2022 Annual Retraining

2022 Annual Retraining

UVA Health team members who were hired on or before April 3, 2022, will be assigned and enrolled in the 2022 UVA Health Annual Retraining Learning Program in Workday Learning. The program includes the following required digital courses:

  • 2022 UVA Health Annual Retraining
  • 2022 UVA Health Virginia State Employee Safety, Disaster, and Terrorism Awareness Retraining
  • DEI and Cultural Competence Compliance

Key Dates:

  • Launch date: August 3, 2022
  • Completion deadline: September 30, 2022
    • The deadline for completion will NOT be extended for 2022 Annual Retraining. All learners who are assigned and enrolled in the program must complete the program before the deadline.

How long is the Annual Retraining program?

See below for estimated time requirements for the three required courses for respective groups:

  • If you provide patient care: 85 - 115 minutes
  • If you do not provide patient care: approximately 55 - 70 minutes


The program is required for all UVA Health team members hired on or before April 3, 2022, who provide clinical, educational, research, administrative, or other services within or for the benefit of UVA Health (including School of Medicine and School of Nursing faculty and staff), regardless of employer.

  • UVA Medical Center
  • UVA Physicians Group (UPG)
  • Community Medicine UVA, LLC
  • School of Medicine (SOM)
  • School of Nursing (SON)*
  • Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
  • Health System Development Office
  • Facilities Management
  • Police Department
  • UVA Human Resources

*Please note that School of Nursing will communicate separately to their audience.

Accessing Annual Retraining:

To access the program, choose one of the following options:
If you are reading this via email:

 If you are reading this via your Notifications in Workday:

  • Click the 'View Learning Program' button

 Access the program from the Learning application in Workday:

  • Log into Workday
  • Click the 'Learning' application icon
  • Click the ‘2022 UVA Health Annual Retraining Learning Program' program on the 'Required for You' section


UVA HR will monitor enrollment and completion reports for the 2022 UVA Health Annual Retraining. Any UVA Health team member who has not completed the required digital course by September 30, 2022, will be suspended, without pay, for up to 5 days, as stated in Human Resources Policy 210.

Managers may reach out to their Human Resources Business Partner or Employee Relations Consultant regarding the process for suspension/termination of non-compliant team members. If a team member is unable to access the Learning application due to suspension/termination, an alternative link will be provided to the team member to ensure their access to the learning content.

Reports for Compliance

After the assignment and enrollment of the program in Workday Learning, managers are responsible for monitoring the completion of the 2022 UVA Health Annual Retraining for their team members. Recommended reports and steps to run each report are listed in the accordions below.

If you do not have access to the reports listed below based on your role, please email LMS@virginia.edu and request access to Learning reports.

  • Learner

    1. Log in to Workday
    2. In the Workday Search bar, type 'My Transcript' and select the Report
    3. View the output of the Report
      1. There are three primary sections:
        1. Not Started: Learning content you have enrolled in, but have not yet started
        2. In Progress: Learning content you have enrolled in, started, but not yet completed
        3. Learning History: Learning Content that you have completed
  • Supervisor / Manager / Chief / Learning Reports Administrator

    • Log in to Workday
    • In the Workday Search bar, type 'UVA Health Annual Retraining Completions' and select the Report
    • (Optional/As Needed) Use the prompts on the report
      1. Supervisory Organization(s): Type your name and select all applicable Supervisory Organizations
        • Include Subordinate Organizations: Check the box to see all team members who report to managers within your subordinate organizations.
    • (Optional) Use the 'Filter Name' prompt to type a filter name and save your prompt selections for future use
    • Click 'OK'
    • View the output of the report
      1. Use the column headers to filter/sort
      2. Export the report to Excel for further manipulation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if a team member is on approved leave?

    For team members who are on leave, they have 15 days upon the date of their return to complete the retraining module. If your team member is marked on the spreadsheet as on leave, nothing more is needed.

    If a team member is not marked on leave, contact the HR Service Center at 434.243.3344 or email the leave mailbox at Leave@virginia.edu.

    If the team member is not on leave that HR tracks (i.e., wage, etc.), the reports will not show them as on leave. However, if the manager and leadership team are aware of these situations, no further action will be needed. When they return, they will have 15 days to complete the course and the manager will confirm compliance. 

    The course will not be removed from assignment because the requirement still exists. 

  • What happens if a team member does not complete the training?

    UVA Health team members who fail to complete the retraining module may be suspended for up to five days until the module is complete. If the module is not completed after five days of suspension, the team member can be terminated per Human Resources Policy 210.

    If a team member is on approved leave and will miss the deadline, they must work with their manager to ensure retraining is completed within 15 days of their return. Once the module is complete, the team member's manager must confirm compliance.