Meeting Your Health Care Needs

UVA Retiree Health Benefits Program

Eligibility for health insurance after retirement:

  • You have worked at UVA for at least five (5) consecutive years directly prior to your retirement;
  • You are eligible for a monthly annuity from VRS and you start receiving your retirement benefit immediately upon retirement, or participating in the MCRP or ORP programs and meet the age and service requirements for an immediate retirement benefit under the VRS plan that you would have been eligible for on your date of hire had you not elected ORP or MCRP; and
  • You were eligible for enrollment in UVA’s active employee health plan on your last day as an active state employee; OR
  • You were approved for long-term disability through VSDP, MCRP, or ORP and have applied for social security disability.

How to enroll:

  • Contact the UVA HR Solution Center at least three months before your retirement date so you have plenty of time for the enrollment process.
  • If you will be Medicare eligible at the time of your retirement, you have the option to enroll in the state’s Medicare supplement plan, Advantage 65.
  • If you will not be Medicare-eligible at the time of your retirement, you have the option to consult with UVA’s vendor partner Mercer 365 to review plans available on the Virginia Marketplace.  Mercer 365 can also review plans available in other public exchanges should you reside out of state.
  • Pre-Medicare retirees must have a consultation with Mercer if they would like to retain eligibility to enroll in Advantage 65 when Medicare-eligible.

Health insurance credit for retirees:

  • Retirees with at least 15 years of creditable State service when they retire are eligible for a health insurance credit of $4 per month for each year of creditable service.
  • Disability retirees usually receive a health credit of $120 per month.
  • UVA Benefit Counselors will assist new retirees who are eligible for the health insurance credit to complete their initial VRS health insurance credit form. 
  • Retirees must update VRS regarding future changes to their health premiums.