For an equitable and positive work environment

Employee Relations

UVA is committed to building positive relationships, providing a quality work balance through fair treatment of employees, and resolving employee matters and concerns in a fair and consistent manner.

  • UVA HR Employee Relations works with various stakeholders (FEAP, EOCR, General Counsel, UPD, etc.) across Grounds in an effort to create and maintain a fair and equitable work environment.
  • Faculty, staff and management in the Academic Division and UVA Health may contact us for guidance and direction on a variety of Employee Relations issues.┬áThese include Human Resources policy interpretation, disciplinary performance management, HR investigations, employee discipline and misconduct, and remediation of employment-related disputes.

Employee Relations Supports You

UVA HR Employee Relations provides our faculty, staff and team members with tools and resources to ensure an equitable, fair, and positive work environment.

  • Respect@UVA

    Every member of the UVA Community should embrace the values of respect. Understand the UVA policy, get training, file a complaint.

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  • Manager Toolkit

    Find resources to help you as a manager maintain a fair and equitable work environment.

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  • Employee Toolkit

    Explore resources to assist you in performing your job successfully while maintaining an equable work environment.

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  • Employee Relations Workshops

    Discover interactive workshop-style training classes on key Employee Relations topics.

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  • Medical Center Employee Relations

    Employee Relations provides consulting services, information, advice and resources to Medical Center team members and managers on the full range of human resources issues.

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