Fostering a Culture of Wellness Among UVA Employees.

About Us

Welcome to the UVA Employee Wellness Program! The University of Virginia cares about your good health. When you’re healthy, you have the energy and focus to do your best work and live your best life. We encourage you to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle to meet your personal wellness goals. Hoo’s Well provides a number of programs and resources to help you be your best self. Our comprehensive wellness program offers something for everyone, supporting your physical, financial, and social wellbeing.

Hoo’s Well Program Mission

To foster a culture of wellness among University of Virginia faculty, staff, and team members by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, engendering a happier, healthier, and more positive work environment.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the national leader of university health and wellness programs, enhancing the quality of life of our university employees.

Hoo’s Well Programs

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The Hoo's Well Team

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  • Victor M. Tringali, MS, CSCS *D, Manager of Employee Wellbeing

    I am responsible for the development and delivery the University’s wellness strategy and all associated programming. I previously served 6 years as the Executive Director of Wellness at Drexel University, where I innovated a nationally acclaimed wellness initiative aimed at improving the health and productivity among faculty, staff and students. I’ve written numerous mainstream and peer-reviewed articles and have had the great fortune to participate in research and serve as an expert presenter at many health fitness and wellness conferences and clinics.

    I hold a Master’s degree in exercise science and health promotion and a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science. Currently, I am pursuing a Doctorate in Health and Physical Activity at the University of Pittsburgh, where my research centers on improving health and fitness among aging and working populations. I am a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and the American College of Sports Medicine, and I serve on the education committee for the International Association of Workplace Health Promotion.

    Since arriving at UVA in January, I’ve developed a long-term wellness strategy and operating plan for Hoo’s Well, initiated and launched the Hoo’s Choice Nutrition program and led the development of the Education Collaborative for Health Promotion and Wellness, a program that provides experiential education and research opportunities for graduate students in Public Health Sciences.

  • Sarah Patterson, Wellness Program Specialist

    I majored in exercise science and also have a Master’s degree in human services-health and wellness counseling. I’m currently a member of the American College of Sports Medicine, and I’m a certified Exercise Physiologist. I enjoy spending time outdoors with my husband and our daughter Caroline.

UVA Wellness Accomplishments

Our vision is for UVA to be recognized as the national leader of university health and wellness programs, helping every employee enjoy a high quality of life. The following highlights and accomplishments are evidence that we are well on our way toward making our vision a reality:

  • Certified Smoke free Workplace (Academic Division) - American Cancer Society
  • Excellence in Workplace Tobacco Control (Medical Center) - American Cancer Society
  • Fit-Friendly Workplace Platinum (Academic and Medical) - American Heart Association
  • Hovey S. Dabney Award for Corporate Citizenship (Medical Center)
  • High Score of 147 out of 200 on HERO Health and Well-Being Best Practices Scorecard, in Collaboration with Mercer


January 15, 2019 - Launch of the new Wellness Portal and Hoo’s Well Campaign

All employees and their spouses covered by the UVA Health Plan are eligible to participate in the 2019 Hoo’s Well Campaign (beginning January 15, 2019 and running through November 30, 2019). Check back soon as more details will be continuously posted to our website as they become available. Get ready to earn rewards (in real time!) for taking healthy actions personalized to you.