About Us - UVA HR

The UVA Human Resources Organization

UVA HR supports the University of Virginia's mission by:

  • Ensuring the right people with the right skills at the right time are available to meet the University’s strategic goals and operational plans
  • Creating innovative ways to engage all employees
  • Establishing the culture, systems and training that will develop leaders and empower employees to solve problems
  • Creating integrated talent acquisition plans in partnership with leaders of the Academic Division, Medical Center and UVA Physicians Group, and College at Wise.
  • Ensuring that human resources technologies, processes, procedures, and policies are aligned and consistent across the entire UVA enterprise.

UVA HR is organized into the Office of the CHRO, which includes Change Management and Communications, and three Communities of Expertise - Talent, Service, and IMPACT - all of which are described below.

The Office of the CHRO

The Office of the CHRO is currently being led, on an interim basis, by John Kosky, AVP Human Resources. A permanent CHRO search will begin soon. 

UVA HR Service Delivery Model

communities of expertise

The UVA HR service delivery model represents how HR services are delivered to those we serve – you and those in the UVA community. This model keeps our customers at the center, setting you up for success and delivering consistent, exceptional service across the entire UVA organization. The HR service delivery model is organized into three communities of expertise.





UVA HR Communities of Expertise

  • Talent Community of Expertise

    Supports the heart of UVA – our people – through effective recruitment of the best available candidates and helps them flourish in their careers through development, performance feedback, support through difficult times, rewarding and recognizing great work, and encouraging continuous learning.

    Talent Community of Expertise
  • Service Community of Expertise

    Organized around a simple goal of making work lives easier and better across Grounds by delivering HR consultative services for all faculty, staff, and team members helping them reach their full potential at UVA through a blend of services from the HR Solution Center and HR Business Partners located in the schools and units.

    Service Community of Expertise
  • IMPACT and Decision Support Community of Expertise

    Delivers the HR systems, analytics, process, and policy infrastructure to both optimize and measure the effectiveness of how HR services are delivered across Grounds.

    IMPACT and Decision Support Community of Expertise

Additional Services

The Office of the CHRO also encompasses HR Change Management and HR Communications. We are also fortunate to partner with members of the UVA community with the HR Advisory Committee.

  • HR Change Management


    Our vision is to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement across Human Resources functions and in collaboration with related UVA resources. We develop solid change management methodologies and tools in collaboration with initiative owners across the University.

    We offer HR change management support for all HR initiatives to achieve:

    • Minimized disruption for large-scale HR initiatives
    • Consistent use of standardized change management methodologies and tools
    • A coordinated approach to change management in collaboration with related initiative owners across UVA

    Service Offerings: Methodologies and Standard Tools

    Change Management is a service provided to Human Resources to efficiently and effectively manage and coordinate HR initiatives. HR Change Management works closely with HR Communications and initiative leaders to organize, oversee, and manage HR projects and activities to increase value by leveraging best practices.

    The use of consistent change management methodologies and practices improves and encourages successful outcomes of initiatives in HR and across the University. By practicing these methodologies within HR, the investments in time and resources will deliver desired outcomes and value to those we serve.

    Our Services

    • Contributing to the overall HR strategy with focus on those we serve
    • Defining desired outcomes, resource needs, and success measures for HR initiatives
    • Using metrics to align projects with strategy and ensuring stakeholder readiness
    • Securing stakeholder buy-in and support for change initiatives
    • Identifying and prioritizing process improvements and HR initiatives
    • Integrating change strategies across UVA
    • Providing change leadership training

    The Outcomes for Our Customers

    • Consistent methodology for change management across HR
    • Tools, guidance, and expertise on how to organize and execute HR projects
    • Visibility and understanding of change impacts across the portfolio of HR initiatives
    • Continuous process improvements by leveraging lessons learned
    • Feedback loops to drive strategic HR decision-making and ensure stakeholder buy-in

    Change Management Leader – Fredrick Martin, Senior Director

  • HR Communications


    HR Communications uses an approach that allows faculty, staff, and team members to easily recognize and relate to important HR messages:

    • Communications strategy and support for all HR functions
    • Easy-to-navigate, high-functioning, and accessible HR Website
    • Tailored key messages and coordinated HR communications
    • Metrics for ensuring the communication has been effective that informs both our message and our approach

    Communications Service Offerings:

    Functional HR Communications Support

    The HR Communications team develops and supports all functional HR areas. Working collaboratively with UVA communication resources across Grounds, functional HR Communications support ensures consistent and effective delivery of key internal HR messaging.

    Our tailored key messages promote buy-in, build engagement, and increase adoption of HR programs. HR communications are coordinated with other University communications to increase message unity.

    Our Services

    HR Communications helps customers by delivering best practice communication guidance and support, providing multiple ways for faculty, staff, and team members to receive communication (website, newsletter, social media, etc.), and coordinating communication activities across HR and the University.

    The Outcomes for Our Customers

    • Highly coordinated HR communications that create a better understanding of HR programs
    • Partnership with UVA communication resources across Grounds for aligned messages and reduced redundancy of communications
    • New communication channels for multiple ways to receive information
    • Increased customer engagement across the University
    Consistent & Recognizable Communications Approach

    We create a strategic, consistent, and recognizable approach to HR communications to enhance the recognition of key HR messages and corresponding actions needed. Messages are designed to resonate with our customers and build a sense of camaraderie. Our approach enables faculty, staff, and team members to feel more connected to the organization.

    We leverage the strength of the UVA brand to support the recruitment of top talent, enhance engagement, and foster affiliation. The competition for top talent in healthcare and higher education is palpable. Creating an attractive and promising employment experience for UVA improves the reach of Talent Recruitment so we can continue attracting and retaining the best of the best to our University.

    Our Services

    HR Communications helps customers by supporting communications requirements with strategy, tools, and processes for all HR needs and serving as the liaison between University Communications and UVA Health Marketing and Communications. We also ensure a clear and continuous look, feel, and voice for HR communications.

    The Outcomes for Our Customers

    • A consistent and recognizable HR voice and experience throughout the University
    • HR communications that align with the excellent reputation of UVA
    • Better recruitment and retention ability
    • A digital presence, including employment websites to engage with job seekers
    • Enhanced ability to recruit and retain top talent that fits within the UVA culture

    Communications Team Members

    Karen Barnes – Director of HR Communications

    Cynthia Douglass – HR Writer & Communications Specialist, Service COE

    Sarah Daley – HR Communications Specialist, Talent COE

    Susannah Fuller – HR Communications Specialist, IMPACT COE

  • HR Business Operations

    The Business Operations team provides financial and operational services to the HR team. 

    Key Outcomes of Our Work

    • Accounting and transactional support including account reconciliations
    • Procurement services including statements of work
    • Budgeting for $46M in operations
    • Facility operations and IT liaison including all telephony services
  • HR Advisory Committee

    The Human Resources Advisory Committee (HRAC) shall serve as platform for engagement and feedback between Human Resources and the University communities it serves, with the goal of enhancing the workplace experience at UVA. Advisory in nature, the committee will be engaged with information on new programs and services, changes being considered to existing offerings, and in other matters related to services and programs for employees, and communication between Human Resources and employees. You can find a copy of the HRAC charter here.

    Visit the HRAC page here.