For an equitable and positive work environment

Employee Relations

UVA is committed to building positive relationships, providing a quality work balance through fair treatment of employees, and resolving employee matters and concerns in a fair and consistent manner.

  • UVA HR Employee Relations works with various stakeholders (FEAP, EOCR, General Counsel, UPD, etc.) across Grounds in an effort to create and maintain a fair and equitable work environment.
  • Faculty, staff, and management in the Academic Division and UVA Health may contact us for guidance and direction on a variety of Employee Relations issues. These include Human Resources policy interpretation, disciplinary performance management, HR investigations, employee discipline and misconduct, and remediation of employment-related disputes.
  • Employee Relations also manages Policy, Risk Management, and Compliance (PRMC) to evaluate, manage, measure, and assess HR risks, taking action as needed and providing appropriate education.

Employee Relations Supports You

UVA HR Employee Relations provides our faculty, staff and team members with tools and resources to ensure an equitable, fair, and positive work environment.

  • Respect@UVA

    Every member of the UVA Community should embrace the values of respect. Understand the UVA policy, get training, file a complaint.

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  • Manager Toolkit

    Find resources to help you as a manager maintain a fair and equitable work environment.

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  • Employee Toolkit

    Explore resources to assist you in performing your job successfully while maintaining an equable work environment.

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  • Employee Relations Workshops

    Discover interactive workshop-style training classes on key Employee Relations topics.

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  • Medical Center Employee Relations

    Employee Relations provides consulting services, information, advice and resources to Medical Center team members and managers on the full range of human resources issues.

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Policy, Risk Management, and Compliance

The Policy, Risk Management, and Compliance unit administers a comprehensive risk management framework to evaluate, manage, measure, and assess HR risks, taking action as needed and providing appropriate education.

Our Services

  • Monitoring and management of HR compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Promoting sound governance through clear, consistent and up-to-date policies and communications
  • Providing education and understanding about risk and risk tolerance
  • Counseling alternatives for consideration when assessing and mitigating risk
  • Partnering with other compliance professionals at the University to advance a consistent, practical HR governance structure

The Outcomes for Our Customers

  • A consistent approach to risk in decision making, investments and taking action
  • More informed governance tools such as policies and communications
  • Easier achievement and management of compliance
  • Clear, up-to-date, and easy-to-understand HR policies
  • Reduced liability, risks, and costs
  • Increased awareness of risks and better understanding of risk tolerance