Tools to Ensure Your Financial Well-Being

Financial Well-Being

Many Americans are anxious about their financial situation, not only about having enough funds for retirement years, but also about current issues like paying down debt, planning for their children’s college education, dealing with unexpected bills, and more. When under financial stress you can experience fear and uncertainty, and be distracted from work and personal obligations. Money management training and tools can help you better live within your means, understand savings options, avoid financial pitfalls, and live a more positive and stress-free life.


UVA cares about your financial well-being and offers several resources to help you manage your finances.

  • Reward-Eligible Webinars

    Attend a Hoos Well-sponsored live webinar and improve your “Financial Fitness.” UVA Health Plan participants can earn $25 in rewards for each completed webinar. Choose from a quarterly rotation of topics that includes all areas of spending, saving, planning and investing, living, and retiring.

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  • Financial Well-Being Journeys

    Engage in reward-eligible educational modules in the Hoos Well portal, provided by Virgin Pulse. Topics include budgeting, boosting your money confidence, reaching your financial goals, shrinking debt, and preparing for financial emergencies.

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  • Assistance Through FEAP

    Consultants with UVA Faculty and Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) are available to provide initial assessment and referral to resources related to financial concerns. Contact FEAP or schedule an appointment to learn more.

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  • Employee Community Resources Service

    The Employee Community Resource Service helps members of the UVA community connect with local organizations who can assist with basic needs such as housing, clothing, utilities, and food, as well as assistance with personal budgeting and finance strategies. Many organizations are available to assist with financial situations including money management counseling, developing a personal budget, debt reduction, free tax return preparation, and more.

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  • Live Health Coaching

    Participants in the UVA and UPG Health Plans have unlimited access certified Health Coaches, who can work with you 1:1 by phone to help you understand the results of your health assessment, establish personalized well-being goals, and develop a strategy to achieve them. Experienced Virgin Pulse Health Coaches can assist in addressing many topics, including money mindfulness and managing finances.

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Additional Resources for Financial Well-Being

Browse these helpful financial tools and resources.