Discovery and Service

Why Work At UVA?

When you join the University of Virginia, you join an institution known nationally and internationally for the excellence of its teaching, research, public service, and patient care. Every person here – faculty, staff, health care professional, helps to advance our world-class institution, encompassing a larger mission of discovery and service.

In the fall of 2018, President Ryan invited employees and the local community to help define our forward direction in his Ours To Shape campaign focusing on the themes of community, discovery, and service.

Positions at UVA reflect a wide breadth of professions, ranging from teaching to administration, medical professions to financial analysis, research to Grounds management, talent recruiting to facilities management, among many others. We have something for you.

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Why UVA? Here's Why

Here's why we're excited to be part of the UVA community. Can you feel the energy?

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Who We Are

Entering our third century, the University is at the forefront of collaboration and cross-disciplinary initiatives that address complex challenges that provide valuable educational and research opportunities, and that generate scholarship and research with a measurable impact.

  • Top Employer

    We employ more than 28,000 people, including approximately 16,000 faculty and staff and 7,000 UVA Health employees. Forbes magazine lists the University of Virginia as one of “America’s Top Colleges,” as well as one of “America’s Best Employers for 2018” and “America’s Best Employers for Women 2018.”

    As an employer, the University has an outstanding record of growth and stability and offers a wide variety of exciting and challenging jobs, in addition to exceptional benefits and career development opportunities.

  • Leader In Research

    As a Research 1 institution, the University’s research centers, consortia, and laboratories are on the leading edge of discovery and technology, offering collaborative spaces that bring together interdisciplinary research to address and solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. Our marine biology experts are teaming up with hydrodynamics teams, biomedical researchers are teaming up with authorities in commerce and public policy, and big data leaders are teaming up with renowned brain specialists.

    UVA’s Brain Institute brings together researchers from the schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Education for a concussion-induced inflammation project. Similarly, engineers at UVA are working with applied scientists at the UVA LinkLab to solve the most critical problems at the intersection of the cyber and physical worlds.

    Working at UVA means being a part of something greater.

  • Nationally Ranked Health System

    The Academic Medical Center forms the hub of UVA Health. U.S. News & World Report has repeated ranked UVA University Medical Center, and UVA Children's Hospital, #1 in Virginia, and we are renowned for the latest and most advanced treatment options. Our physicians and nurses are actively involved in research that gives patients access to treatments and medicine not widely available. Consequently, patients travel from around the world to seek treatment with us.

    In addition to the Medical Center, UVA boasts a School of Medicine, a School of Nursing, and an impressive Health Sciences Library open to the public.

    Established as the nation’s 10th medical school in 1825, the University of Virginia School of Medicine is ranked 9th in the nation among state-assisted medical schools and consistently attracts the nation's brightest students and most distinguished faculty members. Awarded millions of dollars in funding each year, the School of Medicine's 23 research centers are making discoveries resulting in new and better therapies, especially in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and vaccine development. The School of Medicine is home to a 612-bed hospital and a Level I trauma center, nationally recognized cancer and heart centers, a Children’s Hospital, and primary and specialty clinics throughout Central Virginia.

    The University of Virginia School of Nursing has earned a national reputation for excellence in education, research and practice. Ranked among the nation's top 25 public nursing schools, the UVA School of Nursing offers undergraduate, master's level and doctoral programs.

    The Claude Moore Health Sciences Library provides expert information services in every area of medicine. Open to the public and recently remodeled, this state-of-the-art library enables you to explore UVA’s rich history in the development of modern medicine.

    The UVA Physician's Group (UPG) is the physician group practice which manages billing for UVA physicians.

    Our renowned academic Medical Center and Health System consistently rank among the nation’s best hospitals by the U.S. News & World Report magazine, as well as named among the top 25 percent in seven specialties. We provide exceptional patient care, conduct translational research, and train medical practitioners in a wide variety of disciplines.

  • Academical Village

    The Academical Village consists of faculty living in the Pavilions, students occupying Lawn rooms, and the world-famous Rotunda at its heart. Despite numerous inconveniences, hundreds of students annually vie for the honor of a room on the University's Lawn. Whether student, staff, or faculty, the Academical Village provides a collegiate spirit unlike any other university where we live and learn together.

The University of Virginia is an amazing place to work. My wife and I have worked here for many years and now we have a son that goes to school here at the University of Virginia. The work is always changing along with the technology, which has provided a positive challenge and experience for me and my colleagues in Human Resources. Jon Williams, Human Resources Inquiry Team

Many People, Many Opportunities

Nearly 200 years after the University’s founding, our diverse staff, faculty, and student body are as rich in background, ideas, and perspectives as the world we live in.

The University of Virginia values disability within the spectrum of human diversity and is committed to a living, learning, and work environment where individuals with disabilities can be their full selves and thrive. The University recognizes that ensuring equal access to educational, employment, and all other opportunities is a shared responsibility that demands our continuous identification and removal of physical, technological, and attitudinal barriers.

  • Dedicated Faculty

    Our faculty are known globally for their pioneering work in research and innovative contributions, including more than 130 patents since 2010. Our best professors look for ways to encourage, mentor, and develop tomorrow’s leaders inside and outside the classroom.

    Critical to the planning and governance of the University, many faculties serve on the Faculty Senate, representing all academic functions, as well as advising the President, the Rectors, and the Board of Visitors concerning educational matters affecting the welfare of the University.

    Perhaps most importantly, faculty come to UVA knowing that instruction is as important as research, and they pride themselves on their many teaching awards.

    Faculty careers
  • Outstanding Staff

    People choose to work at UVA for many reasons, and there are even more reasons they stay for a career. Ranking in the top 3 public universities is no small feat, and requires commitment, dedication, and tight coordination between, faculty, staff, administration, and students.

    UVA’s staff members are represented by the relatively new but very active Staff Senate, which serves as the representative voice for staff in matters relating to the University; supports staff members in the realization of their full potential at the University; and advances University excellence through its efforts. Over 65 Staff Senators represent staff across Grounds, including the School of Medicine and School of Nursing, to develop leadership potential as effective managers, build sustainable practices across Grounds, attract and retain excellent talent from across the globe, assist and manage valuable departments, projects, and initiatives, ensure electronic security, and so much more.

    The UVA Medical Center Employee Council aims to enhance UVA Health services by representing the ideas and concerns of Medical Center staff and customers through direct communication and active problem solving with administration and peers. The Council is comprised of representatives from each area of the Medical Center and related clinics and services. Members meet once a month with administration and representatives from various areas of the University to discuss challenges, successes, and ideas for improvement.

    Staff careers
  • UVA Health Team Members

    In 1825, Thomas Jefferson established UVA as the nation's 10th medical school. In the course of almost 200 years, UVA University Medical Center has grown into a nationally acclaimed, 608-bed academic medical center with an outstanding Level 1 Trauma Center.

    U.S. News & World Report has repeated ranked UVA Medical Center, and UVA Children's Hospital, #1 in Virginia, and we are renowned for the latest and most advanced treatment options. Our physicians and nurses are actively involved in research that gives patients access to treatments and medicine not widely available. Consequently, patients travel from around the world to seek treatment with us.

    Our striving for greatness as an organization continues. We recently embarked on a journey to uncover what elevates UVA above other nationally renowned medical systems. We learned our technology, buildings and medicines are important. But what separates UVA is the attributes of our people, qualities such as persistence, empathy, initiative, drive. Human qualities. Qualities that are beyond measure.

    UVA Health Careers
  • Temporary Employees

    We identify and place a diverse labor force of uniquely qualified employees in a range of valuable, temporary positions across the Academic, UVA Health, and University Physicians Group divisions, as well as foundations affiliated with UVA.

    Temporary Positions
  • Highly Engaged Students

    The vast majority of UVA students come from the top 10 percent of their high school class, as well as from all 50 states, over 142 countries, and a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. UVA’s academic prowess is evident in this year’s graduating class, which produced two Rhodes Scholars, two Marshall Scholars, and five Fulbright Scholars.

    Work study opportunities can be found through UVA's Career Center. Many UVA students obtain part-time jobs during the academic year and summer. Opportunities exist on Grounds as well as in the surrounding community. Handshake is UVA's comprehensive employment management system and is a centralized resource for student employment.

    Student Staff & Faculty Wage Positions

UVA’s Endless Pursuit

University of Virginia’s purpose goes beyond education. We create the next generation of leaders. We usher in the breakthroughs of tomorrow. It is our responsibility to be a force for good in the world.

Exceptional Benefits

We believe that employee talent is our greatest asset, and as part of our commitment to attract, develop, and retain outstanding employees, we offer exceptional benefits.

In addition to health insurance, retirement plans, flexible spending accounts, and paid time off, UVA employees may take advantage of our Education Benefits program, which is designed to encourage career development and lifelong learning. We also offer a backup care benefit for child and elder care, talent development services, and wellness benefits to support the happiness and health of our employees and their families.

best employers seal .                                                                American heart assocation gold seal of approval for 2023


  • Benefits

    Benefits are a vital part of the total University package for employees. Here is a sample of many benefits offered:

    • Health insurance
    • Vision plans
    • Dental plans
    • Prescription drug program
    • Retirement plans
    • Benefit savings accounts
    • Disability Insurance
    • Life insurance
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Backup care benefit for child and elder care
    • Benefits for life changes
    • Holiday time off, paid and unpaid leave
    • Education benefits
  • Talent Development

    Continue your career exploration with our talent development services, which offers job search tools, UVA education benefits, career development, customized leadership development, mentoring from senior leaders, and visibility among executive leadership. UVA employees may take advantage of two teams within Talent Development, the Learning and Development team, and the Organizational Development team.

    The Learning and Development team is designed to foster partnerships that embrace a culture of trust, respect, diversity, life-long learning, and service excellence that inspires shared leadership.

    The Organizational Development team develops stronger leaders and teams, supports individuals to actively engage in self-discovery and behavior change, and facilitates the building of trusting relationships.

    Discover our Talent Development offerings
  • Hoo's Well

    Hoos Well, the University of Virginia’s comprehensive employee wellbeing program, works to foster a culture of wellbeing among UVA faculty, staff, and team members by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, and engendering a happier, healthier, and more positive work environment.

    On behalf of UVA and as a testament to its commitment to employee wellbeing, Hoos Well received two national awards in 2019.

    Through Hoos Well, UVA community members can participate in programs and resources that support physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing. Employees can take advantage of many free resources, including exercise classes at Intramural-Recreational Sports, emotional wellbeing seminars and counseling through our Faculty and Employee Assistance Program, nutrition consultations, financial webinars and presentations, and much more.

    Explore Hoos Well


Best Public National University


Schools Ranked in Top 10 (7 in Top 20)


Strategic Research Themes

Immersed In Our Community

Over time, the University evolved, leading to a more inclusive and diverse community. Through all the continuities and changes, one theme remains: abiding affection for the University—the Lawn at the heart of the Academical Village, our positive traditions, our students and professors—continuing unbroken for nearly 200 years.

Find out what makes Charlottesville so great.

  • Evolving Traditions

    From the beginning, rituals, routines, clubs, and societies became a lasting part of life on Grounds. Some traditions, like the Jefferson Society founded in 1825 and the Honor System established in 1842, survive to the present. Other traditions were succeeded by new ones over time. The original school colors of cardinal and gray became today's orange and blue, more visible on a muddy athletic field.

  • By The Numbers

    The UVA Medical Center ranks number one in the region and rated number four for six adult procedures and four adult specialties.

    For 2019, the University was ranked the number three best public university by U.S. News & World Report. In the 20 years since U.S. News began ranking public universities as a separate category, UVA has ranked in the top three and continues to rank in the Top 30 among the best of all national universities, public and private.

    With over a billion dollars in research proposal activity annually, and $353 million in new research awards in 2016 alone, UVA is a leader in seeking new knowledge and harnessing science as a means to advance society.

  • A Place To Call Home

    Whether faculty, student, or staff, the University is more than a place to work; it’s a community to call home. In Charlottesville, we enjoy all the amenities of a big city, with the feel of a small-town.

This is Charlottesville

For the University of Virginia, Charlottesville is more than a place on a map. It's home. Check out our tribute to the place that means so much to so many.