Tools to train your mind, tackle stress, and thrive!

Emotional Well-Being

Mental and emotional well-being are essential for your overall health, happiness, and quality of life. If you're in an unhealthy state of mind, it’s hard to focus on your personal and work obligations and live your best life.

Programs and Resources

Hoos Well offers evidence-backed programs and resources to help you manage stress, rise to meet life challenges, and thrive. 

  • Healthy Minds @Work

    Healthy Minds @Work is an evidence-based, customizable program designed to fit easily into your daily life through a mobile app with podcast-style lessons and guided meditations. You'll learn to train your mind to be calm & focused, strengthen interpersonal relationships, decrease stress & emotional reactivity, and learn skills to thrive in challenging moments. 70% of users report significantly lower depression, anxiety, and stress. The program kicks off with a 30-day reward-eligible challenge. UVA employees and their spouses on the UVA or UPG Health Plans may participate!

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  • Mindfulness Resources

    To support your emotional well-being and help you thrive, Hoos Well has partnered with eMindful, a leading online mindfulness provider, to provide UVA employees & spouses free access to the eM Life virtual mindfulness community. Whether you're a mindfulness novice or a seasoned pro, this state-of-the-art online resource is designed to fit into your busy schedule and complement the mindfulness classes and programs that our UVA partners offer across Grounds.

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  • Reward-eligible educational seminars and webinars

    In partnership with UVA’s Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP), Hoos Well offers virtual seminars and webinars to support your emotional well-being, help you manage stress, and thrive. Enrollees in the UVA Health Plan or UPG Anthem Health Plan can earn $25 in gift card rewards for participating live in up to 4 of these educational seminars each year. While recordings of past webinars are not reward-eligible, you may view them here:

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  • UVA FEAP: Free, confidential counseling

    At times, life’s difficulties may seem a little overwhelming, and we don’t know where to turn. Asking for help is often difficult, but it is the first step in resolving the problem or finding effective ways to cope. FEAP offers all employees and family members free, confidential consultation and short-term, solution-focused counseling for a variety of personal issues and common concerns. FEAP consultants are familiar with the various resources in the community, and if an outside referral is needed, your FEAP consultant will recommend professionals who have expertise in your area of concern.

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  • Earn rewards for online Journeys

    In the Hoos Well Portal, you can earn rewards for participating in learning modules that can help you manage stress, improve sleep and coping skills, combat anxiety and depression, and nurture your emotional well-being.

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  • Try a free yoga class

    Through partnerships with Wellbeats and UVA IM-Rec Sports, Hoos Well offers free, virtual yoga classes. In-person, drop-in classes will resume when it becomes safe to do so. UVA's Contemplative Sciences Center and Compassionate Care Initiative also offer free, virtual classes on yoga, stress management and more. To view the schedules, click the links to their websites in the sidebar on the right side of this page.

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  • Live Health Coaching

    Participants in the UVA and UPG Health Plans have unlimited access certified Health Coaches, who can work with you 1:1 by phone to help you understand the results of your health assessment, establish personalized well-being goals, and develop a strategy to achieve them. Experienced Virgin Pulse Health Coaches can assist in addressing many topics, including reducing stress, anxiety & depression, and sleeping well.

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