Injuries Can Happen; We're Here to Help

Workers' Compensation

Accidents happen. If you have been injured on the job, let us help you get back on your feet.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible for Workers' Compensation if you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Academic Division Employees

    • Classified Staff
    • Faculty
    • Faculty Wage
    • Graduate Students who are paid as an employee through Workday
    • Hourly (includes Student Hourly Wage and Temporary Employees)
    • University Staff
  • Medical Center Team Members

    Medical Center team members are eligible to file for workers' compensation. Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation paid leave or payments for medical care are approved by the Workers’ Compensation Insurer, MC Innovations.

    Please see the information on the what to do if you are injured at work page and the Medical Center policies below on Workers' Compensation and the Transitional Work Program. 

  • University Physicians Group

    All UPG employees are eligible to file for workers' compensation. Decisions on whether a claim is eligible for workers compensation paid leave or medical care payments are made by our Third Party Administrator, Broadspire. See more details in the below section, "How do I initiate a claim?"


How do I initiate a claim?

Employees' accumulated leave may be used to supplement payments for lost wages required by the WCA only up to the amount necessary to pay their regular salaries, except that employees may receive more than their regular salaries if the excess amount is a result of payments for permanent losses to their bodies.

  • Contact your Workers' Compensation Specialist

    Please start the process by having your manager contact your Workers' Compensation Representative:

    Academic Division Employees can download and refer to additional steps on the Checklist for Workers' Compensation Claims.

    Academic Division Employee Checklist for Workers' Compensation Claims
  • Understand UVA's Policies

    Review UVA's policies that apply to your work-related injury:

    Commonwealth of Virginia Policy

    During the first 7 calendar days of workers' compensation leave, the Commonwealth pays regular salaries. If absences continue for >21 calendar days, agencies will be reimbursed for the first 7 calendar days. Employees who are absent on workers' compensation leave for >7 calendar days will receive supplements (the difference between payments required by the WCA and their regular salaries, for a period of up to 92 calendar days from the beginning of their absences). Agencies have the discretion to extend payment beyond employees' 92nd calendar day of absence on workers' compensation leave, provided that such extensions do not exceed 480 work hours. When employees receive payments as required by the WCA, they also are entitled to receive the Commonwealth-provided supplements, such that they will receive the permanent loss payments as well as their regular salaries. After payment of the Commonwealth-provided supplement described above, employees may use accumulated annual, sick, overtime, and/or compensatory leave, to receive, along with payments for lost wages required by the WCA, their regular salaries.

  • Academic Division Employees

    Employees participating in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) who suffer from a work-related injury or disease and miss at least a week of work would complete the Workers’ Comp documentation and initiate a claim for short-term disability through Reed Group (The toll free number is 877.928.7021).

    Complete the following forms below and return to your Workers' Compensation Representative:

  • Medical Center Team Members

    Medical Center employees need to complete both the WC Accident Report and the Panel of Physicians and email them to

    If medical care is not needed, please decline the Panel of Physicians.

    Once both documents are received, a Workers’ Compensation claim will be submitted to the Workers' Compensation Insurer, MC Innovations.

    MC Innovations will determine coverage. If MC Innovations contacts you, it is important to respond to them or your claim decision might be impacted.

  • University Physicians Group

    An employee who is injured on the job should first notify their supervisor and then seek care by a provider in the Approved Panel of Providers listed below.   

    If the event is an emergency, an employee should seek emergency medical treatment immediately. After such treatment, Human Resources and the individual's supervisor should be notified.

    All injuries must also be recorded on the Accident-Injury form.

    After receipt, the Human Resources Benefits team will file a report to UPG’s Workers' Compensation third party administrator (TPA). Our TPA, Broadspire, is responsible for reviewing all filed claims and making final determinations in accordance with Virginia Worker’s Compensation Act. 

    If an approved claim is determined to be compensable, and the injury involves compensable lost-time, lost time will be paid in accordance with the provisions of the Virginia Workers Compensation Act.

    For further information about workers compensation and pay while on approved lost time claim, please contact the UPG Benefits Team.

    Forms and Policies


What Else Do I Need to Know?

  • FEAP

    The Faculty & Employee Assistance Program (FEAP) offers counseling to UVA employees on a number of topics, including critical incidents. Examples of critical incidents are the death of a coworker, suicide, traumatic workplace incident, severe or cumulative workplace stress or workplace or community disaster.

    The goal of FEAP is to enhance and support the resilience of the organization and its employees and facilitate return to work and productivity. Many studies have shown that the primary factor in resilience is having caring and supportive family relationships and a supportive and responsive workplace.

    FEAP offers assessment, brief counseling, referral, and follow-up at no cost. The program is confidential, and works with a wide variety of personal issues. FEAP consultants are familiar with the various resources in the community, and if an outside referral is needed, your FEAP consultant will recommend professionals that have expertise for your particular concern. FEAP will also work with you to ensure that you are getting the most cost-effective resource possible. Your FEAP consultant will follow up with you to make sure that the referral met your needs and to offer any additional support that may be helpful.

    Contact FEAP
  • What If I Am Unable to Work?

    • Academic Division Employees:
      • Workers’ Compensation Leave, WCP, is a paid leave covering lost time from work.
      • Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Leave is determined by coverage approved by MC Innovations.
      • Contact UNUM to determine your eligibility for FMLA and VSDP employees should contact Reed Group to determine if they are eligible for short-term disability benefits.
    • Medical Center Team Members:
      • Please review HR policy 512 for additional details regarding Workers’ Compensation paid leave benefits.
      • Workers’ Compensation Leave, WCP, is a paid leave covering lost time from work.
      • Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Leave is determined by coverage approved by MC Innovations.
      • Leave coding for Workers’ Compensation Leave, WCP, is entered by the home department, if approved.
      • MC Innovations will pay owed benefits to non-benefited employees directly to the employee.
      • Medical Center employees who may be eligible for FMLA should contact
    • UPG Employees:
    • All Employees:
      • The employee should provide their manager with the medical note placing them off duty.
      • Please reach out to the Workers’ Compensation contact for additional details.
  • What If I am Released to Light or Modified Duty?

    • All Employees:
      • The employee should provide their manager with a copy of their work restrictions.
      • The manager should offer the employee with work tasks that are within the written restrictions.
      • If the home department cannot locate work tasks based on the written restrictions, the employee might be temporarily assigned to another work area.
      • Refusal by the employee to accept a modified duty assignment may impact Workers’ Compensation benefits.
      • Transitional work is not a permanent job placement, nor is it a replacement for temporarily vacant positions.
      • Please reach out to the Workers’ Compensation contact for additional details.
    • Medical Center Team Members:
      • Please review HR Policy 513 for additional details regarding the Transitional Work Policy.
      • The Medical Center is committed to providing temporary and progressive transitional work for an employee who has sustained an injury/illness due to personal illness, injury, medical condition, or work-related accident/injury that would otherwise result in lost work time.
      • An employee will be considered for the Transitional Work Program when the attending physician and/or Workers' Compensation Panel Physician clears the employee to return to work with specific work restrictions.
  • What If I need to Fill a Prescription?

    Alius Health is a business partner of MC Innovations and has been selected to administer the injury prescription drug plan. A pharmacy card will be provided to an injured worker following an accident. By using the card, the employee will not be required to pay out of pocket for medications related to the injury. A claim number or approval from the benefit coordinator is not required. 

    Instructions to request a pharmacy card:

    • Click here.
    • Enter passphrase (23219).
    • Follow the template to download (print), email, or fax the card for the employee.

    Effective July 12, 2021, when you click the link above, you will be able to text the card to the injured employee.