Employee Relations Directory

Name Job Title Email   Phone Areas of Responsibility Backup Per Area
Leslie Pierce Director, Employee Relations (ER) lkp6uq  434.995.8208 University of Virginia  

Academic Division

Sandy Bakoczy

Manager, Employee Relations

seb4yd   434.995.8287

Academic Division

Leslie Pierce for Strategic Initiatives/HR

Jennifer Harmon/Regina Rice- Casework & Operational Duties
Regina Rice 

Sr. ER Consultant & Team Leader

rlc5d 434.995.8276 Athletics, University Communications, President's Office, EVP/COO, School of  Law Jennifer Harmon
Jennifer Harmon

Sr. ER Consultant & Team Leader

jsh4n 434.995.8212

Advancement, EVP/Provost, Arts & Sciences

Regina Rice
Joann McCarthy ER Consultant att2vw 434.243.3764

School of Data Science, Student Affairs, Student Health, SCPS, Arts & Sciences

Tracey Medley
Lynn Russell ER Consultant lkr7r 434.422.6552

Safety Management, University Police Department, School of Education, SEAS, University Libraries

Ronica Sledge
Ronica Sledge ER Consultant chx3sh 434.995.8325

Finance, IT/ITS, HR, Darden, McIntire/Batten

Lynn Russell
Tracey Medley ER Consultant tlf5q 434.529.7158 Architecture, VP Research, College of Wise, Parking & Transportation Joann McCarthy
Michelle Darnell ER Associate kfh9mt 434.459.8253

ER Admin, Facilities Management, Business Units (Bookstore, Printing), Respect@ Admin

Jennifer Harmon

UVA Health

Althea Howell

Manager, Employee Relations

ah4m 434.982.0886 UVA Health  
Rachel Bagnulo

Sr. ER Consultant

rcb5ay 434.982.1573 Patient & Guest Services, HIT, HSTS, Oncology, Case management, Social Work, Dialysis, Heart & Vascular, Continuum, Transplant, Workmed, Parking & Transportation  
Carol Caesar

Sr ER  Consultant & Team Leader

cc9wh 434.982.5695

School of Medicine-Faculty, School of Nursing, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library

Jill Melton

Sr. ER Consultant

jsb5c 434.924.0486 Inpatient Nursing, Bed Coordination Center, Central Cardiac Monitoring Center, Nursing Professional Development Svs (NPDS)  
Nickie Williams

Sr. ER Consultant

nnw6j 434.243.5135 OR, Transitional Care Hospital, Radiology, Labs, Pharmacy, Respiratory/Physical Therapy  
TBD ER Consultant TBD 434.924.0427 Supply Chain, Women's & Children's, Admitting/Revenue Cycle, Emergency Department, Emergency Mgmt., Musculoskeletal, Surg/Med Subspecialties, Neuroscience/Behavioral Health, Family Medicine, Marketing, UPG  
Alexandra Growel ER Consultant ag3eq 434.529.7548 School of Medicine - Staff  
Indira Borland ER Associate mms8sd 434.243.7196 TBD  

Policy, Risk Management & Compliance

Glenn Gray Sr. HR Specialist gg9nu 434.987.7360 Risk Management, HR Survey Coordinator, Regulatory Survey/Audits, Policy, Compliance & Risk Leslie Pierce
Jennifer Martin Sr. HR Specialist eya5sj 434.459.8241 SOEI/COI Compliance, Labor Law posters, Legislative Review, Regulatory Reporting, PRMC Compliance Webpage, HR Policy, Compliance & Risk Glenn Gray