Earn Rewards for Participating in Hoos Well Activities

Earn Rewards for Enhancing Your Well-Being

Hoos Well, UVA's award-winning employee wellbeing program, fosters a culture of well-being among UVA faculty, staff, and team members by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and engendering a happier, healthier, and more positive work environment. We improve the lives of the UVA employee community with a simple philosophy: enable the well to remain well and help those with health risks or chronic conditions to improve their health. 

Research shows that participating in employee well-being programs can improve health, happiness, productivity, morale, and quality of work life. We invite you to participate in the wide range of evidence-backed programs and resources Hoos Well offers, to boost your well-being, flourish, and thrive! The Hoos Well Portal, delivered by Virgin Pulse, is your hub for well-being. Click the links below to log in to the portal or create a new account.

Create a new account in the Hoos Well portal Step-by-Step Registration Instructions Log in to the Hoos Well portal

What's New in 2022

Hoos Well is excited to announce updates to the 2022 program year including new resources to help you meet your physical, emotional, financial, and social well-being goals. Many of these updates are based on your feedback and responses we’ve received through Hoos Well surveys and continuous improvement activities. We’ve heard you and appreciate your help in shaping Hoos Well offerings.

  • Rewards in the subscriber’s paycheck*: Instead of receiving your rewards in the form of gift cards, our streamlined rewards process deposits your earned rewards directly into the Health Plan subscriber’s paycheck on a quarterly basis.
  • Live health coaching with Virgin Pulse: Beginning January 19, 2022, take advantage of unlimited access to certified Health Coaches through one-on-one conversations to establish personalized well-being goals
  • Ongoing physical activity challenge: Stay motivated each month and earn rewards with the “20-Day Triple Tracker” Challenge. Starting Feb. 1, 2022, report either 7,000 steps, 15 active minutes, or 15 workout minutes for 20 days each month. Sync your device for easy tracking!
  • Healthy Minds @Work: Build mental skills that increase resilience and well-being in 5-7 minutes a day with an evidence-based program and mobile app built by neuroscientists.
  • Social well-being (friends & family): Enjoy a new social well-being domain which provides resources to build connection and community. In the Hoos Well portal, invite your loved ones, neighbors, and colleagues to join you in personalized challenges, social groups, and Journeys.
Get to know the refreshed Hoos Well portal by watching the recording our live demonstration! Build connection and community using the social well-being section of the portal Browse FAQ about receiving rewards in your paycheck

Ways to Earn in 2022

Enhancing your health and well-being is rewarding in more ways than one! Starting January 19, 2022, employees and spouses enrolled in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan, are eligible to earn up to $500 in rewards for completing the healthy activities in the table below.

Healthy Activity Reward
Create an Account (for new participants only) $10
Complete the Health Assessment $100
Receive and Record Your Well Check (Eligible exam dates are 12/1/21 to 11/30/22)* $100
Complete the Hoos Well 1% Challenge: practice mindfulness 14 mins/day for 30 days $50
Complete Healthy Minds @Work 30-day Challenge and Follow-Up Self-Assessment $50
Complete a Next-Steps Consult Appointment $25
Complete a "Journey" (up to 10x) $25 each 
Complete the "20-Day Triple Tracker" Challenge (up to 10x) $25 monthly
Receive and Record a Flu Vaccine (Eligible vaccination dates are 9/1/21 to 8/31/22)* $25
Record Participation in Eligible Webinars (Limit 1 reward per quarter)* $25 per quarter
Track Healthy Habits 20 Days in a Month (up to 10x) $5 monthly

*Completion of activities in the Hoos well portal is subject to validation by Virgin Pulse. November 30, 2022 is the last day to complete activities and earn rewards. Earned quarterly rewards will be paid to the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan subscriber. To receive rewards, you must be enrolled in a qualifying plan and earning a paycheck at the time of payout. All rewards are considered taxable income. Grant-funded postdoctoral fellows, retirees, COBRA enrollees, and their spouses in the UVA Health Plan are not eligible for monetary rewards.

All information provided by you as a result of your voluntary participation in the Hoos Well program is kept  secure.

Read FAQ about the Hoos Well portal and reward-eligible activities

Step-by-Step Registration Instructions

Read on to learn how to create your account and get started. (It only takes a few quick clicks!)

  • Step 1

    Sign up for your Virgin Pulse account using the new account link. If you are subscriber of the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan, be sure to enter your first name and last name as it appears on your health insurance member card, including hyphens and suffixes.

    login step 1

  • Step 2

    Acknowledge and agree to the Virgin Pulse Member Privacy Notice, Membership Agreement, and GINA/PHI notice and click “continue”.

    login step 2
  • Step 3

    Confirm any missing or prior entered information.

    login step 3

  • Step 4

    Once sign-up is complete; you will receive this message:

    login step 4









    Create a new account and get started in the Hoos Well portal

Get to Know the Refreshed Hoos Well Portal

Watch the recording of a live demonstration webinar of the refreshed Hoos Well portal, co-presented by Joe Giandonato (Well-Being Coordinator) and Samone Kinsey (Virgin Pulse's Manager of Live Services Operations), to learn how you can continue paving the road to improved well-being as you earn up to $500 in cash rewards* by completing the annual Health Assessment, reporting your Well Check, and participating in a host of Journeys and Healthy Habits activities among a range of reward-bearing interactive and educational opportunities offered through Hoos Well.

  • Learn about the new Total Population Health Coaching offering and how to connect with a health coach who will help you establish goals and craft personalized strategies to achieve improved well-being.
  • Learn about how you can leverage VPIQ, an interactive goal setting module that encourages and reinforces positive behavioral change.
  • Learn how to sync activity trackers and devices and how you can participate in monthly reward-bearing physical well-being challenges.
  • Learn how to engender motivation and camaraderie among your colleagues through social groups and personalized challenges.
  • And learn how to invite family and friends to join you on the road to improved health.