according to Individual Education Plans (IEPs). 


    Phone: 434.973.2490

    Early Childhood Special Education Website
  • JABA Shining Star Preschool


    JABA’s Shining Star Preschool in Charlottesville provides safe, secure and educational environment. The preschool is intentionally situated next to JABA’s Adult Care Center to promote interaction between children and their elders, resulting in enriching days of intergenerational activities.


    Phone: 434.817.5266

    JABA Shining Star Preschool Website
  • Free Preschools in Virginia

    This website provides a directory of Free PreSchools. There are many options for families to provide their children with free or low cost preschool or prekindergarten. On the site you will find information on each program/school as well as user comments and reviews.

    Free Preschools Website

Preschool Scholarships

  • United Way Early Learner Scholarships


    United Way Early Learner Scholarships are for child care and preschool for children from low-income working families. These scholarships give children access to quality, stable early education environments to prepare them for success in school and life. 


    Contact Barbara Hutchinson
    Phone: 434.972.1716

  • First United Methodist Church Preschool Scholarships


    First United Methodist Church Preschool offers up to seven full scholarships for qualified applicants. 

    Scholarship families are an important part of our preschool community and are encouraged to be as active in the preschool as possible. The school provides transportation assistance to scholarship families as needed and the church extends support to ensure the scholarship child’s well-being and success in the preschool program. 


    Call the preschool office at 434.296.6682

    First United Methodist Church Preschool Website