Holiday Calendars

Employee Holiday Calendars - Academic, Clinic, UPG

You can view the full calendars below for the Academic Division, UVA Health Clinic, and UVA Physicians Group. Workday automatically lists your specific holiday dates on your personal calendar. The annual holiday calendar schedules are posted in the fall for the following year.

In addition, Academic Division and Health System employees can now download the entire years’ worth of holidays to your Outlook account using these step-by-step instructions. Instructions may vary depending on your mail or calendar software. If they do not work, we recommend trying an internet search for "adding an internet calendar to (your device/software here). UVA HR is unable to provide technical support.

Archives - Calendars from previous years are now on the Holiday Calendars Archive webpage, which you can find in the sidebar navigation.

Holiday Calendars

  • 2024 Academic Division

    All benefits-eligible Academic Division employees are eligible to receive holiday pay. 

    If an exempt employee works on a holiday,  they can enter "Worked Holiday- Comp Special Earned (Hours)" as an absence to earn leave.

    If a Non-exempt employee works on a holiday, they may enter the code "Worked Holiday- Comp Special Earned (Hours)" or  "Worked Holiday- Comp Special Earned (In/Out)" on their timecard to earn leave. To receive pay they would enter hours worked. 

    Monday, January 1 New Year's Day
    Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    Friday, March 8 Spring Break Day
    Monday, May 27 Memorial Day
    Wednesday, June 19 Juneteenth
    Thursday, July 4 Independence Day
    Monday, September 2 Labor Day
    Tuesday, November 5 Election Day
    Wednesday, November 27 Day Before Thanksgiving
    Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving
    Friday, November 29 Day After Thanksgiving
    Monday, December 23 Winter Break
    Tuesday, December 24 Winter Break
    Wednesday, December 25 Winter Break
    Thursday, December 26 Winter Break
    Friday, December 27 Winter Break
    Monday, December 30 Winter Break
    Tuesday, December 31 Winter Break
  • 2024 UVA Health University Medical Center Clinic and UVA Physicians Group

    Monday, January 1 New Year's Day Closed
    Monday, January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Closed
    Monday, May 27 Memorial Day Closed
    Wednesday, June 19 Juneteenth Closed
    Thursday, July 4  Independence Day Closed
    Monday, September 2 Labor Day Closed
    Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving Day Closed
    Friday, November 29 Day after Thanksgiving Closed
    Wednesday, December 25 Christmas Day Closed

    UVA Health University Medical Center

    Medical Center team members who work on an approved holiday are eligible to receive holiday premium pay. If you do not work a holiday and your clinic is closed, you can receive pay by using your PTO. For more information, refer to MC Comp Policy 401.

    While clinics will be closed during these approved holidays, the hospital, including the emergency room, remains open throughout the year, 24/7.

    Non-exempt team members may choose not to use PTO if their clinic or department will be closed on a holiday.

    Exempt team members who do not work any portion of a holiday must use PTO.

    UVA Physicians Group (UPG)

    UPG employees who work 20 or more hours a week will receive holiday pay, pro-rated to reflect their regular hours worked.

    Note: If you are working in a patient care area, or other area critical to business operations, you may be required to work on a holiday. In this instance, your manager will discuss holiday staffing requirements with you.