Workforce and Continuity Planning

Workforce and Continuity Planning

UVA defines workforce planning as having the right talent in the right job at the right time. At UVA, our goal is to help leaders manage, develop, and retain their team members to achieve organizational goals now and in the future. Using UVA data, HR concepts, and demographic information, we partner with Human Resource Business Partners (HRBPs) to inform your workforce/continuity plan.

Our 3-step Process

Our 3-step process includes proven conversation starters and tools to create your workforce/continuity plan that can be deployed at any time. We support your future talent plan with meaningful data for discussions of the talent and skills necessary for success.

  • Tool #1: Career Conversations

    You’ve likely heard of the Stay Interview – it’s where a leader has a conversation 1:1 with each direct report, asking what they like most and least about their job, what might make them leave, what causes them to stay, etc. We’ve recently reframed these discussions as Career Conversations to better reflect the focus on professional development and a more positive leadership approach overall. These 1:1 conversations engage your team members, gain helpful insight into their retention factors, and takes the pulse of your team at the same time. Career Conversations are a great starting point, then they also become ongoing. You can conduct a Career Conversation in as little as 5 minutes, which is the beauty of this tool.

    See this job aid to learn how to enter this information in Workday: Job Aid: How to enter Career Conversations in Workday

    Career Conversations Tool
  • Tool #2: Talent Matrix

    Successful leaders regularly discuss performance with their team members and build on that discussion by considering potential. Our Talent Matrix 9-box provides an opportunity for the leader to consider performance and career potential. Contact your Human Resources Business Partner to learn how to use the Talent Matrix.

    UVA Health System managers can assess potential and view their Talent Matrix in Workday through the Assess Potential and Talent Matrix report. Assess Potential and Talent Matrix

    Talent Matrix Tool
  • Tool #3: Individual Development Plan

    An individual development plan (IDP) is a working tool created by the leader and the team member, in order to support professional development and long-term career goals.

    Individual Development Plan Tool
  • Additional Tools

    Critical Role Assessment

    Have you considered how to manage for future needs?  How do you address change scenarios and partner with Human Resources to find future talent needed?

    • By using this tool, Managers can identify roles that most need Talent Continuity Planning and Succession Plans. This form and framework empowers managers to assess and quantify the criticality of a specific role.
    • See the Critical Role Assessment tool.

    Talent Continuity Plan

    How will you plan for changes in your team?

    • The Continuity Plan Template is used to document the Manager’s assessment of the skills needed to perform effectively in various roles. Human Resources uses Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ as a guide for considering competencies and developing skills. Planning vs. reacting to change allows consideration of evolving job roles and facilitates a timelier resolution.
    • See the UVA Talent Continuity Plan worksheet.

    Job Interests and Development Items

    There are two areas in the Worker Profile that assist with their career development. These items are mainly employee driven. Managers can view an employee’s entry and can also enter information in Development Items.

    Job Aid: How to enter Job Interests and Development Items in Workday

Outcomes for Our Customers

  • Clarify goals and priorities for workforce changes
  • Understand opportunities, risks, and shifts in your workforce
  • Utilize tools and connect to HR services
  • Build short- and long-term Talent Continuity plans to ensure consistent levels of service