Other Life Changes

Other Life Changes

In addition to marriage, divorce, adding or removing a dependent, preparing for retirement, and experiencing death in your family, there are a few other qualified life events that give you the opportunity to make changes to your benefits package. These include:

  • Employment status changes of employee, dependent, or spouse which affects eligibility to participate in the employer’s health plan;
  • Commencement of or returning from an unpaid leave of absence;
  • Judgment, decree, or order changing legal custody;
  • Cost and/or coverage changes in employee’s, dependent’s, or spouse’s health plan;
  • Enrollment in an insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, also known as the health insurance “exchange”;
  • Entitlement to or loss of eligibility for Government-sponsored programs.

What changes can I make?

Changes to your coverage may only be related to the qualified life event. For example, you may change your Employee Plus Spouse or Family coverage level to Employee Only, but you may not switch your coverage from Basic Health to Choice Health.

When eligibility is lost for other coverage, or when non-UVA COBRA coverage is exhausted or terminated, you may enroll yourself, your spouse, and/or your dependents who have lost other coverage within 30 days.

  • Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance 

    As a result of removing a dependent, you may be able to make changes to your life and AD&D benefits, based on which retirement plan you are currently enrolled in:

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  • Beneficiary

    As a result of adding or removing dependents, you may make changes to beneficiary designations for retirement or life insurance.

    - Navigate to Workday>Benefits App>Change Beneficiaries

    - Add, edit, or delete beneficiaries

    - Reach out to your investment plan vendors directly for changes to your retirement plan:





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  • Flexible Spending Accounts and Dependent Daycare Reimbursement Account

    If you are enrolled in either of these programs, you have the following options when you terminate employment:

    • Deduct your regular monthly contribution from your last paycheck and continue participation until the end of the month in which you terminate employment (this option happens automatically)
    • Deduct the remaining contributions from your last paycheck and continue participation until the end of the year in which you terminate employment (Make this request in writing to the HR Solution Center, at AskHR@virginia.edu)
    • Continue participation until the end of the plan year as a COBRA participant (Contact Chard Snyder for information about COBRA.)

    If you choose to continue with COBRA, you will be responsible for paying your current election, an account administrative fee, and the COBRA administrative fee of 2% on a monthly basis. This monthly payment will be due on or before the first of each month through the end of the current plan year.

    Contact the HR Service Team at 434.243.3344 or AskHR@virginia.edu for more information about each of these options.

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  • Loss of S-CHIP/Medicaid eligibility

    When eligibility is lost of S-CHIP/Medicaid or provision of premium assistance by S-CHIP/Medicaid, you may enroll yourself, your spouse, and/or your dependents who have lost eligibility for the government-provided coverage, or who have become eligible for state assistance (which provides help paying for Plan coverage). This qualified life event is unique and allows 60 days from the event to request enrollment changes and provide documentation to UVA HR. Coverage is effective the first of the month following receipt of the enrollment application by UVA HR (or receipt of the request online). Please contact the HR Solution Center to initiate this qualified life event. 

What You Need to Know and Do:

  1. Within 30 days of the qualifying event, initiate the process of adding or deleting dependent(s) in Workday:

    - Navigate to Workday>Benefits App>Change Benefits

    - Upload the required paperwork 

    - See this chart detailing documentation requirements


  1. You may change your tax withholding due to adding or removing a dependent.

    - Navigate to Workday>Pay App>Withholding Elections

    - Click on the Update button and make your changes


When Will Changes Take Effect?

Coverage changes will be effective the first of the month following receipt of the application and documentation at the UVA HR Benefits Division if received within 30 days of the qualified life event.


If your dependent is no longer eligible for coverage under your plan, your dependent may be eligible for coverage under COBRA by purchasing coverage under COBRA through Chard Snyder (888.878.6175) for up to 18 months.