Earn Rewards for Participating in Hoos Well Activities

Earn rewards for enhancing your well-being

Stay tuned for information about 2022 rewards, coming in early January!

Hoos Well, UVA's award-winning employee wellbeing program, fosters a culture of well-being among UVA faculty, staff, and team members by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and engendering a happier, healthier, and more positive work environment. We improve the lives of the UVA employee community with a simple philosophy: enable the well to remain well and help those with health risks or chronic conditions to improve their health. 

Research shows that participating in employee well-being programs can improve health, happiness, productivity, morale, and quality of work life. We invite you to participate in the wide range of evidence-backed programs and resources Hoos Well offers, to boost your well-being, flourish, and thrive! 

The Hoos Well Portal: Your Hub for Well-Being

Hoos Well is excited to provide you with an upgraded well-being portal for 2021, delivered by Virgin Pulse, offering many enhancements and new features including:

  • Increased opportunities to earn rewards, including tracking healthy habits and talking live with a health guide
  • Interactive, personalized, and customizable challenges
  • Improved device synching and activity tracking
  • Expanded list of charities to which earned rewards can be donated, including UVA Children’s Hospital
  • Ability to invite friends and family to track activities and join challenges
Step-by-Step Registration Instructions Earn $10 by creating your new account Log in to the Hoos Well portal Watch the recording of a live demo of the new portal FAQ: Hoos Well portal and rewards Ways to Earn in 2021

Ways to Earn in 2021

Enhancing your health and well-being is rewarding in more ways than one! Employees and spouses enrolled in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan, are eligible to earn up to $500 in rewards for completing the healthy activities in the table below.

Healthy Activity Reward
Create a New Account $10
Complete the Health Assessment $100
Complete a Next-Steps Consult Appointment $25
Complete a Journey (up to 10x) $50 each
20-Day Triple Tracker: 7,000 Steps/15 Active Minutes/15 Workout Minutes $25 each
Track Healthy Habits 20 Days in a Month $5 each
Complete a Hoos Well Challenge (up to 3x) $50 each
Receive and Report Your Well Check. (Eligible exam dates are 12/1/19 to 11/30/21) $100
Receive and Report a Flu Vaccine. (Eligible vaccination dates are 9/1/20 to 8/31/21) $25
Participate in a Hoos Well Survey or Focus Group (up to 5x) $10 each
Complete an Emotional Well-Being Seminar (up to 4x) $25 each
Complete a Financial Well-Being Webinar (up to 4x) $25 each




*All rewards are considered taxable income and must be redeemed by 11/30/2021. To earn rewards, you must be an active employee or spouse on the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan. The employee must be earning a paycheck at the time of redemption. Grant-funded postdoctoral fellows, retirees, COBRA enrollees, and their spouses in the UVA Health Plan are not eligible for monetary rewards

Please note: Each time you earn rewards in the Hoos Well portal, you are self-attesting that you have completed an activity. Please be aware that your reporting is subject to validation and audit from Virgin Pulse and/or the UVA Hoos Well Program.

Clarification of reward eligibility for webinars

the following table provides clarification about which webinars are eligible for rewards, when they are available, and where to find more information.  

Eligible Activity Months available Reward amount Reward frequency* What’s NOT eligible Notes

Financial well-being webinars

March ̶ November 2021

$25 each

1 per quarter, up to 4 per year

Recordings of webinars, and any webinar that’s not on this list

The schedule of webinars is posted on this page and on the events calendar in the Hoos Well portal.

Emotional well-being seminars

January ̶ November 2021

$25 each

1 per quarter, up to 4 per year

Recordings of webinars, and FEAP events that do not appear on this list after clicking the “Hoos Well Reward Eligible” filter

The schedule of seminars is posted on this page and on the events calendar in the Hoos Well portal.


* While you are encouraged to participate in all activities that are of interest, this column indicates how frequently you can claim an award for this type of activity.

Questions? Please contact Virgin Pulse at Support@VirginPulse.com or 833.724.8638 (weekdays 8 am – 9 pm ET)

Schedule of financial well-being webinars Read FAQ on financial well-being webinars Schedule of emotional well-being seminars (Click the filter for "Hoos Well reward eligible") Read FAQ on emotional well-being seminars

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

Read on to learn how to create your account and get started. (It only takes a few quick clicks!)

  • Step 1

    Sign up for your Virgin Pulse account using the new account link. If you are subscriber of the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan, be sure to enter your first name and last name as it appears on your health insurance member card, including hyphens and suffixes.

    login step 1

  • Step 2

    Acknowledge and agree to the Virgin Pulse Member Privacy Notice, Membership Agreement, and GINA/PHI notice and click “continue”.

    login step 2

  • Step 3

    Confirm any missing or prior entered information.

    login step 3

  • Step 4

    Once sign-up is complete; you will receive this message:

    login step 4









    Create a new account and get started in the Hoos Well portal

FAQ: Hoos Well Portal and Rewards 

Browse answers to frequently asked questions about the Hoos Well Portal, rewards, and these new opportunities to earn. Click the links below to jump to the section that interests you. For additional information not covered in the FAQ below, visit support.virginpulse.com

FAQ: Rewards Taxation

  • NEW: Why and how will my rewards be taxed?

    To be compliant with federal regulations, all rewards must be taxed as they are earned, rather than redeemed. You will be taxed for the rewards that you and/ or your eligible spouse have earned. Taxes will be deducted from the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan subscriber’s paycheck 6 - 9 weeks after the end of the month during which rewards were earned. Visit the Hoos Well portal to see upcoming dates on which taxes will be withheld. As a reminder, please be sure to redeem your rewards by November 30, 2021. 


    All applicable taxes will be withheld from the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan subscriber's paycheck. This includes federal and state withholdings and the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) tax, which is comprised of Social Security and Medicare.

  • How can I spread out the taxes on my earned rewards that are deducted from my paycheck?

    We know many are excited to earn rewards and often earn the maximum within a short period of time. We encourage you to pace yourself in the portal and engage in activities throughout the ten month time frame. Spread out future taxes by earning a little at a time. Try completing activities with a larger reward value (health assessment, wellness check) in different months.

FAQ: New Portal Features for 2021

  • NEW: What are the device and operating systems requirements for the Virgin Pulse App?

    For optimal user experience, Android 5.0 or better and iOS 12.0+ on an iPhone 5 or newer device, is recommended. To download the latest version of the Virgin Pulse App, please go to either:

  • NEW: What internet browsers are compatible with the Virgin Pulse portal?

    • Google Chrome (latest version)
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Microsoft Edge (latest Chromium version)
    • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • NEW: How do I connect a fitness tracker?

    Connecting a fitness tracker via a device or app can be completed in three simple steps.

    1. Select “Devices & Apps” from the menu that appears when you hover over your profile picture in the upper right of your screen
    2. Choose the device you’d like to connect. Note: For complete functionality and an optimized user experience, the Virgin Pulse App must be downloaded to your smartphone. Recommendations for connecting a device or application may also be generated based upon your preferences, modes and frequency of physical activity.
    3. Once you’ve identified your device or app, click on it, and follow the device-specific instructions that appear on your screen.
  • What is a Next-Steps Consult?

    A Next-Steps Consult is a 15-minute telephone conversation with a Health Guide to determine a member’s initial steps in their well-being journey.

  • What is the Triple Tracker?

    The Triple Tracker is a feature in the platform which enables members to set and simultaneously track step counts, duration of physical activity, and duration of workouts.

  • What are Healthy Habits and how can they be tracked?

    The Healthy Habits feature facilitates the adoption of healthy behaviors through customized activities generated by a member’s inputs upon registration and completion of the Health Assessment. Healthy Habits allow members to record completion and numerical values daily. 

  • What is the Nutrition Guide?

    The Nutrition Guide is a comprehensive tool within the platform that offers practical guidance, nutrition improvement tips, evidence-based sample nutrition programs, and healthy recipes.

  • What is the Sleep Guide?

    The Sleep Guide provides members customized strategies to improve and optimize their sleep and the ability to establish sleep goals and track and monitor sleep metrics, including quality and duration.

  • Can family members and friends participate?

    Yes. Members can invite up to 10 non-employee family members or friends to participate. Though invited participants can enjoy many of the platform’s features, they are ineligible to earn rewards.

  • How can I provide feedback?

    Your opinion matters. Employees participating in Hoos Well are encouraged to complete surveys and partake in focus groups availed on a rolling basis as part of continuous quality improvement measures. Employees are advised to keep abreast of these opportunities via e-mail communications in the future.

FAQ: Eligibility and Registration

  • Who is eligible to participate?

    All UVA employees and spouses on the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan are eligible to earn $500 each for completing actions toward good health. All rewards will be paid in gift cards which are instantly redeemable once the health action has been completed. All rewards are considered taxable income. Retirees, grant funded post-doctoral fellows, COBRA enrollees, and child dependents are not eligible for rewards.

  • I am a new employee at UVA. When am I eligible for Hoos Well rewards?

    Employees must have elected their benefits, and be enrolled in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan,to be eligible to participate in the Hoos Well rewards campaign. If you are a new employee, or have recently elected Health Plan coverage and benefits, it can take 30 days from the date you submit your health benefits election for your information to be recognized in the portal. Contact Hoos Well or AskHR at 434.243.3344 if you have questions about your eligibility or benefits enrollment.

  • How do I get started?

    If you and your spouse are covered by the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan, you are already eligible to participate.

  • Do I need to create a new account?

    Yes, registering a new account is required to access the features on the enhanced Virgin Pulse platform.

  • Does my spouse need to create a separate account in order to participate?

    Yes. Spouses or UPG Anthem Health Plan covered by the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan will need to register in the portal and create their own account in order to participate in activities and earn up to $500.

  • Why am I not seeing my spouse’s information in my account?

    In an effort to protect your privacy and offer a secure tracking portal, you will only be able to see your own personal information and progress in the portal. In order to participate, your spouse must create an account and sign in separately from your account. Our system will recognize him/her as your spouse when they submit their details. Encourage your eligible spouse to participate to earn additional rewards!

    All rewards earned by the spouse on the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan will be taxed from the Subscriber’s paycheck (see more details under Gift Cards).

FAQ: Your Health Information and Privacy

FAQ: Rewards and Gift Cards

FAQ: Well Checks

  • Will you be verifying my Well Check visit?

    All information is subject to validation and audit from Virgin Pulse and/or the UVA Hoos Well Program.

  • When can I complete my Well Check to earn rewards?

    We understand that you may have recently had a well check or have a regular time period in which you visit your Primary Care Provider for a yearly physical exam. We will accept any visit between December 1, 2019 and November 30, 2021. 

  • What type of visit will count toward a “well check”?

    A well check or exam (sometimes called a check-up), is a preventative measure ensuring you get your key health numbers measured. It is also a time for communication with your physician. Some examples include a general physical exam, a women’s well exam, and an OB/GYN visit.

  • I don’t have a primary care provider, what do I do?

    Check with your Health Plan Administrator (Aetna or Anthem) to identify in-network providers near you. Please be aware that if you establish care with a new physician, you may incur a fee.

  • What is the cost of a Well Check? Will I have to pay a co-payment or coinsurance?

    Both the UVA Health Plan and the UPG Anthem Health Plan cover in full one annual preventive well check or general physical exam at 100%. Any discussion of symptoms, procedures performed during the visit, or any follow-up visits will be paid according to the copay and cost-sharing provisions of your particular plan. To ensure that you are not billed for a medical office visit, please schedule your appointment as a preventive “annual physical” or “wellness check.”

FAQ: Health Assessment

FAQ: Journeys

FAQ: Challenges

  • What are they?

    Challenges are opportunities to participate in a pre-determined health action. Challenges allow you to participate in one sustained activity (physical or emotional) for a predetermined amount of time.

  • Can I do challenges and Journeys at the same time?

    Yes! You can participate in both at the same time. The choice is yours – pick what is most meaningful to you!

FAQ: Emotional Well-Being Seminars

  • What are these?

    Hoos Well partners with UVA’s Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) to offer hour-long educational seminars that support your emotional well-being and to help you learn how to manage stress, cope with life challenges, and thrive. A different topic is offered each month-- once in a virtual seminar format (this is a Zoom meeting with more opportunities for interaction) and once as a Zoom webinar (this is a traditional webinar.)

  • Where can I see a list of upcoming seminars?

    Browse upcoming reward-eligible seminars by visiting the FEAP Events Page, then click “Hoos Well Reward Eligible” under “Filter By.” Click on a seminar’s tile to view the description, learning objectives, presenter’s bio, and registration links. You can also browse upcoming seminars via the events calendar in the new Hoos Well portal.

  • How much is the reward?

    In 2021, participants in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan can earn $25 in gift card rewards for participating in up to four emotional well-being seminars. While you are encouraged to participate in all webinars that are of interest, you may claim a reward for 1 per quarter. Reward-eligible participation options include attending the virtual seminar or webinar. For each monthly seminar topic, you can only receive the reward for one of these participation methods.

  • I have additional questions about the emotional well-being seminars. Whom should I contact?

    Please submit any other questions or concerns to EmotionalWellbeing@virginia.edu.

FAQ: Financial Well-Being Webinars

  • What are these?

    Hoos Well partners with UVA vendors TIAA, Fidelity, and Virginia529 to offer live, financial well-being webinars to improve your “Financial Fitness.” You can choose from a quarterly rotation of topics that includes spending, saving, investing, and retiring.

  • How much is the reward?

    In 2021, participants in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan can earn $25 in gift card rewards for participating in up to four financial well-being webinars. While you are encouraged to participate in all webinars that are of interest, you may claim a reward for 1 per quarter. 

  • How do I get it?

    Financial well-being webinars are available between March ̶ November 2021. Select and register for a webinar from the list here. After participating, record your attendance in the Hoos Well portal.

FAQ: Flu Vaccine

  • How do I report it?

    In 2021, employees and spouses enrolled on the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan can earn a $25 in gift card rewards for getting your annual flu vaccine—a simple way to reduce the risk of flu-associated illness, doctor’s visits and hospitalization. Receive your flu vaccination between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021. Record the date and location of your vaccination in the Hoos Well portal to receive the reward.

  • What if I have a medical or religious exemption for getting a flu shot?

    There are many other ways to earn rewards in the Hoos Well portal. Choosing not to get a flu vaccine will not impact your ability to earn up to $500 in gift card rewards by participating in the other healthy activities listed above.