Onboarding and offboarding procedures

Onboarding & Offboarding

***For University Medical Center only - a new hybrid Orientation has launched for University Medical Center new hires on Monday, May 13. Please refer to emails from UVA HR to impacted University Medical Center managers.***

Update as of June 10 for clinical nursing new hires:

Mandatory Nursing Orientation will be held at McLeod Hall, Fenwick Auditorium (Rm #1020) beginning at 8:00 am for clinical nursing positions on their first day. During this Orientation, clinical nursing new hires will be completing a live Zoom Orientation session (hosted by Human Resources). They will also be able to complete their I-9 process. More information will be sent directly to new hires from Nursing Professional Development Services (NPDS) regarding their training schedules for the rest of weeks one and two. Clinical nursing-related positions include: RNs, LPNs, PCTs, CNAs, Medical Assistants (including APAC), Earn While You Learn, Internal/External Travelers, International RNs (Passport/NurseMatch), OR SSTs and CSTs, and patient companions.

Important: If you are a UVA Community Health team member, please refer to the UVA Community Health New Hire Resources UVA Health  webpage for onboarding information.

Onboarding and offboarding procedures differ by employee type. All salary and wage staff employees–including those without system access or those who worked for a limited time–as well as temporary employees, individuals leaving for long-term disability, and employees transferring to different departments within the University should work with their hiring manager to confirm exact processes.

Onboarding Essentials For University Medical Center

New Hire Onboarding Overview

Welcome! All new hires will complete an onboarding process specific to their role, which includes participating in Orientation.

All new hires should review and follow their respective Onboarding Guides in order to complete required Onboarding tasks. 

All new hires should review and follow their respective Orientation and Onboarding Guides in order to complete required onboarding tasks.

All employees, regardless of role, will complete onboarding tasks in Workday.


  1. Step 1

    Once you are cleared for hire, you will receive an informational email with details about your orientation process and onboarding Next Steps.

  2. Step 2

    Access and explore Workday. Before your first day, login to Workday to read your Notifications and address Inbox tasks, which will prompt you to complete important onboarding steps, such as completing section 1 of Form I-9 and reviewing the Benefits eLearning module.

  3. Step 3

    All UVA Health new hires will complete an onboarding process specific to their role, which includes participating in Orientation.

    Academic Division employees attend Grounds For Success (GFS) Orientation as scheduled, via Zoom, on or close to first day of work.

  1. Step 4

    After Orientation, and during your first weeks, you will meet with your manager and discuss departmental onboarding requirements. You will complete onboarding items, like obtaining your UVA computing ID assigned Workday Inbox tasks, trainings, digital courses, and presenting I-9 documents IN-PERSON (see below)

  2. Step 5

    You will also need to select or waive your Benefits options in Workday within 30 days of your hire date. If relocating from out-of-state, please ensure local address is up-to-date for tax purposes.

Workday Onboarding

Your Workday notifications and Inbox will alert and prompt you to complete any necessary forms, tasks, and trainings, including, but not limited to: updating personal information, emergency contacts, section 1 of the I-9, and direct deposit, as well as notifications about parking and UVA benefits. 

Access Workday


Orientation helps introduce new hires to UVA’s mission, values, culture, and structure.  It also explains onboarding tasks that need to be completed, provides information concerning available perks and benefits – and provides an opportunity to meet new colleagues. Academic Division new hires attend Grounds For Success (GFS) Orientation. All UVA Health new hires will participate in Orientation. See below for additional details.

Grounds For Success follows the UVA operating schedule.  If non-designated employees are asked not to report to work, Grounds for Success is cancelled. If Grounds for Success is cancelled, new hires should complete the Grounds for Success Online Module in Workday.

UVA Health Orientation follows the UVA Health operating schedule. If non-designated employees are asked not to report to work, UVA Health Orientation will be cancelled. If UVA Health Orientation is cancelled, UVA University Medical Center New Hires and International Nurses should complete the UVA Health Orientation Online module in Workday.

  • Grounds For Success Orientation

    Grounds For Success Orientation is currently offered, virtually, via Zoom. Please see the website for more details.

    Learn More
  • UVA Health Orientation

    University Medical Center employees and International Nurse Travelers participate in a hybrid Orientation program on Day One. Some University Medical Center new hires may be required to attend additional mandatory training based upon their role, and will be contacted by the respective departments that provide that training, if indicated.

    Learn More

I-9 Documentation - Time Sensitive

The I-9 completion process includes three (3) steps:

1) Complete the I-9 Form in Workday by your first day of work. You will receive a task in your Workday Inbox Actions Tab to complete your I-9. 

2) Upload supporting I-9 documentation in Workday. Here is the list of acceptable documents:

3) Present IN-PERSON the same I-9 documentation you uploaded in Workday within three days of your start date. Failure to present these documents in-person may result in termination of employment (unpaid) until documents are received, per Federal employment regulations. 

You may present this documentation during your Orientation, or week days between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm at the UVA Human Resources office at 2420 Old Ivy Road, Charlottesville. We also have in-person documentation sessions throughout the year on UVA Grounds for your convenience. 

For additional information, please see the I-9 Documentation Process Webpage. 

Benefits Enrollment Process

Before attending Orientation, all employees other than UPG employees need to complete the Benefits eLearning module.

On the afternoon of UVA Health Orientation, an HR Benefits counselor will make a presentation for University Medical Center new hires and will be available to answer your questions. The presentation will take place in the ERC, Conference Room B which begins at 1 pm. Please note that the session will not be offered on if UVA Health Orientation falls on a Tuesday.

Remember that you must select your Benefits options in Workday within 30 days of your hire date.

Read step by step instructions for enrolling in your benefits:

Onboarding & Offboarding Resources For Managers

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to onboard and offboard employees to guarantee successful and secure transitions.  UVA Health Managers should visit our Onboarding Essentials page to learn more.

  • Onboarding For Managers

    Welcoming an employee is a critical responsibility of a manager and her/his department. The first year of employment is crucial to reducing voluntary turnover and increasing organizational retention.

    Initiated upon the hiring of an employee, managers receive a Workday notification with a printable checklist of tasks to complete in order to prepare for a new hire, as well as notifications for responsibilities in the first few weeks of hire.

    The orientation program is a valuable way for new employees and team members to gain helpful information ranging from the UVA culture to IT and Workday basics. We encourage you to support your new employee in attending orientation and to attend the afternoon activities with him or her. 

    Managers will also receive Workday notifications to meet and lead discussions with their new hire about culture, competencies, expectations, and more. Workday will continue to notify managers of onboarding duties through an employee's first year of employment.

    Use the Onboarding Checklist for Academic Managers to ensure your employee is prepared for success. Feel free to adapt the checklist to meet your school/unit/department’s unique needs, or use it in combination with existing school/unit/department onboarding checklists.

  • Offboarding For Managers

    All salary and wage staff–even those without system access or those who worked for a limited time–must complete the offboarding checklist before leaving the University. This includes, temporary employees (the checklist is the department’s responsibility), individuals leaving for long-term disability, and employees transferring to different departments within the University.

    Managers receive a Workday notification with a printable checklist of tasks to complete in order to prepare an employee for departure.

    Use the Academic Offboarding Checklist For Managers and help your employee complete the Employee Offboarding Checklist and the Knowledge Transfer Template to protect the physical and intellectual property of the University, ensure compliance with security and access issues, and transfer pertinent information. Scan and upload the completed offboarding checklist and knowledge transfer documents to an employee’s personnel file through the Document Imaging System.

    Cancel access to central systems and email on the employee’s last day of work. If the circumstances of the termination require that systems access including email should be removed immediately, contact accounts@virginia.edu for assistance. Important: Workday has the ability to terminate all access by categorizing the termination of an employee as ‘involuntary.' 

    Please note that for temporary employees, the offboarding checklist is the department’s responsibility.

    Guidance on entering terminations properly in Workday

  • Partner Program (Academic Only)